The Maytag Neptune washer is Maytag’s front-loading washing machine. It is one of Maytag’s first high-efficiency washing machines. Its energy and water conservation ability also make it popular. But with time, some issues may happen to your washing machine.

Like many washers, the Maytag Neptune washer may stop working due to a door gasket issue. Detergent, drainage, tubing, and water temperature can also cause issues. But little effort can easily solve your washer’s problems. However, if your washer is completely damaged, try to invest in another Maytag washer. You can also read our guide on Whirlpool vs Samsung washing machine to know some other good brand washers. To help you resolve your Maytag Neptune washer common issues, keep reading our helpful guide.


When someone asks for quality and efficiency together, Maytag is name that comes to mind. Maytag promises to offer reliability and durability in their home appliances like washing machines and dryers. The company started making washers, but then expanded its product line to other home appliances. It has wide variety of washers like top load, front load, steam, stack-able and smart ones. Maytag Neptune is a front load washer that is highly efficient in working. In this guide, our main topic is finding and resolving common issues related to Maytag Neptune washer. So, let’s get into it.

Maytag Neptune Washer


The Neptune washer is Maytag’s front-loading washing machine that was introduced in 1997. It gained popularity because of its ability to clean clothes using less water and energy than traditional washers. It comes with unique impeller system; disc with small fins that rapidly spins and generates water current. This current circulates through clothes and allows water to lift out dirt and stains.

When it comes to other features, this washer has a variable-speed motor, a cold water wash cycle, and built-in water heater, thus saving time, water, and energy. Thus, it is equally beneficial for both its owner and Mother Nature. Moreover, it is durable and reliable and many users happily claim that their Maytag Neptune washers are still working fine, even after 20 years of service. Furthermore, Neptune washer is also favorable for those who have allergies or sensitivities to harsh chemicals because of impeller system, cold water wash cycle which eliminates the need to use hot water to clean clothes.

Maytag Neptune Washer Most Common Problems


The Maytag Neptune washer is a durable and reliable product, but like many other home appliances like dryers, it can also occasionally create problems. It can be as simple as a plug issue or a door that wont close.

On the other hand, it may be a problem with the washer itself. Maybe you are unaware of where this issue stems from. The problem may be clogging drain or hose filter.

In order to deal with these Maytag Neptune washer troubleshooting issues, it is necessary to know about the possible problems, reasons behind them, and fixes of issues in detail. Let’s read the complete guide regarding Maytag Neptune washer troubleshooting issues here.

Maytag Neptune Washer Won’t Start and Spin:

There may be many reasons that Maytag Neptune washer won’t start or spin and cause problems. Let’s read most prominent ones here:

  • The first reason your washer won’t start is the door latch. You have to close the door firmly if washer isn’t filling. Keep in mind, that it is front load washer, so it will never work until you close door fully.
  • Check the plug and power source and be sure that your Neptune washer is plugged in. In case of blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, your washer will not start/spin. So it is vital to check circuit breaker and fuse box before starting procedure.
  • The next thing you should check is hoses that lead water from faucet to your Neptune washer. You have to turn off water, remove hose, and straighten their kinks if any. You can clean the hoses’ filtering screen and remove any debris. To clean this hose properly, you have to open hot and cold faucets completely. If this does not work, and you feel it is necessary, replace the screen and hoses.
  • You can also turn control knob and select cycle and press start/stop button to check if it’s working.


You can fix the door latch problem by firmly closing washer’s door. You have to ask an electrician for fixation of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Find a Pro Today! However, you can still fix many problems at home.


The Maytag Neptune washer warns you to follow user repair directions for fixing the troubleshooting problem.

Maytag Neptune Washer Leaks Water:

Another troubleshooting problem is when the inlet hole connection is leaking. Check your washer’s rubber gasket which can be damaged due to over tightening. One of most prominent problems Maytag washer owners face is water leaks from various parts of the washer. If it leaks onto your laundry room floor, just Mop and proceed to find where the leak is coming from.

This leaking leads to wet laundry, which is another frustrating issue. Moreover, it may also cause potential damage to your appliance. The major reasons for water leak problems are as follows:

  • It may be due to damaged or worn out door gasket problems.
  • Drainage issue due to clogged or damaged drain hose pipe
  • Hose connection issues like malfunctioning dispenser hoses or clamps
  • Problem happens due to faulty pump and water inlet valve

Make sure to check that internal hose connections are not leaking. Also keep in mind to check your washer’s rubber gasket. Maybe it gets damaged due to over-tightening. Then check standpipe for leaks and make sure that standpipe is capable of accepting the flow of water from washer.

Drain hose leakage may also be a problem. Moreover, check internal hose connections (fill, dispenser hoses & clamps, and drain systems). Keep in mind to make sure that the end of drain hose is correctly inserted and secured to the drain standpipe. You can also check the rubber boot and kinked dispenser to the outer tub hose.


If door gasket or drain hose shows any sign of damage, replace it. For rubber boots, remove, reposition or reinstall if there is a requirement. If your washer still isn’t working check other reasons. In case of full damage, you can check other brands like Thermador vs Miele for investing in another washer.

Maytag Neptune Washer Won’t Drain

If your Maytag Neptune washer won’t drain, there may be several problems behind it. What are they? Let’s see:

  • Restricted or clogged drain systems may cause draining issues. If you are living in cold climate area, check if your drain hose gets frozen.
  • There are chances that issue occurs to drain pump. It can be 120 VAC at pump when a spin cycle is selected. If it doesn’t work properly your washer will stop draining.
  • Problems with your Neptune washer’s control board also cause trouble.


If there is clog in the drain hose, you have to clean it by using a drain snake. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. But keep in mind to let it sit for 30 minutes before flushing it with hot water. If the problem still persists, there is problem with the control board. You have to ask a technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Maytag Neptune Washer is Noisy

Sometimes your Maytag Neptune washer is noisy; the problem may be with the bearings, drum, motor, or belt. The best way is to start listening to sound to determine noise and check where it comes from. It can be from the bearings, belts, or motors.

Fault or complete damage may cause big trouble. You have to replace parts that are noisy and unbearable. Then check if your washer is adequately leveled and locking nuts are fully tightened. Also determine the four of shipping bolts and spacers have been fully removed from the washer’s panel.

Then check if the washer has a proper load and size distribution. If there is a load issue, then add few towels to balance the load and to make it work properly without making noise. Moreover, check your washer rear pulley bolts and if they are loose, tighten them. It is necessary that you clear the floor, and bottom side of your washer feet. Both will help in getting more noise free washer use.

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Maytag Neptune Washer Keeping Clothes Wet

One troubleshooting problem is small clothes loads because they can unbalance loads in your Maytag Neptune washer. You can fix this problem by adding additional towels.

Moreover, you can also check whether the clothes are spinning properly. Sometimes the problem occurs when you accidentally choose low spin speed or drain. Another reason behind clothes getting wet is excessive suds that you can experience in Maytag Neptune washer due to not using high efficiency detergent. You can solve it by reducing amount of the detergent and changing the detergent overall.

Tub Full of Suds

A tub full of suds also causes your washer to operate poorly. So, you have to check for drain system restrictions. You can also figure out if your washer will spin or drain properly or not.

Check if you are using high efficiency or low suds detergent that is specially designed for the front load washers. You have to check the detergent amount to see if it is according to specific load sizes and soil levels. For example, towel loads have minimum amount of soil thus they create more suds.


One of the solutions to this problem is to run an empty washer with only cool water and tablespoon of salt. Don’t add any detergent, then check how much suds it produces on this mixture.

Maytag Neptune Washer Wrong Water Temperature

Sometimes Maytag Neptune washer owners face problems due to wrong temperature settings. You can check both faucets to see if they are turned on fully. Check if the water heater work properly and is set to deliver a minimum of 120°F (49°C) hot water.

It is crucial to check the water heater and recovery rate. Also keep in mind the water heater location, if it is away from the washer the water line may need to be purged before starting the washing procedure. The washer needs to have a fixed amount of water and it is not so cold or hot.

Control boards can help you in this regard as they measure the actual temperature of water in tub. To make the Maytag Neptune washer work properly, make sure to choose the correct temperature.

You have to check whether the water valves are clean from the debris. You have to disconnect inlet hoses and clean water valve before proceeding to next step.

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Problems occur to any machine and the same is case with the Maytag Neptune washer. From power to cable problems, setting to detergent issues, to lid gasket issues, anything can cause issues in your washer. Fortunately, the problems are not so big and you can solve them by yourself or seek any expert’s help. Read this guide on the most common problems, and you will be able to fix your Maytag Neptune Washer.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!