The world has advanced, and most consumers are asking more out of their kitchen appliances. Moreover, they are looking for more innovation and convenience. Right now, traditional cooking methods and appliances are considered outdated, and few people are demanding them. The shifted focus on technology has certainly increased the demand for high-end kitchen appliances in 2023. Two brand names that are leading in this demand are Thermador vs Miele. 

Both brands are unbeatable in quality, durability, and innovation. From kitchen appliances to refrigeration and washing machines, these brands are are leaders in their industry.

Because they both have similar features and qualities, it can be difficult to choose between them. Choosing which one you should invest in needs a detailed comparison. Don’t worry! In this article, we will compare Thermador vs Miele so that you can better understand their features. Let’s get started!


Thermador is known for its luxury appliances, which are efficient and look good in the kitchen. They are the inventor of the cooktop, first wall oven, home warming drawer, and self-cleaning oven. Thermador also introduced the stainless steel finish that is now desired in kitchens worldwide. They also add connectivity features for bringing more ease, like controlling appliances remotely and managing them. The products are high quality and durable enough to be workable for many years. Among all luxury brands, Thermador appliances are good in style, budget, and durability. Thus, they are a good match for your kitchen.

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Despite being a German manufacturer, Miele gives tough competition to the other luxury high-end home appliances brands. Though started in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinn Ziddkann, this brand has achieved a lot of worldwide appreciation. From quality to innovation, at each point, Miele offers the best products, keeping in mind sustainability.

The company has been fulfilling its promise of “Forever Better” from day one of manufacturing products. Its minimalist appliances with stainless steel body are known for their durability and reliability. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, Miele tries to design products in such a way that it not only reduces the consumption of energy and water but also keeps the waste minimum. Overall, everyone who wants luxury appliances with sustainability and durability can choose minimalist products from Miele. 

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Thermador Vs Miele – Detailed Comparison 

When someone asks for luxury kitchen appliances, Thermador vs Miele comes to mind. Both brands match in quality,  innovation, and technology. But between these two, which one should be your choice? Let’s find out through the detailed comparison below. 

Brand Reputation

If you compare Miele vs Thermador through their brands, Miele has a brand reputation because of its high-quality products. Various consumer report results show that Miele is at top position as a brand for dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens. In contrast, Thermador is ranked in second position. Thermador also has a strong brand reputation, but more votes have been casted towards Miele.

Design And Style

Design and style is also an important aspect when comparing Thermador vs Miele. If you want a modern and contemporary look that makes your kitchen more amazing, then we recommend that you choose Thermador appliances. The brand not only uses high-quality material, but the sleek and modern design enhances aesthetics with clean lines. Miele products have a more classic and timeless look, which makes a perfect combination with the long shelf life. If you install them, you can expect to enjoy them for the next 15 to 20 years, as they will never get outdated. However, for the time being, more consumers are looking for variety. When we compare Thermador vs Miele, Thermador wins in this category.

Ease Of Maintenance And Cleaning

Miele appliances are not only easier to use but also to clean and maintain. The operating instructions are clear, and self-cleaning features make cleaning convenient. Moreover, they are made of stainless steel, which is of high quality and stain-free, and also prevents wear and tear. Contrastingly, Thermador needs proper time for cleaning and maintenance if you use them frequently. 

Price Range

When comparing Thermador vs Miele, price is one of the most important aspects. Miele appliances are made of high-quality material and are constructed with the most advanced innovative technologies. That’s why their prices are higher than the Thermador competitor. Miele products are luxurious with longevity and some unique features like self-cleaning and connectivity; all these things contribute to higher price tags. So, if you are on a budget, choose Thermador.

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Product Range And Availability

Just like price, product range and availability is paramount when choosing between Thermador vs Miele. Regarding product ranges, Thermador is the winner because it offers a huge variety of kitchen appliances. Some appliances that are offered by both brands are from dishwashers to cooktops, from range hoods to freezers, from refrigerators to washers, dryers, microwaves, coffee machines, and vacuum cleaners. However, Miele offers Combi-ovens, Steam ovens, and Warming drawers. At the same time, Thermador provides true convection ovens, French doors and side-by-side refrigerators, built-in cooktops with griddles, and warming drawers with warming racks. 

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Reliability And Durability

Durability is a point of a major battle when comparing Thermador vs Miele. Miele is a clear winner because of its extra high-quality material used in product construction. Thermador appliances are also durable but not as much as Miele ones. Miele products, according to consumers, like dishwashers lifespan lies between 10 to 20 years. It is more than the Thermador appliances like ranges and ovens, which work for 10 to 15 years.


Regarding technology, Miele has the upper hand in the war between Thermador vs Miele. Despite the fact that both brands try to add innovative features and technology, Miele’s main focus is on advancing technology, like offering touch controls, built-in temperature in ovens, and managing appliances like dishwashers through smartphone apps. In comparison, Thermador offers functional features in addition to advancing technology. The brand’s primary focus is to provide efficient cooking appliances for the ease of users. 


When it comes to product capacities, both premium brands give a wide range of appliances in different sizes. However, both brands’ dishwashers are of the same capacity. So, there is no easy way to compare Thermador vs Miele dishwasher. But in the case of refrigerators and ovens, Miele products are spacious and offer more capacity than Thermador. Thus, it’s better to choose the Miele brand for those who want more capacity to cook food and store it. 

Star Burners

If you want to cook larger food, choose Thermador products with its signature Star Burners. These are of unique shape and are designed to distribute heat evenly to the whole cookware. Thus, you can cook large meals with consistent results. Moreover, the risk of sticking to the pan’s bottom or burning is lesser.  

Miele burners are better able to give precise cooking experience. They are known for their responsiveness to temperature changes. 


British Thermal Units, short-form BTUs, is the measurement of the appliances’ heat output. The more BTUs mean, the faster the appliance heats up. When it comes to Thermador vs Miele, Thermador ranges’ burners heat up faster, which means they have high BTUs. This helps the ranges to cook food quicker and more efficiently. This feature is helpful mainly in cooking larger meals when you have less time for preparation. But don’t forget that high BTUs mean more safety hazards. So, professional cooks can control them better, and everyone should be careful while using the feature. 


Having a warranty on your appliance is also very important when making a buying decision. When it comes to comparing Thermador vs Miele, both brands offer high-quality, efficiency, and durability. They both offer a 2-year warranty, and the best part is that you can extend the warranty by purchasing them. 

Automation & Voice Assistance (Smart Home Technology)

When it comes to automation and voice assistance features, you will find both brands (Thermador vs Miele) amazing in this category. Miele allows you to control your Miele appliances by voice control remotely, scheduling them, and automating tasks. You can also integrate Miele appliances with other smart home devices using the Miele@home app.

Thermador is also a luxury brand, and they make things easier for users by making products compatible with smart home platforms. Through Wi-Fi, you can give products commands and control and schedule them. 

Ease Of Installation

The ease of installation depends upon your product and skill level. In our opinion, both brands have some products that are easy to install while others are challenging. But Miele gets more advantage because its manufacturers’ instruction manual is easy to understand. Miele products come with necessary hardware, while Thermador needs tools for installation. However, still, we say that the match here is 50/50. Both brands’ cooktops, dishwashers and washing machines are easier to install. At the same time, Miele’s and Thermador’s ovens and refrigerators are a bit challenging.

Thermador vs Miele Appliances Comparison 

You have read the detailed comparison of Miele vs Thermador, but we haven’t yet discussed what amazing features both brands added to their product line. Let’s have a look at it. 

Thermador vs Miele Cooktop

Which cooktop is best for your kitchen is difficult to decide because both brands offer products that are efficient and responsive. Induction cooktops of Miele and Thermador only heat up the cookware and never waste the energy. 

Some great Miele cooktops’ innovative features include Intelligent Pan Recognition, which detects your cookware size and shape and only gives the needed heat. SilentMove allows you to smooth sliding the cookware on the cooktop surface, and TempControl helps in the automatic maintaining of accurate temperature. You can also view your food while cooking. Miele offers the outstanding feature of a live video feed, which allows you to remotely check your food through your smartphone. 

Another great thing is the Conn@ctivity, which makes your Miele cooktop communicate well with other kitchen appliances. Thus, you can automate tasks, which saves energy and time.

Contrastingly, Thermador offers a Bridge element feature that helps you to cook large meals by creating a larger cooking surface. For extra fast cooking, the PowerBoost feature helps the users to increase the power of the cooktop. TemSure maintains the temperature, and FlexZone helps in cooking various dishes at a time by creating more than one cooking zone on the cooktop. A proximity sensor is another great thing because it will sense your presence and automatically turn on your cooktop controls. 

Thermador vs Miele Oven

Miele and Thermador ovens are efficient and cook your food within no time. The crisp function of Miele ovens makes your dough more crisper. Multiple racks and convection technology allow you to cook and bake whatever you want. Due to steam assist nature you will get more amazing taste of food. Miele also adds Wi-Fi connectivity. Thus, you can operate and manage your oven tasks remotely. 

Thermador ovens offer true convection with a bridge element, which gives heat to the oven’s top for quick and more browning or crisping. Another distinct technology is Sous Vide, which water bath food in its own juice at low temperature. Other helpful features include a child lock, overheat protection, and a cool door. The addition of self-cleaning features by both brands makes things more easier. 

Thermador vs Miele Refrigerator

When it comes to refrigerators, Miele MasterCool appliances are amazing for giving proper coolness and freshness to food. The fridges can keep your food fresh for up to 3 times longer period than simple refrigerators. PerfectFresh Active technology helps keep the vegetables fresh as this technology continuously humidifies the drawer. The biggest thing is the Miele WifiConn@ct feature, which makes operating and managing its fridges easiest. 

Thermador also offers a great range of luxury fridges, from low to high prices. The addition of freezer columns makes these fridges more amazing as they keep the food fresh for a long period of time. Cool Air Flow technology efficiently controls the temperature and offers freshness. Bottom freezer refrigerators, built-in ice makers, and under-counter coolers are some special appreciated components of Thermador refrigerators.

Thermador vs Miele Dishwasher

Miele dishwashers are amazing in their working with their Flexline baskets, which can accommodate all crockery and cutlery. 3D MultiFlex and original cutlery tray are a good addition to make washing the easiest thing. For efficiency with less energy consumption, Miele dishwashers SensorDry saves you from all sides. 

The Knock2Open allows you to open the dishwasher’s door by just knocking instead of using your hands. The AutoDos is great as this automatic dispensing system automate thing, determine the detergent and water, perfectly cleans the utensils, and save you money. PerfectGlassCare is another important feature that adjusts the hardness of water to clean the glasses gently. 

If you love mother nature, you will definitely be impressed by the EcoFeedback feature. This not only shows the consumption of water and electricity but also allows you to adjust it according to your preferences. In addition, the SilentPlus will keep the environment clean by avoiding noise pollution. 

Thermador luxury dishwashers are also famous because of their efficient working. Its Sapphire line has StarDry Zeolite technology in addition to Patented Sapphire Glow illuminating glassware. You don’t need to towel dry your crockery and cutlery by hand. With the flexible folding tines of Topaz line with PowerBeam technology, you can wash as many similar-sized utensils as you want efficiently. The Emerald line is so quiet that you love to use it at any time of the day. The built-in Wi-Fi makes it a perfect smart home appliance. You can automatically refill the dish tab with the help of Amazon Dash. 

Thermador Vs Miele 

Investment in your kitchen needs your full attention. You have to consider the features, technologies, prices, durability and of course what you actually need. Here we have given a complete unbiased review based on our and other users’ experience. Though both brands are best in their zones, share with us which one gets your attention and why.

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