A lot of people asked us about Samsung and Whirlpool washing machines as these are two popular companies.

 A lot of people are in a dilemma about which one to buy from. That’s why we decided to compare whirlpool vs samsung washing machine from these companies. 

We are ISCET-licensed experts so you can trust in our opinion. In this article, we will discuss the features of the semi-automatic washing machines from Samsung and Whirlpool for you. 

Moreover, we will also look into the front load and top load machines from these two companies. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve into the comparison of whirlpool vs samsung washing machine. 

Technology Used in Samsung and Whirlpool Washing Machines

First of all, we will tell you which type of technology is present in these two washing machines. This knowledge will greatly help you in choosing the right washing machine for your family.

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The Technology of Samsung Washing Machines

  • Digital Inverter Technology: This means that this washing machine has an advanced motor. This motor will consume less energy and water for your load.
  • Hygiene Steam Wash: Samsung uses steam to get rid of tough stains from your clothes. It will give a thorough cleaning to your clothes and will make them fresh and new.
  • Aqua Preserve Mode: This advanced technology will save water in the load. Your machine will reuse water from the previous load in the new one. So, this machine will take less water.
  • Wobble Technology: This technology will also give thorough cleaning to your clothes, and will take out every tough stain from it.
  • Diamond Drum: Its diamond drum design is a unique aspect of this washing machine. You will fall in love with this technology. It has a soft curl design which will keep your jeans and fabric safe. It gives thorough cleaning without doing any damage.
  • Smart Check: This is a unique feature of Samsung. In it, you can connect your washing machine to your mobile. So, whenever there is any error in your machine, your phone will give you a notification.
  • Monsoon Cycle: You can be free from your laundry in a short time through this feature. It will give a quick rinse and spin to your clothes.

Technology used in Whirlpool Washing Machine

  • 6th Sense Technology: It is an advanced technology that gives artificial intelligence to your machine. It determines the amount of detergent and water per load. So, it can make decisions for you in your laundry.
  • Zero Pressure Fill Technology: Let’s suppose you have low-pressure water. Then, this technology will ensure that you fill your bathtub with water in half of the time. So, you can save time with it.
  • Spiro Wash Technology: This advanced feature enables deep cleaning of your clothes.
  • Hard Water Wash Option: This feature enables you to get thorough cleaning even in hard water conditions. It is one of the coolest features of this machine.
  • Express Wash Option: Get your laundry done in a short time through the express water option.
  • Aqua Store Feature: You can save water resources through this feature.
  • Auto Tub Clean: Whirlpool knows that cleaning the washing machine tub is a frustrating activity. That’s why they have given the auto tub clean option which ensures that your tub is always clean.

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So, these are the advanced technologies used in both washing machines. Now, we are going to discuss the different features of these washing machines. The comparison of these features will help you in making a better buying decision.

Features Comparison of Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

1. Water Consumption: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

We believe that Samsung washing machines consume less water than Whirlpool.

This washing machine has Wobble technology. In it, the washing machine creates vertical water streams which will turn the clothes up and down for a thorough washing.

Also, this washing machine has an aqua preserve option. So, water consumption will be less.

With it, it also has the supreme Monsoon wash program. This technology ensures that you get faster rinse and spins in the monsoon.

These features tell us that water consumption is less. We know that Whirlpool also gave an acqua preserve option which enables less water consumption. But, Samsung’s features are a bit better than Whirlpool. That’s why, we suggest Samsung to you.

2. Price: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

While buying washing machines if the price is your main concern, we will recommend you go for Whirlpool. Its semi-automatic, front load, and top load machines are affordable in front of Samsung.

A low price doesn’t mean that it has low quality. You will find its washing machines a good performer, durable and reliable. 

So, we recommend you buy Whirlpool if you want affordable washing machines.

3. Energy Efficiency: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

Regarding energy efficiency, we believe that both washing machines are best.

Samsung has digital inverter technology and Whirlpool has 6th sense technology. These aspects ensure less power consumption.

These features are equally good in both washing machines. So, you don’t worry about them.

4. After-sale Service: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

You will get good after-sale service from Samsung. Because it has various centers in different areas. So, you can always go to their center if you are facing any issues. They will promptly respond to your issues.

But, Whirlpool doesn’t have many service centers in different areas. It hasn’t covered a lot of cities so they can’t provide good after-sale services to the people living there. We recommend you never buy Whirlpool if its center is not in your city.

5. Noise and Vibration: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung again wins in this aspect. Its digital inverter motor produces minimal sound and vibration.

But, Whirlpool produces a bit more sound and vibration. It doesn’t mean that there is any issue in its operation. It is a stable but a bit noisy washing machine.

6. Build Quality: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung also wins in the build quality aspect. Because some of the washing machines of Whirlpool are made of thin stainless steel. This aspect gives a bad impression of its washing machines.

7. Performance: Whirlpool vs Samsung Washing Machine

Whirlpool performs better but Samsung’s performance is best. Its steam wash and wobble technology thoroughly washes cloth and treats tough stains.

Also, its diamond drum technology ensures that the quality of the fabric remains intact. It preserves the quality, giving the best performance.

So, this is the comparison of both brands. You must have noticed that Samsung is better than Whirlpool in a lot of aspects. We also have seen that a lot of customers give positive reviews to Samsung than to Whirlpool. So, we also recommend you to try this washing machine.

Now, we are going to discuss the features of front-load and top-load washing machines.

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Front Load Washing Machines

We have seen that a lot of customers think that Samsung front-load washing machines are the best. Because it has better reviews, technology, and a warranty.

On the other hand, Whirlpool is relatively new in the field of these washing machines. So, their reviews are not as good as Samsung’s. Moreover, they have fewer features and warranty time frames.

The only thing that is good about Whirlpool is that their front-load washing machines are affordable. So, if you want to look at the budget, this washing machine is worth trying.

Let’s discuss the best two models of these two companies for better understanding.

Samsung 8 KG WiFi Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

This machine is ideal for 5-6 people. It has an inverter and Eco Bubble technology. Moreover, you can connect it through your mobile. Its special features are a child lock, digital inverter, and 2nd diamond drum technology. It has a 22-wash program and 1400 RPM rotational speed. It also has a 3-year product warranty and a 10-year motor warranty.

Whirlpool 8 KG Inverter Front Load Washing Machine

It is for medium size families. It has inverter and 6th sense motion technology. Moreover, it gives intensive washing to your fabric. Its special features are an in-built heater and color 15-degree technology. It has 3 cleaning leaves and a 1200 RPM rotational speed. It has a 2-year product warranty with 10 years of warranty on the motor.

Top Load Washing Machines

In top load washing machines, our opinion is different. In it, Whirlpool is better than Samsung. It has premium technology and features which make it ideal for customers.

The only good thing about Samsung is money. It is cost-effective so you don’t need to spend much money on it.

Now, we are going to compare the best-selling top-load washing machines of these two companies.

Samsung 7 KG Inverter Fully-Automatic

This washing machine is ideal for 5 to 6 people. It has 680 RPM rotational speed, wobble technology, auto tub clean, and inverter technology. It has 6 washing programs and 5 Star energy rating. Its weight is 30 KG. Moreover, it has 12 years of motor warranty with 3 years of product warranty.

Whirlpool 7.5 KG Inverter Fully-Automatic

You can use this machine for a medium size family. It has a 740 RPM speed, an LED digital display, an in-built heater, and a soft close lid. It has 12 washing programs and a 5-star energy rating. Also, you will get 3 years of product warranty with 10 years of motor warranty.


If we do an overall comparison, Samsung is better than Whirlpool. It has amazing features and great customer reviews. So, we recommend you to go for this washing machine.

But, our opinion differs only in top-load washing machines. Here, Whirlpool is beating Samsung. But still, there is close competition so you can trust Samsung here too. Maybe, in the near future, it will beat Whirlpool in this machine too.

We hope this article has helped you in making a better decision about buying the washing machine.

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