Samsung washers are efficient but problems may occur at any time. If you see a  Samsung washer SE code error on your washer, don’t worry, it’s a common issue happening to many. However, in some models the same error is named as 5E or nd error code. This error code is different from the E5 error code, which shows that problem is with heating element.

Just like Samsung washer SC code, 4c code, or UR code, the SE error code needs proper assistance. In case of no time, just disconnect the power for a few minutes and check your washer. If the code disappears, you are good to go, otherwise ask experts for help.

It’s better to have your washer checked by professionals as errors may lead to big troubles. Let’s see the possible causes and solutions for Samsung SE code error.

Possible Causes of the Samsung Washer SE Code Error:


Much like the Samsung washer not spinning issue causes many errors, draining issues also do the same. The SE code error will be shown when the washer is not draining correctly. The causes may be a faulty drain pump, a clog in the drainage system, or a blockage filter. When you face Samsung washer SE code error, there may be several other reasons to consider. What are these reasons? Let’s learn:

Samsung Washer SE code: Clogged Drain Hose

Blockage in the drain hose is one of the most common reasons behind the SE error code. It may be stuck lint, debris, mineral build-up from hard water, or any other small object in drain hose. This obstruction stops the water flow and affects the washer draining process. Inspect the drain hose and clean it thoroughly so water freely drains from the washer.

Samsung Washer SE code: Blocked Drain Filter

Samsung washers have drain filters to catch the lint, debris, clothing tags, and other small objects that have escaped the wash cycle. If there is a blockage or kink, it can stop water from draining and cause SE code error. Locate the drain filter and clean it thoroughly to work correctly. Normally, it is present at the front of the machine.

Samsung Washer SE code: Faulty Drain Pump

A drain pump is a basic need in the washer as it expels water from the machine during drain cycle. If it is faulty or has some other problem, it can be a major cause of Samsung washer SE code error. For fixation of this error, replace the drain pump or resolve the issue.

Samsung Washer SE code: Incorrect Installation

Sometimes, improper installation can lead to drainage issues and cause SE errors.

You have to install it correctly, and the best way is by following the instructions in the user manual. You can also hire professionals for correct and secure installation. Make sure there are no kinks or bends that stop the water flow during draining.

Samsung Washer SE code: Water Level Sensor Malfunction

The Samsung washer SE code error sometimes shows due to faulty water sensor levels. This sensor detects the water level in the washer and signals when to start draining. If sensor is not working, it will give a false SE error code. Replace the sensor or seek professional help for repair.

Samsung Washer SE code: Type and amount of detergent


Don’t use too much detergent, and remember to use detergent that suits high-efficiency washers. This causes excessive suds that stops the washer from properly washing clothes. Choose detergent type according to washer model and avoid using excessive detergent. The washer may also shows Samsung washer sud code because of this issue.

Samsung Washer SE code: Glitch

The Samsung washer works on computer systems to control user options and wash cycles.

A glitch or bug in these settings may cause the SE code error. It is resolved by resetting the machine settings.

Samsung Washer SE code: Washer Isn’t Level

Modern washers are designed in a way that they work comfortably when they are level with the floor. If these washers are not level, they give loud sounds and vibrate heavily. So, the washer may not be able to drain the water properly. It is because gravity is required for drainage system to function. You must adjust machine and level it with the floor.

How to Fix Samsung SE Code?

There are many ways to fix a Samsung washer SE code error. Let’s discuss some of them:

1. Clean the Pump Filter (Front-Loader Washers)

Most of the Samsung front load washers have pump filters. These filters are present on the front of the machine. The drain filter needs cleaning process once a month and after 40 laundry loads. Cleaning is important for safety and proper washing process of the laundry. It will protect the washer from bad odors, mold and mildew.

You should follow the following steps to clean the drain filter:

  1. Locate the pump filter access panel. Press on the cover to open the panel.
  2. Find the black drain hose and remove the white plug from it. Removing the plug is somewhat difficult and it requires elbow grease as it is an airtight seal. If you want an easy removal of plug, twist it while holding the hose.
  3. Drain the water into a large container and clean the filter with soap and water. You can clean the debris and dirt with soft bristle small toothbrush.
  4. Thoroughly wash it with clean water. Return the filter to the washer and hose to its mounting clip.
  5. Close the access panel and check the draining process by turning on the washer. If water runs smoothly from the filter that means it is free from all debris.

2. Check the Drain Hose

If the drain hose outlet dips in water, it will restrict the washer draining ability. Clogging and connection problems can also be a cause. To fix the problem, either repair or replace it. The correct installment of it also matters a lot, and for that, follow the following steps.

If the drain hose is connected to a spigot, following steps will be helpful:

  1. Make sure to check the blanking cap; It should be removed from where the hose connects to the spigot.
  2. Check the connection of the hose, connect it correctly.
  3. Ensure there are no bends and kinks in the hose as it will restrict the proper functioning.

If the drain hose and standpipe are connected, the following steps will be helpful:

  1. Position and secure the hose properly.
  2. Make sure drain hose is 23 inches above the floor to work correctly.
  3. The standpipe should cover the drain hose completely.
  4. Make sure that the drain pump is no more than 6 inches in the standpipe.

If the drain hose is blocked, follow the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the washer by turning off the power.
  2. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the drain hose from the washer.
  3. Use a drain snake tool and unblock the drain hose. Wash the hose with a special mixture. This solution includes hot water, baking soda and vinegar. You can also check user manual instructions to clean the drain hose.
  4. Defective Drain Pump

Defective Or Clogged Drain Pump

A defective or clogged drain pump can also be a cause for the Samsung washer SE code error. You can check drain pump by using below method:

  1. Disconnect the water supply to washer and the washer from the power source.
  2. Remove the rare access panel. It is present on the front in front load washer. First secure the lid by using the tap. It will prevent the lid from opening. Lay the washer on its front to get drain pump access that is underneath the washer. Discontinue the drain pump wire connector.
  3. Make sure, there is no problem with wiring and they are safe and secure.
  4. Release the clamps by using pliers that secures the drain hose to the pump. Remove the hose.
  5. Use 5/16 inch socket to remove pump mounting screws. Remove the pump from washer and check for blockage and obstruction.

If all things are well and there is no damaged part, then it may be failed electrically. Use a multi-meter to check the continuity. If pump motor tests negative for continuity, it needs replacement. Seek professional help to solve the continuity problem.

Tips for Preventing the Samsung Washer SE Code Error

The Samsung washer SE code is frustrating sometimes in both Agitator or impeller washers. Therefore, to deal with the error and minimize the issue we will provide some preventive measures. Follow these steps to run washer smoothly and avoid disruption.

Regularly Clean the Drain Filter:

Clean the filter at least once a month. It will prevent clogs, lint and debris from blocking the drain system and causing SE error code. Remove the filter and clean it thoroughly for water drainage and prevent future problems.

Check the Drain Hose:

Inspect the drain hose and clear the blockage so that it will work smoothly. It will facilitate smooth water flow and reduce risk of SE code error. You can repair and replace the drain hose if needed.

Use the Right Detergent and Amount:

You can prevent this error code, by using correct amount and type of detergent. The washer will give optimal performance by ensuring high quality detergent that is compatible with your machine. Use the recommended amount of detergent to prevent more suds and drainage issues.

Avoid Overloading the Washer:

Overloading laundry in washer puts stress on the drain system. Thus, a big load is one of the reasons for error code. Check the user manual and manufacturer instructions for load capacity. Make sure that the limit is not exceeded and distribute laundry evenly in drum. It will balance the washer load and provide proper water drainage.

Perform Regular Maintenance:

Routine maintenance matters a lot for every electronic appliance such as Samsung or Kenmore 80 series washer. Check for leaks, and inspect hoses and connections. You should keep washer clean and maintain it regularly. It will help to identify the potential issue and prevent error codes.

Consult the User Manual:

A User Manual and manufacturer recommendations will prevent the washer from errors and issues. Read the manual and follow instructions carefully according to the model of the washer. It will be helpful to maintain a washer and avoid errors and issues.

These preventive measures will reduce the chance of getting Samsung Washer SE Code error. It increases the optimal performance and longevity of the washers.


The Samsung washer SE code is an error that comes due to many reasons which we have discussed above. We hope that our fixing guide will help you solve the SE code error in a timely fashion.

If you still cannot fix your washer after this troubleshooting, then you should hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!