Making the perfect fluffy rice is a challenging task when you can’t figure out the right method or measurements. Though cooking white rice looks simple, many people have complained about it being too crunchy, soggy, or even burnt. It’s a common occurrence that made us fed up with cooking rice until we came to know about the Aroma rice cooker.

The aroma rice cooker will be your perfect companion for making fluffy rice. It will not only cook it perfectly, but it also helps you with accurate measurements and guides you. This guide will help you to become more aware of the amazing features the Aroma rice cooker has to offer. This guide will also break down the Aroma rice cooker instructions in an easy way.

Aromaco (Aroma)

Founded in 1977 with only the manufacturing of ovens, Aromaco gained national acknowledgment quickly. In addition to ovens, Aroma is now offering a wide variety of other kitchen appliances like rice cookers, portable electric burners, hot pots, induction products, electric woks, food steamers, food dehydrators, countertop ovens,  coffee makers, pressure cookers,  slow cookers, rice dispensers, toasters, DoveWare cookware and bakeware. The brand is popular because they offer quality with affordability.

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Types of Aroma Rice Cookers

different types of Aroma Rice Cooker
Aroma Rice Cookers

Aroma is known for its high-quality and affordable kitchen products, especially its rice cookers. They are easy to use, clean, and consistent in providing the best taste. Its cookers are not only perfect in making different types of rice, but they also cook a variety of other meals also. The best part is that the Aroma rice cooker instructions are easy to understand and apply.

When it comes to the types of Aroma rice cookers, we basically have two options: one is the stainless rice and grain cookers and the other is the digital rice and grain multicookers. We are going to discuss both products here. We will also discuss their instruction manual so you can get idea of how to cook rice in both Aroma rice cookers perfectly.

Aroma Rice Cooker Manual

Aroma Rice Cooker User Manual
Aroma Rice Cooker User Manual

Manuals are an important part of every machine because they provide help on how to use the product. The same is the case with the Aroma rice cooker.  Each Aroma rice cooker comes with an instruction manual. These manuals provide all the accurate details of how much rice and water to cook. They provide specific rice measuring cups that are necessary to follow when cooking rice.

One measuring cup of rice in the Aroma rice cooker is equal to ¾ of the traditional measuring cup. Both the Aroma Select Stainless and the Aroma Digital use the same measurement cup for cooking white rice, but their displaying style is quite different in each manual. You will need 1:1.33 ratio of rice to water if you are using the Aroma Digital. This ratio means you will need 1 ⅓ cup of water for every one cup of rice.

The Aroma Select Stainless rice cooker requires a water to rice ratio of 1:1 which means for every cup of rice, one should add 1 cup of water for perfect results. This particular water to rice ratio is similar to the National Brand rice cooker, so you can use this ratio in National rice cooker as well.

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Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions: Quantity of Rice

Every rice cooker has its own maximum capacity to cook rice. When we talk about Aroma digital you can cook two to eight cups of cooked rice per batch. 2 to 6 cups of cooked rice per batch fits comfortably in the Aroma Select Stainless. In this measurement, the rice cup refers to the measuring scoop that is available with every rice cooker and is slightly different from traditional measuring cups.

Note: Remember that Aroma has a wide variety of rice cookers and cups of cooked rice range from 8 to 20 cups in different products.

Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions: Wash Rice

Yes, It is necessary and generally recommended to wash rice before cooking when you are using Aroma Rice cooker. When you wash rice, it will remove the extra dirt that is left during the processing of the rice. Another benefit to washing rice with water is that it will remove excessive starch. This prevents the rice from becoming sticky and enhances the taste and shape of the rice.

The process of washing rice for your Aroma cooker is very simple. Put rice in the pot and add cold water slowly. Wash it with your hands for 30 seconds. Drain the water, add fresh cold water and repeat this process 3 to 4 times. The best way to check whether rice is ready to use is observe. When the water looks clean and doesn’t look cloudy, then your rice ready to use.

However, the most recommended way is to put rice in a strainer. Pour the cold tap water and wash the rice under it until you see the drained water is clear.

Moreover, the Aroma rice cooker has a built-in rinse feature. However, it is still recommended to wash the rice by hand first if you are using the Aroma rice cooker. This will help to remove more starch and make rice less sticky. You can also check out  the Aroma rice cooker instructions manual for more details.

Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions: Rice to Water Ratio

When it comes to rice to water ratio, be careful as both Aroma rice cookers have a little difference. The ratio in Aroma Select stainless is 1:1 while in the digital one is 1:1.33. Every cooker has its own measuring scoop and the perfect recipe requires measurement according to these scoops.

All the measurements in these aroma rice cooker instructions manuals that refer to the cups indicate this particular rice measuring scoop. You can also use traditional dry measuring cup but in that case use ¾ cup instead of one full cup because the measuring scoop of the rice cooker is different from traditional one.

In addition to this, just remember that these ratios only work  when you add rice first and then water. If you pour water into the pot prior to rice, the measurements get mismatched.

Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions: How to Cook Perfect Rice

We have discussed two types of Aroma rice cookers so that’s why we’ll give complete guide for perfectly cooking white rice in both of them. So, keep reading.

Aroma Select Stainless® Rice & Grain Cooker

How to cook rice in Aroma’s stainless cooker is easy, you just need to follow the below steps.

  • The first step is to measure accurate amount of rice with the help of rice measuring scoop. We have discussed earlier the measurement of how much rice and water is required in this specific cooker.
  • Second step is to wash and clean the rice. Take a strainer and place rice in it. Rinse it under running cold water. You have to repeat the process until the draining water becomes clear.
  • Now it is the time to put the rice in the stainless pot and add filtered water. The water should fill the second line. Sometimes we use different cups or amounts of rice then the water should be on the same line marking. For one cup of rice, fill the filtered water up to line one that you can see inside of rice pot.
  • The last step is to close the lid and press down the button. Remember to check whether the cook light is on. You have to wait for the switch to move up and the warm light on your cooker to turn on. Now your rice is ready but you can keep the lid closed for additional 10 minutes. It is necessary because it allows the rice to soak the excessive moisture before use. After finishing 10 minutes, remove the lid. You have to fluff the cooked white rice with Aroma rice paddle.

Aroma Digital Rice & Grain Multicooker

  1. First of all, we measure the rice with the available rice measuring scoop that comes with Aroma digital rice and grain cooker.
  2. Second step is cleaning the rice and for that purpose, use a strainer, put the rice in the strainer and wash it under the cold running water until it becomes clear.
  3. After rinsing, add the rice to the inner pot for cooking. Now add filtered water according to the rice measurement. For example, if you can use 1 cup of rice then add water to line one that is marked on pot’s inside.
  4. After adding water, smooth or even the rice top with hand. It provides an even surface to cook the rice evenly.
  5. Close the lid of cooker and turn the power button on. Then press white rice button to make it.
  6. Its digital screen shows moving patterns and lines across screen, which indicates the cooker is heating up. The digital system starts counting when cooking process reaches the stage where there are only 10 minutes left.
  7. Cooker will give alert through beep when cooking process is completed. Open the lid, fluff the rice, and they are ready to be consumed.

How to Cook Other Foods in an Aroma Rice Cooker

In addition to white and brown rice, Aroma rice cooker can help you make a lot of other dishes. Let’s check the Aroma rice cooker instructions for making other dishes below.

  • Steam vegetables and meat by placing them on the steam tray while adding a small amount of water to the pot’s bottom.
  • Cooking oatmeal is easy. Just combine your oats, milk and water in preferred ratios, put them in cooker’s pot and turn it on.
  • What you want in your soup or stews, just put all of the ingredients in your Aroma rice cooker and turn it on. Let it cook on low setting until meat gets tender and vegetables cook.
  • Add water and rice to your cooker and let it cook for several hours on low settings. Your porridge is ready.
  • Grease and flour bottom of your rice cooker pot, take and pour your cake batter in it and let it bake. 

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Troubleshooting Rice and Recipe

Sometimes you will experience some problems while making rice. It’s ok, we are here with some authentic solutions to solve your problems.

  • Sometimes, rice becomes too hard, thus too difficult to eat. This clearly shows that you need more water. Here you can fix it by taking a safe microwave bowl and putting your rice in it. Add two tbsp water over the rice and place a towel over it. Put your bowl in microwave and set it for 30 seconds until the rice becomes tender and soft. Still, if your rice is hard to chew then you can repeat this method until the rice gets soft. Just add more water slowly and microwave it.
  • Sometimes rice becomes meshy or too wet. Sadly, in that case you don’t have any options to remove excessive water. Therefore the only solution you have is to reduce the ratio of water when you cook rice next time. No one wants to waste food, so why not use this meshy rice in another way like making another recipe? What are your thoughts about rice pudding?

Cleaning Your Aroma Rice Cooker

Every rice cooker needs to be cleaned before the next use. This ensures the safety of food. For proper cleanliness, you have to be aware of how to clean your rice cooker. Every product has different specifications, that’s why we’ll discuss the Aroma rice cooker cleaning method to bring you ease.

Aroma Select Stainless

Be sure to let the inner pot of Aroma Select Stainless cool down before starting the cleaning process. So, take water, mix it with little soap and thoroughly wash the glass lid and inner chamber in the sink. Don’t close it immediately after cleaning. Make sure to let it dry completely or wipe it with a kitchen towel or a soft cloth before the next use.

Aroma Digital

Aroma Digital needs cleaning of the inner rice pot, condensation collector, inner lid, and some other accessories that are not attached to cooker, like rice cup and paddle. To wash all these parts you will need water mixed with little soap to clean the dirt and then rinse it with tap water. After rinsing, dry it completely by using soft towel or put it on the dish rack. Remember, don’t use any hard sponges made up of metal to clean the chamber as it is harmful to the sensitive nonstick ceramic coating of the inner pot. Be sure to dry all the parts of the cooker before next use for good results.


Aroma rice cookers come with manual which guides you throughout the process of making perfect fluffy rice and other meals. You can cook rice easily by taking measurements and recipes according to these Aroma rice cooker instructions. So, why wait? Let’s measure water and rice and cook it in your Aroma cooker for your next meal.

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