The leather table top is a famous vintage furniture you can find everywhere. They are well-known antique pieces that attract the attention of a lot of people.

Maybe, you have a leather table top at your home. They are part of the modern furniture too and people love having them as their writing tables. They are either in their living room as a modern piece or as an antique piece.

I have seen people putting leather table tops, dupe chairs, and other modern furniture types in their living areas. The leather furniture gives a minimalist but expensive look to the interior.

But, with time, this leather can wear out, leading to different stains and scratches.

I know this is making you sad and you are eager to restore your leather table top.

 There are some methods through which you can turn your vintage leather table top into a unique and new one.

Methods of Restoring a Leather Table Top

Woman Restoring Leather Table Top.
Woman Restoring Leather Table Top.

I have seen people using different methods of restoring a leather table top. These methods vary a bit from each other and address specific issues of leather table tops.

These methods are also beneficial because through them people can have a new-looking vintage leather table top in an instant.

In this article, I will discuss two famous methods with you. You can choose any of them.

First Method

In the first method, you need these things

  • Sponge
  • Trigger Clamps
  • Wood Glue Syringe
  • Cleanser
  • Baby Wipes or Cloth
  • Fine Grit Piece of Sandpaper
  • Brown Wood Stain of your choice

You should gather all of these things before starting the process. Because you will need all of these during the method. So having them near you will save a lot of your time and energy.

Sanding the Leather Table Top

SandPapers for Restoring Leather Table Top.
SandPapers for Restoring Leather Table Top.

The first thing you need to do is to sand your antique leather table top. It is to remove the dust and minor imperfections from the leather.

You also need fine-grit sandpaper (around 320 grit) to sand the leather table top. Don’t use coarse sandpaper or do excessive sanding to discolor your leather.

While sanding, you need to make sure to apply light and even pressure. Sand them in consistent strokes and in the same direction to maintain the finish.

I recommend you sand small and hidden parts of the leather in the beginning. Maybe, your leather is old enough and can’t endure the sanding.

You can also consult a leather professional before taking this step.

This sanding will take out a lot of dust from your leather and will give a finishing look to it.

Clean the Leather

Now, you need to take a damp cloth with any cleanser to clean the leather table top. You should have a mild cleanser and apply it in a small quantity through your cloth.

A lot of people have taken Dove Soaps and cleaned the leather top by putting the soap on the cloth.

Here, you need to make sure not to use much water on the leather. Otherwise, it will damage your table top.

You should keep cleaning your tabletop until the cloth stops having any dust on it.

Dry the Leather

Now, you should take the towel and dry the leather table top. You should dry it thoroughly because water is harmful to your furniture.

Use Wood Glue Syringe

It can happen that while cleaning and sanding, your leather starts coming out. It can start stripping off due to the sanding or it was already coming out before your process.

So, you need to repair it. For this, take a wood glue syringe. Insert it under the leather. The glue will fix the leather on the top.

There will be excessive glue coming out of the leather. So, you need to take baby wipes to clean it.

Now, you should let the leather glue dry.

Paint it

Now, you need to paint it. The sanding and cleaning have given it a very polished look too. But, if you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your leather table top, you can paint it.

You should take any brown wood stain to paint the leather table top. I have seen a lot of people do the first coat of light wood stain. So, if the light wood furniture goes with your interior, you can go for this color.

If the light color is concealing the imperfections of your leather, you can do the remaining two coats of this paint.

But, if it is not hiding the stains of your leather top, you should paint your table in a dark wood stain shade.

You should do three coatings of the wood stain to give a glossy and refined look to your antique table.

In this way, your leather table will have a unique and expensive look.

Second Method

The second method is a bit identical to the first one. Only a few steps are different in it. You also need different things to restore the leather table top. These include:

  • Sponge
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Towel
  • Rags
  • Leather Cleanser
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Leather Repair Kit
  • Leather Fill Pen
  • Leather Finisher

Now, you have these things and you are ready to start the process of cleaning.

Clean the Wood

You need to clean the wooden portion of your table. For this, you can take an orbital sander or Citri Strip paint stripper.

This will take out the layers of the wood and will give a refined look to it. You can clean or paint the wood as you want.

Here, you should save your leather portion. For this, use a double-sided tape and cover the leather with brown paper. It will ensure that leather doesn’t get impacted by the stripper.

Clean the Leather

Now, you need to clean the leather. For this, take any special leather cleanser to get rid of grime and dust from it. You should apply it with the help of a sponge or soft cloth.

If there is not much dust on your leather table top, you can use Dove soap and water to clean the leather. This method will also go fine.

But if there are different stains on your leather, you need a specialized leather cleanser to get rid of them.

Here, you just make sure to follow all the instructions present on the leather cleanser.

Moreover, if there is a gold embossed area on your leather, you should carefully apply cleanser near it. Because it can impact that gold area.

In the end, you should dry the leather with a towel

Use a Leather Repair Kit

Now, you may see different deep scratches on your leather. The dye may be missing from various areas and there may be holes.

It means that your leather needs a touch-up to get fully repaired. For this, a leather repair kit can do wonders.

You can fill the holes and re-dye different areas. The kit can help you in managing and filling all the leather repairs.

After doing this, you should wait for the repairs to dry.

Use a Leather Conditioner

The repair kit and the water must have negatively impacted your leather. So, you need a conditioner to make it soft and supple.

It will give a glossy look to your leather. Moreover, your leather will look refined and beautiful.

You need to apply the leather conditioner evenly on the table top. In this way, it will absorb into the leather and will give an amazing touch-up to it.

Use the Leather Polish

You need to use a leather polish to give a shiny and luster look to it. After the cleansing and conditioning, the polishing will help you greatly.

You should choose the polish according to the leather type. Because different polishes are appropriate for various leather types.

The types of leather table tops are bonded leather, faux leather, or genuine leather. So, use the polish according to that leather type.

So, this is the second method people use to restore their leather table tops. Now, you have chosen any of these methods and got a refined leather table top.

Maintain the Leather Table Top

Maintaining the leather is not difficult. You just need to do a few things daily and it will remain in good condition. I have seen a lot of people having refined leather furniture even after its excessive use.

How do people manage to maintain their table top? Well, they do these things:

Do Dusting Regularly

You shouldn’t allow dust to accumulate on your leather top. Because the dust can impact the quality of the leather.

You need a microfiber cloth to dust the leather top. It will keep the dust away from your table.

But when you need a deeper cleaning, you can use water and mild soap for this. It will keep your leather tabletop safe from any grime.

Avoid Sunlight

You should never put your leather table top under direct sunlight because the sunlight can dry the leather and impact the color and quality of it.

Cover Your Leather

You should cover your leather with different table mats and coasters. They will prevent any spill or stain on the surface of your leather.

Moreover, you should avoid putting liquids and food plates directly on your leather.

Clean the Spills

Whenever anything spills on your leather tabletop, you should clean it immediately. For this, take a clean and dry cloth. Blot the cloth on the fresh stain. This will prevent it from soaking into the leather.

Maintain the Temperature

You should maintain the humidity level indoors. Because if the temperature of your indoors is excessively dry, it can impact your leather table top badly.

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