Samsung dishwashers are, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best dishwasher brands available on the market. This is because they set themselves apart from competition when it comes to design, quality, and efficiency. However, if you are experiencing issues of your Samsung dishwasher not draining, it can be very tough to handle. 

A dishwasher that is not draining can be extremely frustrating for the people that are already exhausted with day to day chores. Dishwashers are life savers in many situations. They are especially helpful when when you have gathering at your home for the holidays. In such conditions, you should always buy a dishwasher with innovative features and a good reputation. Nothing can beat Samsung dishwashers in those situations. In addition to this, some models of Samsung dishwashers also incorporate the feature of quiet operation, which means you can enjoy quiet time in the comfort of your own home while your dirty dishes are still getting washed.

For a buying guide on Samsung appliances, click here. This will tell you more about the innovative features that are offered in other Samsung appliance. However, like all other electric home appliances, the Samsung dishwashers also encounter issues of not draining sometimes. Don’t worry, we have organized this complete guide to address all the possible reasons for that issue, and we will also discuss the ways to solve them. 

Common problems and fixes of Samsung dishwasher not draining

Worker Fixing Samsung dishwasher not draining
Worker Fixing Samsung dishwasher not draining

Below is a list of common problems along with their fixes for the issue of your Samsung dishwasher not draining:

Drain filter clogging issue

The drain filter is an important aspect of any machine, especially the dishwasher. The drain filter is responsible for draining the dirty water and other food particles out of the dishwasher for efficient dish washing. However, if the drain filter gets clogged by catching contaminants then the efficiency of the dishwasher will get compromised, and the issue of Samsung dishwasher not draining will arise. The solution to this issue is to remove the drain filter from the dishwasher with the help of the user manual, and then clean it thoroughly to unclog it. 

Drain hose clogging issue

The drain hose is responsible for carrying the water out of the dishwasher. This means that any issue with the drain hose will eventually make the dishwasher useless because the issue of the dishwasher not draining correctly will arise. The solution to this issue is to clean the drain hose correctly and make sure to clean it with hot water to avoid any obstructions. 

Garbage disposal blockage issue

Worker cleaning Samsung dishwasher
Worker cleaning Samsung dishwasher

The garbage disposal unit is attached to the dishwasher with the help of a drain hose. Any big food particles or other garbage stuff is moved to this unit so that the dishwasher and dish washing process stays tidy and efficient. If the garbage disposal is blocked due to any reason, you can encounter the issue of your Samsung dishwasher not draining. To solve this issue, you must clear the clog that hinders the operation.

Blockage of the air gap

The air gap is an amazing functionality used in Samsung’s dishwashers. It ensures that your dishwasher is using fresh water for the dish washing, and it prevents dirty water from entering your dishwasher. However, blockage of this air gap can cause non-draining issues in the dishwasher. To solve this problem, you must clean the air gap for any debris, and clear the blockage so that it can work efficiently. 

Unbalanced dishwasher

A dishwasher that is not leveled correctly can cause poor draining issues. An unbalanced dishwasher can cause water to gather in the bottom, and as a result, the efficiency of the dishwasher will be compromised. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the dishwasher is leveled correctly, and you can do so by adjusting and leveling the legs. 

Poor drain hose installation

The drain hose is an important factor of the dishwashers as we have discussed above. Not only to prevent clogging but to prevent poor installation of that drain hose. Therefore, it is required to properly install it. You can solve the problem by reinstalling it the way described in the user manual. 

Check valve blockage

The check valve is responsible for stopping the dirty water from going back into the dishwasher through the drain hose. Any type of blockage or debris clogging in that check valve can cause a non-draining issue in the dishwasher. The solution is to thoroughly clean the check valve, and if it still doesn’t work then you must replace it to work properly. 

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The drain pump is worn out

The drain pump sometimes doesn’t work in the way it should. The issue of your Samsung dishwasher not draining is associated with worn-out drain pumps sometimes. The only solution to this issue is to check the drain pump for worn-outs, and then you need to replace it if you find any issues with it. 

High drain loop missing issue

Sometimes, the high drain loop is not installed in the dishwasher at all or is installed incorrectly. If the dishwasher is not draining correctly or not draining at all, it’s time to check the high drain loop. You can install it if it’s not installed or you can reinstall it if it’s installed incorrectly. 

Drain impeller issue

The drain impeller typically has a plastic body, and it is responsible for sucking the water through the drainage system of dishwasher. If it is damaged or worn out, which typically happens when the dishwasher is used many times then the dishwasher draining issue can arise. The solution to this issue is to replace the drain impeller so that the dishwasher can work in the most efficient way without any hurdles. 

Sink drain blockage

Sometimes the problem is in the sink drainage. The sink drainage can get clogged due to dirt or debris or in some cases it can get blocked. If you are experiencing the issue of your Samsung dishwasher not draining properly or not draining at all then check the sink drainage, and clear it from any obstructions or hurdles. 

Sump area blockage

To control the flow of water in the drain pump, a sump assembly is utilized. Any blockage or hurdle in the sump area can cause significant issues like dishwasher not draining properly. Also, if the sump assembly is broken, the sump area can get blocked. To solve this issue, it is mandatory to clear the sump area blockage, and replace the sumo if damaged. 

Detergent residue 

There is a small compartment in every dishwasher that is used for adding the detergent. If you are not cleaning it after every use, and the residue is collecting in it, it may get blocked. The residue of detergent can cause Samsung dishwasher not cleaning up issue, and the only solution to this issue is to thoroughly clean the detergent compartment after every use. 

Water inlet valve issue

Water inlet valve sometimes malfunction due to multiple reasons. The water inlet valve is the main source for supplying dishwasher with water. Any blockage or leakage in it can cause poor cleaning of the dishes, and also non-draining issue in the dishwasher. The issue can be solved by replacing the water inlet valve if necessary or if it can get repaired then you can repair it. 

Drain hose extension issue

There are multiple reasons behind drain hose extension. However, if it is extended excessively the drainage problems can occur. This includes the issue of your Samsung dishwasher not draining. The issue can be solved by adjusting the length of drain hose to the extent that is recommended in the user manual. 

Control board issue

The control board is responsible for providing every signal to the dishwasher. The whole dish washing process can function correctly if the control board works fine. However, if the control board is malfunctioning due to any reason, you can encounter the issue of Samsung dishwasher not draining along with many other issues. The only solution to this problem is to diagnose the issue in the control board, and fix it if you can. Otherwise, it is better to replace it so that it can function properly. To know more about dishwashers control board, click here.

Overfilling of dishwasher

It is never recommended to overfill the dishwasher due to any reason. An overfilled dishwasher can cause bad results with the dish washing, and it can also cause poor draining in the dish washing process. Therefore, it is recommended to always fill the dishwasher in the way that is prescribed in the user manual so that it can function properly. 

Float switch fault

The float switch in the dishwasher is responsible for tuning on the drain pump so that it can remove excess water from the dishwasher. Any fault in the float switch can cause the Samsung dishwasher not draining issue. The solution to this problem is to test the float switch if its working fine, and if it’s not working fine then you may have to replace it so that the dishwasher’s efficiency is not be compromised. 

It is mandatory to always refer user manual for any problems. The Samsung dishwasher not draining issue is frustrating but can be easily solved by following the fixes that we have discussed above. Also, if nothing else works, you must seek professional help to avoid further damage to the dishwasher. 

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