Is your dryer leaving you with wet laundry and frustration? Don’t worry you’re not the first to be in a situation like this. A dryer blowing cold air is a common issue many people face and without a doubt, it can be a real inconvenience. Let’s easy fix of dryer blowing cold air

The good news is that you don’t need to be a handyman like Bob Vila to get rid of this problem. It is as simple as saying “hello”. Maybe that’s too much but I guarantee you can do it.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of fixing a dryer blowing cold air without using hard solutions. For your ease, I’ve highlighted the main and important parts so you can skim through them quickly. Let’s get your dryer warm.

Reasons for dryer blowing cold air

Before jumping into it, I have some common reasons that can lead to your dryer blowing cold air. Make sure to read them carefully, as you may discover something you’re doing wrong with your dryer. Many factors can affect your dryer’s performance and lead to your dryer blowing cold air. Here are a few of them

  1. Faulty elements
  2. Overloading
  3. Clogged dryer vents
  4. Wrong Dryer Settings
  5. The Internal Solenoid has Failed
  6. Circuit Breaker
  7. Thermal Fuse
  8. Timer

Faulty elements

If you face the problem of your dryer blowing cold air, then it might be because of faulty elements or components. When I faced this issue, I thought it was clogged vents but there were some components not working correctly. So whenever you get into this trouble, make sure to check if all the parts are working correctly.

You don’t need to go through every part of your dryer to find the reason for your dryer blowing cold air. Just look at the main ones like the power supply, duct, strap, etc. When your dryer’s heating coils or sensors don’t work correctly, they disrupt the balance of heat and airflow that’s crucial for drying your clothes more efficiently. 


This might be a little technical but not a big deal. Whenever you face the problem of your dryer blowing cold air, check for the main components and see what’s going on. These elements are the thermostat, timer, Belts pulleys, etc.

Most of the time the issue will be the heating element which is located at the back of your dryer and can be replaced easily. However, it’s a bit technical so make sure to have great attention while doing so. For safety’s sake, watch some online tutorials on how to replace the particular elements in a dryer. If you are able to do this, then you will fix the issue of your dryer blowing cold air.


I know we’re always in a hurry, and try to overload our dryers to get all the clothes dried quickly. But, this does not work. It can only lead to problems like your dryer blowing cold air. This is something that you should stop doing right now. Every dryer comes up with a specific storage and power. We should take that into consideration and try to never exceed those limits.

Overloading your dryers can be a big deal. As it can cause the vents to blow cold air with heavy damage to the system. The strain on the dryer’s motor and other components can lead to wear and tear with time, This results in a very shorter lifespan of the machine.


Take some clothes out of it and carefully read and understand the capabilities of the dryer. You can find it in the manual and also take a guide from the expert. If you’ve got a bigger laundry, consider 7 cubic feet of dryer as it can fit very well.

One more thing, before putting your clothes into the dryer, shake them. This simple step can help your machine work better and last longer. It also prevents wrinkles and stains in the clothes. If this is the cause, fixing it will also fix the problem of your dryer blowing cold air.

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Clogged dryer vents

The next cause of a dryer blowing cold air is clogged dryer vents. This is considered the most common cause of a dryer blowing cold air. These vents are like the lungs of your dryer, helping it breathe out warm, moist air. But over time, they can get clogged because of lint, dust, and other stuff.

When the vents are blocked, the hot air can’t get through it, and that’s why your dryer starts blowing cold air. There is a simple solution and that is to clean your vents regularly and never get them dirty.  I know you’re not going to love this but it’s important.

On top of it, Clogged vents need more power to operate and it can cause inflated electricity bills and you’re definitely not going to love this also. So take note of it.


It’s ideal for you to clean the vents by yourself if you want to fix your dryer blowing cold air. But if you can’t, consider hiring a vent or duct cleaner. A professional will certainly know how to fix a dryer blowing cold air. Additionally, make sure to clean the lint screen and lint trap after every drying cycle, as this is the most common reason for clogged dryer vents.

Never forget to inspect your dryer whenever you remember it. 

Dryer blowing cold air-2

Wrong Dryer Settings

This happens a lot with beginners. Yeah, if you’re using a dryer for the first time or you bought the most advanced one, then you may get into this problem. Wrong settings of dryers can lead to many issues like your dryer blowing cold air.

So it’s always a good idea to have five to ten minutes and read the manual properly or just go to your favorite YouTube and search for the dryer you’re using. I know you may hate reading manuals but it’s important.


Dryers come up with different settings for simple reasons, like high heat for heavy loads and low heat for delicate items. If you set it to the wrong one, like putting your delicates on high heat or vice versa, the dryer will blow cold air, and your clothes won’t dry properly.

So it’s necessary to pay attention and know what each button and setting means.

The Internal Solenoid not working correctly

Don’t be intimidated by the difficult to pronounce name. A Solenoid is just a simple component. It is a switch that controls the flow of hot air. When it works correctly, it controls the heating element to warm up and provide the heat that is needed for drying your clothes.

On the other hand, when it gets stuck or does not work properly for some reason, then you will face the issue of your dryer blowing cold air. So if that’s the case, replace or repair it as soon as possible because other components may get damaged.

One more thing, If the solenoid is not working correctly, even if you set it on heat cycles, nothing is going to work.


Just stop overloading your dryer. As I mentioned earlier, overloading is one of the reasons for your dryer to blow cold air and it’s not going to stop there. If you keep doing that it can result in solenoid issues and many other components may get damaged or stop working properly because of it.

Another thing that you can do is check whether your dryer is properly installed or not. Most of the time it’ll be properly installed but it’s not a waste if you check it regularly.

The Circuit Breakers

If your dryer stops blowing warm air, you should see if the circuit breaker is tripped or not. Most of the dryers have 2 circuit breakers one for the heating element and the other for the drum. So even if one of them gets tripped the dryer stops blowing warm air.

Just reset the breakers and try again. Sometimes the breakers may get fused and stop working, In this case, you may need to replace them.


There is nothing too much that you can do about circuit breakers. Just having a dedicated circuit can be a good step to prevent them from getting tripped. Avoid running multiple appliances on the same circuit at a time. If your dryer shares a circuit with other devices, such as an air conditioner or space heater then the breaker may trip again and again.

Thermal Fuse

This one is quite similar to a circuit breaker but whenever the thermal fuse blows you’ve to replace it. It protects the dryer from extreme surges and overheating. After it blows, it can’t be fixed. Someone needs to come and replace it to make your dryer work normally. This is something that you may not do by yourself.

So, when the dryer vent is blowing cold air, it might be because the thermal fuse did its job to keep things safe, but now it needs a little help to get back on track.


I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned never overload your dryer. Yeah, you guessed it right, it can cause the thermal fuse to blow.

Faulty Timer

The dryer is blowing only cold air well, the faulty timer is another reason for that. There are two timers in the dryer. The cycle timer controls the duration of each cycle whereas the heat timer controls the heating element of the dryer.

A faulty timer can affect the entire drying cycle and also cause unnecessary energy consumption. If it’s been a long time and you didn’t change the timers then it can be an issue.


If your dryer is blowing cold air because of faulty timers then it’s time to replace them with new ones. Protect them from moisture as it can lead to the corrosion of the terminals. That’s it.


If your dryer blows cold air then it’s definitely a dilemma, Just kidding. The simple solution is to clean the vents regularly, don’t use the dryer for an excessive amount of time, and take care of the heating elements. What’s more important is to avoid overloading your dryer with a bunch of clothes, believe me, it’s going to do some nasty wear and tear. 

In the end, if nothing works or you don’t want to take a risk, Go to Google and search for dryer repair, book an appointment, and there you go. 

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