A lot of people are going for shower in their bathrooms over bathtubs. This is because bathtubs are becoming outdated. Shower areas are now a part of the modern interior design.

People prefer them to save money and to add a unique aspect to their bathrooms. Designers are using different types of materials to make shower areas unique and attractive.

Among these materials, stone is a popular option. People are buying them more frequently for their shower area. Many of you may also want a stone shower. But, you may be reluctant.

I believe you should know everything about the stone shower before buying it. So, keep reading.


Bathroom Interior Build with Gray and Black Marble, and Stone Shower.
Bathroom Interior Build with Gray and Black Marble, and Stone Shower.

In a stone shower, every part of the shower area is made of stone. The walls and floor have stones in them. These stones are available in different types, and each type is unique.

The famous ones are the following:

  • Granite
  • Stone Resin
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Onyx

Every stone has various qualities. That’s why people do complete research before buying any of them. It helps them in having the best stone shower for their family.

For example, Granite is the most popular type of stone that you can use in a shower. People love it for different reasons. But, it may not be best for your bathroom. You may need another option for your shower.

My focus is not on the types of stone in this article. I will only tell you about the general and different aspects of stone showers.

Pros of a Stone Shower

Bathroom Interior Build with White Marble, and Stone Shower.
Bathroom Interior Build with White Marble, and Stone Shower.


Durability is an essential aspect of any material. Everyone needs a shower area that will last for years.

The good aspect of this type of shower is its durability. It can withstand the years of daily use easily. The natural stones are especially durable and strong. Among them, marble, granite, and slate are famous ones. Except for these, stone resin is also highly durable.

They all are naturally strong. Moreover, a sealant is used on them. This sealant prevents scratches and cracks on the stone.

So, if you have a dog or cat, you should go for natural stones. Their paws will never leave scratches in your shower area.

Aesthetic Appeal

Are you tired of the monotonous white shower area? Do you need a unique touch in your bathroom? If yes, then a this type of shower is probably ideal for you.

They will change the look of your bathroom. You can have a minimalist, classical, or modern look in your shower area.

You can use black granite for a classical look. If you want a luxurious look, you should go for marble. This stone was famous among the Ancient Greeks and Romans. So imagine how it will enhance the look of your shower.

Quartz is best for giving a minimalist look. You can have a five-star appearance with this stone. If you want a 3D design, you can use stone resin.

In short, every stone gives a unique aesthetic touch. So, you can choose the one according to your preference.


All the stones are versatile. They are present in different colors. They also differ in patterns, shapes, and finishes. The popular finishes of stone are matte and glossy. With it, you get a variety of colors too.

 Some stones have more color options, and some have less. But,  all of them provide you with a lot of room for interior designing.

They are available in different patterns. All of these patterns differ from each other. Moreover, you can also cut the stone in your desired shape.

If you have any unique shape in your mind, you can cut your stone into it. They are different from the other typical options.

In other materials, you have to select a specific shape. But, for this type of shower, you can cut it in different shapes. So, you can customize it according to your taste.

Resale Value

A stone shower gives a grand look to your bathroom. That area will look like a modern spa. When you open the shower area door, you will get luxurious hotel vibes.

The best thing is these stones are not very common at this moment. Also, they give you customization options. So, this will make your shower area different from ordinary ones.

Due to this, buyers will love your house. They will agree to pay you higher amounts for it. So, you can get a bigger profit.

Eco Friendly

The stone shower is an eco-friendly option too. The stones are natural and don’t have any harmful chemicals in them. They are renewable resources too.

So, you are favoring the environment by having this type of shower.

Hygienic Environment

You can have a hygienic environment through a stone shower. It is a non-porous material. So, it can resist mold and mildew with ease. In this way, you can enjoy a clean environment.

Retention of Heat

Do you want a warm and comfortable shower? Everyone wants a warm environment in the winter while showering. The stone shower can fulfill your wish.

Every natural stone can retain heat. You will not find this feature in other materials.

These are a few pros of stone showers. Now, I am going to discuss some main drawbacks of it.

Drawbacks of a Stone Shower

Difficult Maintenance

These showers are overall difficult to clean and maintain. Showers that are sealed can be cleaned easily. If they are not sealed, they will be difficult to maintain.

They are chemical sensitive. It means you can’t use any cleaning chemicals on them. Acidic and alkaline solutions are not ideal as they can damage the stone.

Marble or other natural stones can get discolored if acid falls on them. It can cause etching or scratches on the stone.

If your toiletries come in contact with the stone, you should clean them instantly. Otherwise, it can harm the stone.

You should also dry these types of showers after every use. Do this task quickly. Otherwise, it will leave water spots on the floor. Mildew and mold can also grow in it.

Moreover, you should also avoid abrasive scouring pads for cleaning the shower area. Just use a Microfiber Cloth.

To maintain the stone shower, you need to clean it regularly. For this, take only water and mild detergent.

High Price

Stone showers have extremely high prices. They are not for budget-conscious people. Every stone has a higher price than other construction materials.

Moreover, you need an expert team to install it. They will take their time and effort in making your shower. They need excessive knowledge, technique, and labor to make your shower.

So, the installation price is also higher. This factor increases the overall price of the stone shower. Also, the maintenance of these showers are costly.

A lot of people overlook the high price factor. Because they believe that this price will be covered by reselling the house.

But, I believe, you should consider your budget before buying the stone.

Resealing Tiles Annually

You need to reseal your stone tiles annually. The sealing breaks down after regular use. This can cause water to penetrate in your stone. This can result in severe damage to your stone.

The stone is porous. It needs a seal to prevent mildew and mold. So, you need to reseal it quickly. Some stones can require frequent sealing.

Also, every sealant has a different life timeline. Some can remain for a long time, and a few sealants will have a short life. You should keep this factor in mind too.

The yearly sealing makes these shower pricey. It also adds to the hustle of maintaining the stone.

Costly Repairs

The stone can get damaged with heavy or sharp objects. It can leave scratches and stains on your stone. Your shower area can get discolored due to different cleaning liquids.

So, you need to repair or replace your stone. It is not a DIY project. You need a professional person for this.

So, it is also a costly affair. You need time and money to repair your shower.

Heavy Weight

Stones are of heavy weight too. So, they are difficult to manage and install. That’s why your installation team may need more people for it.

You need to make sure that your house can handle this weight. The walls and floors should have enough supporting material.

If they don’t have it, the heavy weight of the stone can cause damage to the structure of the house.

Slippy Nature

Stones are slippery. The sealant on them lessens the slipperiness. But, if the sealant is not there, the stones are highly slippery.

You or any of your loved ones can slip on the floor. It can result in big accidents. So, you must have slippery mats in your stone shower.

In short, these showers are ideal for a lot of people. But, it has its disadvantages too. You should consider all these aspects before making any decision.

If you have any shower installation needs, hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Stone is Best for the Shower Area?

Granite is best for modern shower areas. People prefer it because of its high resistance and beauty. It is resistant to a lot of things present in modern hygiene products. So, these products will not damage this stone. Moreover, it is commonly used on counter tops. So, you can also use it in the shower area.

How Much Does a Stone Shower Cost?

It depends on the type of stone. But, every stone lies between 100 to 300 dollars per square foot. This includes the material and labor costs. So, you expect to pay thousands of dollars for a large stone shower.