Samsung dryers are one of the most reliable and trusted appliances of many homeowners. Still they get many issues. One of the more common issues is  “Samsung dryer not spinning”. It is at the top of the list.  If your dryer has also stopped working and is not spinning then it is a cause of serious concern.  You need to take immediate action. 

There are several reasons for the Samsung dryer not spinning issue to arise. You cannot just randomly say one component is the culprit. Instead, this issue needs your careful attention to trace out the original cause. Here, we have mentioned the top causes to the problem of your Samsung dryer not spinning. You will also find solutions side-by-side. So, let’s discover what is restricting your dryers operation. 

Broken Drive Belt

Worker fixing Samsung Dryer not Spinning
Worker fixing Samsung Dryer not Spinning

The belt plays a key role in the functioning of your Samsung dryer. It is like a stretchy band that goes around drum and connects to the motors. Basically its main function is to transfer the torque from motor to the drum that helps drum’s rotatory motion. When the drum rotates, the dryer spins clothes.

Just like any other machine or component, extensive use or wear and tear makes the belt inelastic. Continuous rotational cycles, combined with the weight of wet clothes strain the belt causing it to wear out or even snap. As a result of this belt damage, the connection between motor and the drum is lost and your dryer loses drying capability. This happen despite having a powerful motor.

How to fix it:

Addressing belt issue for your Samsung dryer not spinning is easy. All you need to do is safely access the belt and inspect its condition. You can do it by opening the dryer’s cabinet. After that, a slack disconnected or missing belt is the indication of the breakage. Once identified, a replacement is needed. It’s crucial to secure a belt compatible with your specific dryer model. The replacement process typically involves looping the new belt around the drum and connecting it to the motor pulley.  

Samsung dryer not spinning – CausesSolutions
Broken Drive BeltCheck belt in cabinet, replace if slack or disconnected.
Faulty MotorUnplug, inspect motor, replace if malfunctioning or noisy.
Worn-out Drum RollersCheck rollers, replace if flat or not turning smoothly.
Faulty Idler PulleyInspect pulley for vibration or poor spin, replace if necessary.
Drum Bearing IssuesListen for grinding, check drum bearing and replace if needed.
Damaged Drum GlideExamine front glides for wear or obstructions, replace as required.

Faulty Motor – Samsung Dryer not Spinning

Worker fixing Samsung Dryer not Spinning
Worker fixing Samsung Dryer not Spinning

The motor is the heart of the dryer. It helps the drum spin, which dries the clothes. But, motors can have problems over time. They can get too hot if there’s not enough air, or if they’re used too much. Sometimes, the parts inside the motor wear out, making it noisy or stopping it from working. If the motor has a problem, the dryer drum won’t spin, and your clothes won’t dry.

How to fix it:

If you think your dryer’s motor is broken, here’s how to check:

  1. For safety, unplug the dryer.
  2. Open the dryer, usually from the back or bottom, to see the motor.
  3. Try starting the dryer. If you hear weird humming sounds, the motor might be having trouble.
  4. If the motor isn’t working or looks old, you might need a new one. Make sure to get one that fits your dryer model.
  5. Changing a motor can be tricky because of all the wires. If you’re unsure, it’s best to get a professional to help.
  6. Once the new motor is in, your dryer should work like new again!

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Worn-out Drum Rollers

Drum rollers in a dryer are like small wheels made of tough rubber. They help the drum spin smoothly by holding its weight.

You can find these rollers at the back of the dryer. Because they’re always in use, they can wear out over time. This can occur from too much friction, heat, or even lint build-up. When they get old or damaged, they might not be round anymore or could get stuck. If this happens, the drum might make squeaky sounds, move weirdly, or might not spin at all.

How to fix it:

If your dryer’s drum rollers are worn out, here’s what to do, first, always unplug the dryer for safety.

Now, take off the front or back panel of the dryer and check the drum and its supporting rollers. If they seem flat, have cracks, or don’t turn smoothly, they need replacing. Make sure you buy new rollers that fit your dryer’s model.

Putting in new rollers can be a bit tricky, so if you’re not sure about how to do it, you might want to check the dryer’s manual or ask a professional for help. Once the new rollers are in, your dryer should work more efficiently and last longer.

Faulty Idler Pulley

A faulty idler pulley is less about the motion – more about tension. You might find it hard to understand but it is dryers’ mechanics so let’s make it easy. Idler pulley’s function is to apply tension to the drive belt. This tension ensures the belt is tightly fit around the motor pulley and the drum.

Without this tension, the drive belt cannot work and slip off its original place making drying impossible with irregular drums movements.

This whole tension scenario cause pulleys’ bearings o wear out or simply pulley gets malfunction. In either case, you will get in the trouble “Samsung dryer not spinning.”

How to fix it:

The idler pulley in a dryer makes sure the drive belt stays tight, helping the drum to spin correctly.

So, if you think the pulley might be causing problems, first, always turn off and unplug the dryer for safety.

To check the pulley, you’ll need to open the dryer, typically from the front or back. Look for the idler pulley – it’s the part that keeps the drive belt tight. If it’s vibrating, looks like it’s been overheated, or doesn’t spin smoothly, it might be faulty.

In order to fix this, you’ll need to get a new pulley that fits your dryer’s model. When you’re putting in the new pulley, make sure it’s in the right spot and screwed in tightly. If you’re not sure how to do any of this, it’s a good idea to look at the dryer’s manual or call a professional for help. When the new pulley is at its place, the drive belt will be tight enough to make the drum spin smoothly. Your problem of Samsung dryer not spinning will be re resolved.

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Drum Bearing Issues

Another common reason of your Samsung dryer not spinning is the rear drum bearings. The bearings are made to handle the drum’s weight and help it spin smoothly. Over time, these bearings wear out and lose their functionality. No doubt, the bearings are made of strong materials like metal or a mix of metal and plastic. But like any other component, this rear drum bearing wear out after lots of use and your drum cannot spin smoothly. Things like too many clothes in the dryer or lint build-up can also make the bearing wear out faster.

Dryer produces strange sounds or may vibrate. So, be careful when using your dryer and always keep an eye on the bearing for spinning issues.

How to fix it:

If your dryer shows a rear drum bearing issue then there is no better time to replace it. Otherwise,  it can make your machine more problematic. So, first unplug the dryer for safety.

Open the dryer from front or back to locate the bearing. If it’s making a grinding sound or the drum is hard to turn, then it is a sign of bearing replacement. So, get a new bearing that fits your model and replace it carefully.

Before attempting it, just be sure that you are technical enough to do a replacement. Also look at the dryer’s manual for dryer specific guidelines.

If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, consider calling a professional. Once the new bearing is in, the dryer will work better and last longer.

Damaged or Obstructed Drum Glides

Drum glides help the dryer to stay in the correct position when you are using it. You can find these glides at the front edge of the drum in Samsung spinner. These glides are made of materials like nylon to help the drum sin smoothly. But they constantly rub against the drum and can wear out over time.

Sometimes, things like coins or lint can get stuck and cause problems. If the glides are worn or have stuff trapped, the drum will make a grinding sound or not spin well. If you ignore it, other parts will also get damaged, and make the repairing project expensive. So, it is better to fix drum glide issue before it is too late.

How to fix it:

Unplug your Samsung dryer to fix damaged or obstructed drum glides. Locate their position and remove any debris stuck to them.

Also check signs for physical damage. Just replace the glides if they are too old and do not forget to check they are secure in the right place.

Conclusion – Samsung Dryer not Spinning

The issue of your Samsung dryer not spinning is a serious concern for homeowners looking to quickly wash clothes. They get stuck with a jammed dryer. If your Samsung dryer does not spin, just check all the possible causes of the issue including; broken drive belt, faulty motor, worn-out drum rollers and the idler pulley. Also don’t forget to inspect the bearings and the glides. Once you have traced the cause, just work to fix it the way described above. 

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!