The Modern Era has turned our ordinary homes into technological wonders. From washing machines to dryers and dishwashers to refrigerators, every appliance is getting more advanced and efficient. However, the rise in technology demands upgraded supervision.

Cleaning the microwave might be a part of your regular kitchen chores, but when is the last time you checked on your Samsung Microwave Filter? If you have a counter top microwave, then you don’t need to be concerned about this aspect. However, other Samsung microwave models incorporate one or sometimes two filters, which should be cleaned or replaced periodically. Also, checking on smaller aspects can save you from hefty repair costs.

Your Samsung above-the-range microwave includes two filters. The first one is the grease filter. it absorbs all the evaporating oil and prevents it from entering the vent system of your microwave. On the plus side, it can be easily cleaned and reused. In contrast, a charcoal filter aids in recirculating air back into the kitchen. The air does not vent up or emerge out the back, resulting in less cooking odor. However, the charcoal filter is not cleanable.

Types Of Samsung Microwaves and Filters

Worker Replacing Samsung Microwave Filtercing
Worker Replacing Samsung Microwave Filtercing

Samsung has always amused the world with its smart innovations. Most of its microwaves include both charcoal and grease filters. Microwaves that are positioned above the cooking range are usually equipped with grease filters. They trap the flying grease and secure your exhaust fans from clogging.

On the other hand, a charcoal filter is designed to deodorize your kitchen. Those Samsung models that use fans to circulate the air possess charcoal filters.  

Why Should You Clean Your Samsung Microwave Filters?

Worker Replacing Samsung Microwave Filtercing
Worker Replacing Samsung Microwave Filtercing

Cleaning or replacing Samsung microwave filters might seem unnecessary, but it’s actually not. Overlooking the filters over a long time can make your stove top surroundings greasy. Aside from this gooey disaster, the aroma of your previous meal can mess up the taste and smell of your current food. 

Not only does it make your kitchen nasty, but it also affects the working efficiency of your appliance. Once the filter becomes full, it fails to catch up with the grease. As a result, the fan clogs up, filling up your kitchen with heavy grease and bad cooking odors. Malfunctioning of the fan further leads to costly repairs.

How Often Do You Need to Clean or Replace the Samsung Microwave Filter?

Replacing the Samsung microwave filter depends upon your cooking. Frequent cooking of fried foods can saturate your grease filters quickly.

As a rule of thumb, a grease filter should be cleaned monthly. Otherwise, it would get difficult and can turn into a troublesome cleaning chore. In case of any physical damage to the filter, replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the grease will enter the vent system of your appliance.

On the flip side, charcoal filters are not reusable and need an alternative. It can last from six months up to twelve months. On a positive note, buying a charcoal filter is a pocket-friendly investment and can save your device from serious damage.

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Replacing the Charcoal Filter

Follow the step by step instructions and replace your charcoal filter without professional assistance.

Step #1

Unplug The Appliance

Detach your microwave from the power supply before starting the procedure.

Step #2

Remove The Mounting Screws

Open the microwave door and remove the vent mounting screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Step #3

Remove the Vent Panel

Now, slide the vent grill to the left and pull it out.

Step #4

Withdraw the Old Filter

Press the hook and lift and remove the old Samsung microwave filter.

Step #5

Position the New One

The old charcoal filter was placed at a certain angle. Make sure to position the new one at the same angle.

Step #6

Reassemble the Vent Grill

Reassemble the vent panel with mounting screws

Step #7

Plugging In

Plug in the microwave and turn on the main power supply. Then, reset the clock

Step #8

Reset the Filter Reminder

Lastly, press and hold the 0 button to reset the filter reminder.

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Cleaning Up The Grease Filter

Unlike the charcoal filter, the grease filter can be cleaned up to work like new. It also doesn’t cost anything to clean your filter. You can find all the cleaning goods at your home.

Things You Will Need

  • Container for soaking the filter
  • Rubber gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Any dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • A dish sponge or an old toothbrush
  • Paper towels


Samsung microwaves are designed in 1-filter models and  2-filter models.

Cleaning Instructions (1-filter models)

In this type of microwave, the grease filter should be cleaned once a month.

Step #1

Turn off the power

Before cleaning any electronic appliance, make sure to unplug the device or turn off the main power supply.

Step #2

Locating The Grease Filter

Under the front of the appliance, you can see a PUSH sign. Press the filter case. This action will release the filter.

Step #3

Removing the Grease Filter

Pull the case out and stretch it. The Samsung microwave filter will pop out.

Step #4

Soaking Up The Filter

Take a container and submerge the grease filter in hot water. Add a mild dish soap and baking soda to the water. You can also use your kitchen sink for soaking. If your filter is too big, then soak one half at a time.

Step # 5

Scrub Away the Grime

You will observe that soaking the grease filter in hot water and dish soap has loosened up the grime to some extent. Now, put on your rubber gloves and scrub away the remaining grease. Make sure to be gentle, as harsh scrubbing can damage your grease filter.

Step #6

Rinse and Dry

When you are finished scrubbing the filter, please rinse it with warm water. If you still see grease or caked on grime, then you have to scrub again. Keep doing this until your filter is clean. Afterward, dry the filter with the help of some paper towels.

Step #7

Reinstalling The Grease Filter

Take the plastic case and place the cleaned filter in it. Slide the case into its slot and reinstall the grease filter. Make sure it gets clicked back in its place.

Cleaning Instructions (2- Filter models)

Samsung microwave models incorporating two filters should be cleaned every four months. Follow the same cleaning instructions as mentioned above. Just the extracting and locking procedure is different.

Locate the filter tab at the base of your electronic device. Simply slide it upwards and remove the filter. Soak, scrub, rinse, and dry using the same method. Now, slide the cleaned filter into the frame slot. Lastly, push the grease filter upwards and to the left or right until it is locked in place.

Precautions While Changing a Samsung Microwave Filter

Precautions are always necessary, especially when you are dealing with electronic appliances.

  • Never clean a plugged-in microwave, it can lead to serious electrical accidents.
  • Be gentle with the grease filter while cleaning. Harsh scrubbing can lead to irreversible damage.
  • Make sure to wear gloves throughout the cleaning or replacement procedure. It will protect your hands from grease and dirt.
  • Read the instruction manual before starting the procedure.


Formerly, microwave cleaning consisted of wiping the device with a wet rag. But as we are turning our houses into smart homes, technology is demanding upgrades.

Stepping into the Era of smart gadgets, Samsung microwaves have opened new doors to ease and convenience in our modern kitchens. However, ignoring the maintenance of your Samsung microwave filters can badly impact the appliances’ performance. The filter is important because it ensures that your microwave is efficient.

By the end of this guide, you will be completely aware of the pros and cons of filter replacement. Inspect your appliance and check whether it needs replacement or cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know that it’s time to change the Samsung microwave filter?

Clean your grease filters every month. In contrast, charcoal filters should be replaced once or twice a year. Further inspect your filter, if it is covered in grease and dust, you need to clean/ change it. Also, damaged filters should be replaced immediately as they allow the grease to enter the vent system of your microwave. Also, lingering food smells indicate that it’s time to replace the charcoal filter.

Is it safe to clean the Samsung microwave filter in the dishwasher?

Read out the instruction manual to see if your grease filter is dishwasher safe or not. In most cases, you can clean your filter in the dishwasher.

Can I wash and reuse the charcoal filter?

Absolutely not! Charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and reused. Once it has absorbed the maximum capacity of odors, you should replace it.

How to clean a Samsung microwave with a steam cleaning system?

Samsung microwaves incorporate an efficient self-cleaning technique, the steam clean system. Simply pour some liquid into a microwave-safe container and press the steam clean button. After that, take a clean piece of cloth or a paper towel and wipe down the mess.

What happens if I use my microwave without a filter?

Never attempt to operate a microwave without a filter. Not only can it damage the device, but it can lead to potential fire hazards. A filter acts as a protective barrier and secures your appliance from grease and debris.

Why is my filter light on in my Samsung microwave?

Recent Samsung microwave models are designed with a filter indicator. The light turns on every six months to remind you about the cleaning of the grease filter. However, the charcoal filter should be replaced once a year.