Do you have a Samsung washing machine? If yes, then you should know that this machine is not immune to error codes.

Though Samsung is a reputable company that has a lot of amazing and reliable products, their appliances can also start to have issues. In this case, different errors codes will display on the appliance.

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As an owner of a Samsung washer, you should know what these errors mean and how to resolve them.

In this article, we are going to discuss a specific error code which is the “Samsung Washer UR code”.

What is the Samsung Washer UR Code Error?

Man sitting besides Washer, looking for a solution to fix the Samsung Washer UR Code
Man sitting besides Samsung Washer

If your washing machine is showing a “UR code” error, it means that there is an unbalanced and non-distributive load in the Samsung washing machine. Some Samsung washers use a UE error code. It is the same thing as the UR Code.

The automatic self-diagnosing system of your machine notifies you about this error. The error is displayed as a warning that you need to take suitable action to resolve it.

In the case of the Samsung washer UR code, your machine will waste a lot of time and water in one cycle.

It will attempt to take more water in the cycle due to the clothes overloading. Then, it will empty the spin cycle and will redistribute the load in the washer. After that, it will start spinning again.

The most common cause of this issue is that the heavy and large clothing items, such as towels and bathmats, can end up on one side of your washing machine. It can also get tangled in the agitator.

Some other reasons for this error code are issues in the drive belt, an uneven surface, failed control module, or some other small issues. We will discuss all of them along with their solutions in this next part.

The Reasons for the Samsung Washer UR Code and their Solutions

female turning on washer seeing Samsung Washer UR Code
Female turning on Samsung Washer

There can be different possible reasons for the Samsung washer UR code. Fortunately, all of them can be resolved without any effort. So, you don’t need to worry when this code pops up on your machine. Now, let’s see how to resolve them!

1. Unbalanced Load

One of the biggest mistakes is when you have added more clothes or only a few clothes to your washer’s drum. This can cause a Samsung washer UR code error.

Mostly, large and heavy clothing items are responsible for this error code. Also, if you fill the drum more than 75 percent, then it can cause issues in your drum.

Moreover, it can happen that shoe laces or strings of clothing items get stuck in the washer’s drum or agitator.

Solution: To prevent lace and string issues, you can use a washing machine-safe bag.

In case of overloading, you should remove a few clothing items. Make sure that your drum is filled within the 75 percent range. Moreover, untangle or redistribute the load manually to prevent this error code.

Make sure that you put the clothes in based on fabric type in this washer. Because different fabric types have different absorption properties. So, some will soak more water and some will soak less.

The clothes that soak more water will become heavy and others will become light. So, it can happen that heavy clothes remain on one side and light clothes remain on the other side of the tub. This will make it uneven. So, run various cycles of different fabric types.

If your washing machine’s load is underweight, you should add some heavy items of clothing to it.

To avoid this whole issue, we suggest you run a medium-sized load initially. If your washer doesn’t show any error, you should keep the loads that way.

2. Unbalanced Surface

One less common reason for the Samsung washer UR code is its uneven or unbalanced surface. If your washing machine is not sitting well on the floor, it can cause this issue.

Solution: If you set your washing machine on a carpeted surface, it will remain level. Moreover, if your washing machine is on a pedestal, setting it on the floor can solve your issue.

You should use a level to check the level of your Samsung washing machine. If your washer is uneven, adjust the legs manually by using a wrench.

If your washing machine is leveled but still rocking, maybe the legs are damaged or not securely tightened. Check this aspect too.

3. Faulty Shock Absorbers

Your Samsung washing machine has two to four shock absorbers. These absorbers absorb the movement of your machine, enabling the spin cycle to move smoothly.

But, if your machine starts shaking or vibrating violently while showing the Samsung washer UR code, it means there is a fault in your shock absorbers. They have stopped doing their work.

Solution: Unfortunately, you can’t solve this issue on your own. You need a professional to replace these shock absorbers because they are present on the inner side of your machine.

4. Drive Belt

The drive belt connects your washing machine’s drum with the motor. It is the component that ensures your drum keeps working smoothly.

Over time, this belt can become loosened, damaged, or start slipping. This will start giving you a Samsung washer UR code error.

You will notice this issue when your tub struggles to turn during the spin cycle. If you see that your tub is unbalanced, then you should check your drive belt.

There are different ways to access the belt in different washing machines. You can access it from the back, front, or top in different machines. Mostly, in the front load washer, you can access the belt from the front panel.

Solution: You need to tighten your drive belt if it is loose, or need to replace it if it is worn out. There is a whole process of doing this:

  1. First of all, turn off the switch of your washer. Also, turn off the water supply to it.
  2. Now, you need to remove your control panel where the drive belt is present. Unscrew the panel to get access to the belt.
  3. When you get access, inspect your drive belt. Check if it is loosened, damaged, or slipping.
  4. To check if it is loosened, you need to press it with the help of your thumb. If you easily get more than a half inch of it, this means that your drive belt is not tight.
  5. To tighten it, you need to tighten the mounting nut of your drive belt. If you succeed in it, no other actions are required from you. But, if it isn’t, you need to replace the belt.
  6. To take off the belt, you need to turn the tub drive pulley. Through it, your worn-out belt would fall off.
  7. Now, to install a new one, you need to put one end of the new belt around the motor pulley and place the other end on the tub drive pulley.
  8. Manually rotate the tub to ensure that your drive belt is on the right pulley. This action will also tighten it.
  9. Now, re-attach the belt cover and then the panel.
  10. In the end, plug in the machine and restart the water supply.

You can use an installation kit or wire tire to install the drive belt in its place. They will ensure that your new belt is installed properly and is tightened.

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      5. Failed Control Module

The control module is the one that receives the electronic signal and starts the washing machine. It is basically the setting or electronic system of your Samsung washing machine.

Sometimes, this is the main issue, but your washer misinterprets it as an overloading issue. So, you start seeing the Samsung washer UR code.

Solution: You need to reset the hard setting to get rid of this glitch. For it, you need to unplug the washing machine. Power it off from the circuit breaker and switch off the water supply.

Now, wait for almost ten minutes. Then, restart the washing machine. It may solve your glitch.

But if the issue persists, it means there is an issue in your control module. For it, contact the Samsung help center. They will provide you with an expert technician to resolve your issue.

     6. Tachometer Issues

A tachometer is a sensor in your washer that monitors the speed of your Samsung washing machine. It ensures that your drum is spinning at the normal speed, avoiding any harm to your washer or your family.

But, if there is any issue with it, the drum will not spin properly and will not clean your clothes thoroughly.

In this case, you will notice strange and weird noises from your washer, and you will see the Samsung washer UR code on it.

Solution: Unfortunately, you need to replace your faulty tachometer. For it, you need to call a professional as its replacement is very complicated for a DIY project.

These are six major issues that you need to resolve quickly. Now, there are other types of issues too which you need to address.

Other Possible Issues

1. Worn-out Drum Bearings

Your washing machine can have a loose drum bearing or a defective motor. So, you can hear a grinding noise or excessive shaking. In that case, the machine will start displaying the Samsung washer UR code.

For it, you need to replace the bearings and motor by dismantling the tub spindle. So, you need an expert technician for this issue.

2. Faulty Springs

Different suspension springs hold the tub on the base or suspend it from the top. Any issue in these springs can cause an issue in your washing machine. We recommend you replace all the springs even if only one has an error.

Now you have learned all about the Samsung washer UR code error and its solutions. We hope that this guide was helpful in fixing this issue.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!