If you reached this article, you are probably wondering: How to tell if GE dishwasher control board is bad? This is a serious concern. Sometimes everything looks fine, and you would never imagine that your GE dishwasher control board is stopping the dishwasher from working. But, it actually is the main culprit. 

A dishwasher with a faulty control board will show certain signs, and you need to look deeper into its functions to trace them all. This guide will help you at each step as you can find the top 9 signs of a dishwasher with a defective control board. You just need to cross-match these signs with the problems in your machine. If you find similarities, then surely the control board of your GE dishwasher is bad. At the end, the solutions to this bad control board dishwasher are also given for your ease. So, let’s dig in!

Dishwasher Doesn’t Start

The first way you can learn how to tell if your GE dishwasher control board is bad is when it wont start. The dishwasher control board is like the brain of an appliance. It has the power to control and operate everything happening in the dishwasher, so it is evident that the dishwasher will not start if its control board is bad. 

Let’s understand it with a simple example. The GE dishwasher control board is connected to a complex system of sensors, motors, valves, heating elements, and a water control system. The board is also responsible for sending power to the dishwasher components. Now your dishwasher will operate the way you give command to it. 

If you select a high-temperature rinse cycle, the control board activates the dishwasher heating element that raises the temperature of the water to your desired level. 

The same is the case with water pressure. If the dishwasher’s sensor detects low water pressure, the control board activates the appliance pump to increase the water flow and do dishes. 

Now you see, everything is under the control of the control board. If the control board of your dishwasher is bad, it will have no connection with internal parts. Neither will it send signals, nor will the dishwasher start. 

Touchpad Buttons Don’t Work 

The GE dishwasher control board is damaged when you press the touchpad, and nothing happens. Here, you may get confused and think the buttons are defective. That’s not the case. 

You can cross-check it with display functionality. If the dishwasher display is working fine, but the buttons do not respond – it clearly means they do not receive signals from the control board to perform any function. 

Stops Mid-Cycles

 Another significant sign of a bad or damaged control board is the dishwasher stops mid-cycle. As said earlier, every dishwasher operation is under the control of board’s influence, and the appliance cannot complete mid-cycles if its power center (control board) fails. 

There is a lucky chance that your dishwasher starts but disconnects the power supply during the cycle. What will be the result? Cycle time will be off, and your dishes will stay greasy. So, whenever you are stuck in a position like this, check the control board for physical signs of damage; otherwise, disconnect the power supply and check the connections for assurity. 

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No Water Filling in Dishwasher 

Water filling in the dishwasher is more likely related to the water supply system. There is a water supply line, valves, hose, and drain line to make a fully functional dishwasher a reality. But, this setup will only be used if it receives power from the control board to fill water. 

The GE dishwasher control board sends power to the water inlet valve, allowing water to fill in the dishwasher. When the power supply from the board is cut off, your appliance cannot fill with water despite having a premium water supply line. So, it is easy to determine that your GE dishwasher control board is to blame in this scenario.  

How to tell if GE Dishwasher Control Board is Bad-2

Water Overfills

Water overfilling is the consequence of a bad control board and is the extension of the previously discussed sign of a faulty dishwasher (you can go back to recall the concept and continue from here). 

The problem arises when the inlet valve doesn’t receive a signal (from the control board) to cut off the water supply. The valve stays open for too long, causing the dishwasher to overfill. 

Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain 

If your GE dishwasher does not drain properly, it could be a sign of a bad control board. But before blaming the main control board, make sure you have checked the drain pipe to see any physical obstruction that is keeping the dishwasher from draining. 

The GE dishwasher control board directs the drain pump to remove water from the appliance in functionally correct dishwashers. But in the reverse case, the control board cannot send a power supply and cannot communicate with the pump to empty it. 

Dishwasher Runs Too Long

Dishwasher cycle length varies depending on your appliance age, and type of cycle function. Most dishwashers have at least three cycles including a light cycle, normal cycle, or heavy cycle. These cycles may take as little as an hour to as long as three hours. That is perfectly fine. 

The problem arises when a cycle completes in three long hours. This is because of the bad control board that has lost control over the dishwasher cycle times and is unable to stop it at the right time. If your dishwasher does the same thing and you are unable to trace the root cause, consider the control board is making this nuisance. Check it on time before it is too late. 

How to tell if GE Dishwasher Control Board is Bad-3

Dishwasher Runs Too Hot

Extremely hot dishwashers are hazardous and indicate a bad control board. Hot water is essential for the device to clean dishes in normal functioning, but in defective board appliances, the temperature control is disrupted. 

In order to understand temperature disruption, first learn its correct functioning. It is easy. 

The heating elements in the dishwasher are responsible for raising the water temperature, and it gets as high as 140oF. 

Remember, the heating level is achieved slowly. 

When a cycle starts, water is pumped into the pool at the bottom of the GE dishwasher, and the control board sends a signal to the heating element to heat water. Water is mixed with detergent and sent to the whole system. Once the water hits the desired temperature, the heater turns off to avoid overheating. A dishwasher with a defective control board will have no such detection, and the heater will stay on, causing overheating. 

Error Code or Flashing Lights 

GE dishwashers have digital screens with touchpads and lights. This is actually a communication area of your appliance where you give commands, and it responds with codes or lights. Sometimes, you see alphanumeric codes or flashing lights that are unusual and never appeared before. These codes or flashing lights signify an error in the control board. You need to check the error and work correspondingly to detect the control board issue. 

What to do if GE Dishwasher Control Board is Bad? 

GE dishwashers are premium quality and have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years; still frequent use can make them bad before time. If your machine is also not working for control board reasons, there are some ways to make through it.  

1. Resetting GE Dishwasher 

There is very little chance of bringing a dishwasher with a bad GE dishwasher control board to life by resetting it. Still, you can try, as it is a matter of a few seconds. 

Turn the dishwasher on. Press and hold the start/reset button for 10 to 20 seconds. Wait for the blinking light to stop and see if it is on before turning off completely. Again, wait 5 to 10 minutes, then turn the dishwasher back on. Run a test cycle to check performance and enjoy if it works. If not, move on to the next option. 

2. Repair or Replacement 

Repairing the GE dishwasher control board is an option but needs your careful attention and experience. Otherwise, hire a professional for the task. 

Similarly, if resetting or repairing the control board did not help activate the machine, the last option is its replacement. Modern GE dishwashers are reliable, less noisy, and more efficient, so investing in a new board is better. Here is how you can do it: 

  • Disconnect the power supply from the dishwasher and unscrew the control panel from its current position. 
  • Position the panel downward and locate the wiring. Disconnect all wiring from your device.
  • Place a brand new control board at its position and connect it to wires.
  • Screw the control board carefully and turn the power back on. 
  • Test your new control board and ensure it works fine. 

Hopefully, this replacement will lead to a smooth dishwashing experience, and you get a functionally fit dishwasher back at your place. 

Conclusion – How to tell if GE Dishwasher Control Board is Bad? 

Finally, you know how to tell if GE dishwasher control board is bad. Now is the time to take an action practically and repair or replace the bad control board for effective dishwasher functioning. It will save you precious time, energy, and effort from starting and restarting the device to do the dishes. 

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!