Roper is a brand that has been around for many years. It is most recognized for its washing machine products. This popularity is due to its exceptional features which include the following: a wash action agitator, deep water wash options, and budget friendly prices. However, these machines may occasionally become damaged. Diagnosing these issues is an important step in fixing them.

So, what are the common Roper washing machine problems and how do you fix them? Stick around and our team of professionals will tell you all you need to know. By the end of this article, you should better understand how to diagnose and fix your roper washing machine.

However, some technical faults may need a reset. So, you should also learn how to reset such a washer. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the Roper washing machine problems and their solutions. So, keep scrolling to understand them!

10 Common Issues with A Roper Washing Machine and Their Fixes

Man fixing Roper Washing Machine
Man fixing Roper Washing Machine

Your Roper washing machine can have a series of malfunctions, so a single remedy will never work for all circumstances. However, you can apply a different solution for each problem. Here are the 10 most common issues;

1- Unpleasant Humming

Sometimes you notice that the washing machine starts and washes the clothes but it creates a very odd noise. It can be due to the uneven load, unbalanced machine, or due to some technical fault.

Solution: If you notice that the machine becomes silent when you tap it, check the load. In this case, the load will be distributed unevenly. However, if you feel that the humming sound is lingering, it will be due to unbalanced machine. So, level the machine’s feet immediately after you notice the sound.

If the noise seems to be high pitched, it will be due to some other technical fault within the Roper washing machine. You may get help from the user manual. Please consult with the manual and inspect the machine in order to fix the noise issue.

2- Washer Doesn’t Start

Another issue with the Roper washing machine is that its start button malfunctions. If you notice that all the buttons except the start button are working fine, then it will be due to the control panel.

Solution: If you press the start tab/button but the Roper washing machine still doesn’t start, check its control panel. Check all the wirings and all other electrical parts associated with the start button.

3- Washer Starts But Doesn’t Spin

Occasionally, you may encounter an issue where the Roper washing machine turns on but its washer or the basket doesn’t spin. It may be due to a loose pulley nut, broken washer belt, and broken shift actuator.

Solution: Check for a broken belt or washer shift actuator or pulley nuts and diagnose the reason behind poor operation of the basket. Fix the issue that was diagnosed during your inspection phase.

4- Lid Doesn’t Lock

The Roper washing machine’s lid affects the overall functionality of the machine. Sometimes you close it but it unlocks again. That will disturb the whole washing cycle. It can be due to a dirty lid or due to other technical issues as well.

Solution: To fix the error, clean the lid using any detergent or other effective chemical. After cleaning the lid, close it and recheck if the cycle starts. If it doesn’t start and still shows an F (80, 82, 84, 85) error on the panel, turn the washer off and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Then plug the machine back in; hopefully, the washer door lock issue will be fixed.

5- Error On Smart Screen

In some cases, the smart screen of the Roper washing machine shows an LD error. Mostly, it’s due to improper drainage.

Solution: If the washer stops after showing an LD error on the screen, check the drainage system instantly. The drain pipe will be clogged or curled. Fix the issues and restart the machine. It will set back functionality. But, if the machine doesn’t start even after cleaning the drain pipe, its drain motor will need to be replaced.

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6- Unusual Spots on Clothes

Some faults affect the quality of the washing and may leave dark spots on the clothes. These spots will not get cleaned no matter how effective your detergent is. Mostly, it’s due to the poor dissolution of the detergent in the water. This issue mainly occurs during extreme winter months.

Solution: If your machine produces odd spots on your clothes, turn the washing cycle on with hot water. But if the issue remains there despite using the hot water, your machine will need a deep clean. So, deep clean the machine to get rid of this issue.

7- Machine Gives Off Burning Odor

Sometimes, you feel like your Roper washing machine is giving off an odd smell like that of burning rubber or plastic. Remember such a problem is serious and you must turn the machine OFF immediately after noticing this issue. It can be due to some other electrical issue or due to the belt slipping.

Solution: Check the washer’s belt and tighten it if you feel any of them is loose. Replace a belt that’s in very poor condition or is broken. If the belts are okay, the issue is with the electrical circuits. Possibly, the motor or any other component may have blown. Replace the motor or any other component that has blown. It can be very tricky, expensive, and time consuming.

8- Washing Machine Doesn’t Supply Enough Water

Sometimes, the Roper machine may not supply enough water to wash the clothes. If this happens, you’ll have to check the inlet valves immediately.

Solution: If you feel that the washing machine doesn’t supply enough water to wash the clothes, check for its inlet valves. These will be clogged and clear them to restore the functionality of the washer. But if the damage level is too high to repair, get professional help or hire a technician. He’ll fix the issue by replacing the valves.

9- Lid Rusting

When you are using a Roper washing machine for a long time, you may notice that there may be rust spots on its lid. It is due to decaying lid material and improper maintenance.

Solution: If there is any rusty areas on the lid, please fix them promptly. Otherwise, it will affect the washed clothes. Use a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and make a paste to remove the rust. Apply the paste on the affected area and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then rub the area with a soft but clean cloth. After removing the rust, repair the lid, and make a habit of cleaning it regularly.

10- Improper Water Drainage

Water drainage is very necessary to keep your Roper washing machine in service for a longer period. Occasionally, the drainage cycle may be disturbed due to different reasons. This will affect the washing cycle.

Solution: If the water in the machine is not properly draining out, it’s due to the blocking of the drain pipe. So, clean the drain pipe using an effective instrument or tool. Restart the machine after clearing the drain pipe thoroughly.

Other Common Problems with the Roper Washing Machine

Women using Roper Washing Machine
Roper Washing Machine

The above list comprises of the most common and complicated issues of the Roper washing machine. However, there may be some minor issues that may not allow the machine to start. So, it’s necessary to check these issues as well. Here are some additional issues associated with a washing machine;

  • A minor load that will lead to free spinning of the machine
  • Low speed spin settings
  • High quantity of the detergent
  • A broken lid
  • The pump is not empty
  • Faulty drain motor
  • Cut off power supply


In conclusion, you have learned the most common Roper washing machine problems and how to fix them. Clogged drain pipe, turning ON/OFF issue, humming sound, spots on the clothes, and smart screen errors are some of the major issues of the Roper washing machine. You can troubleshoot all of these issues yourself if you have a little know how about them.

It’s important to keep your Roper washing machine clean and clear to enhance its lifespan. So, make a habit of cleaning it after each washing cycle. Moreover, manage to deep clean your machine every three to four months. This way you can keep the washer in service for a longer period. If you ignore very basic things, i.e. cleaning, your washing machine will give you a tough time occasionally.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!


How much time do you need to reset a Roper washing machine?

Mostly, three to five minutes are enough to reset a Roper washing machine. However, some of the latest models have timer control knobs. Turn this knob if any washing cycle is disturbed. It will restart the washing cycle after resetting the washing settings..

How do I Reset a Roper Washing Machine?

The latest models of the Roper washing machine have a reset button on them. It means you can reset them by pressing that button on your machine. Ensure that the machine basket or drum is empty when you start resetting it. Otherwise, you may have to face any unforeseen trouble.

Why does the Roper washing machine make noise?

Mostly, the humming sound of a Roper washing machine is due to an imbalanced load, poor balance, or due to some technical fault. Occasionally, it can be due to defective basket bearings and seals.