Kenmore dryers can be considered one of the most useful home appliances to own. This is because they can make your life easy. However, the problem of your Kenmore dryer not heating can be a frustrating issue. 

A dryer that is not heating can cause so much stress on you because it can potentially double or triple the time to get your laundry done. Therefore, it is mandatory to resolve this problem as soon as you can. Kenmore dryers, when working efficiently, can make your life so much easier through efficient laundry drying processes. No other dryer brand matches the durability, reliability, and innovative workings of Kenmore dryers. Also, there is a wide range of options available when you plan on buying a Kenmore dryer. You can choose the best fit according to your various needs and preferences. Before jumping straight to the reasons why Kenmore dryers not heating, let’s first understand how these dryers work so that we can have basic knowledge about the root cause when they are not working properly. 

How your Kenmore Dryer Works

woman using washing machine doing laundry
Woman using washing machine

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Like many other dryers. Kenmore dryers also use heat and air flow to dry the clothes and to remove moisture from them. The Kenmore dryers work in the following manner:

Loading the dryer

The first step, like all other dryers is to load the dryer drum. The issue of Kenmore dryers not heating well sometimes relates to poor loading or overloading of the dryer drum. Therefore, this step is simple yet very crucial. You must load the dryer in the correct way to make it work efficiently. Also, never overload it because overloading the drum means poor airflow between the clothes and poor drying results. 

Setting the dryer

After you have loaded the dryer drum in the correct way, the next step will be setting the controls. In Kenmore dryers, you can have multiple settings and options that you can choose from according to your need. You can choose the temperature, the drying cycle, duration, and other such options according to your ease. 

Heating element

The heating element in dryers is for heating purposes of course. The dryers use heating elements to create the heat that is required for clothes drying. When a heating element works fine, it makes the air hot or warm air that is inside the dryer and makes the clothes dry. On the other hand, if the Kenmore dryer not heating correctly, it may be due to the poor working of the heating element. You can click here to get a detailed fixing guide on dryers blowing cold air.

Air circulation and moisture sensor

After the production of hot air in the dryer, the next step will be to circulate it in the drum in the most efficient way so that all the clothes get dry. The air circulation part does this work. It circulates the hot air evenly in the dryer for the best results. Also, some Kenmore dryers have a moisture sensor feature as well that is responsible for the monitoring the humidity level inside the dryer, which means energy can be saved from over-drying the clothes. 

Lint filter

The lint filter is an amazing factor inside the dryers. There are many clothes that need lint filters to look like new. The link filter in your Kenmore dryer also works in a similar way. It is responsible for picking up the lint from the clothes while they get dry, and the lint filter will capture those particles in order to avoid the clogged duct issue. Isn’t it something really amazing? Well, the Kenmore dryers are really good when it comes to lint filters. 

Dryer ventilation

As a part of the clothes drying process, the moist and warm air is produced. It is necessary to vent out this air for efficient working of the dryers. Kenmore dryers have a dryer ventilation system that is responsible for proper ventilation of the dryer’s moist air. 

Cool down and unloading

Cool down process is one of our favorites because it somehow reduces the wrinkles in the clothes, which means you don’t have to spend hours on ironing all the clothes. The cool-down process of Kenmore dryers makes sure that the clothes are cooled down enough, and the wrinkles are prevented. After the cool-down process ends, you can unload your clothes from the dryer, and use them as you want. 

Now that we have a detailed idea about how Kenmore dryers work, let’s get into depth about the issue of your Kenmore dryer not heating. 

Troubleshooting the Kenmore dryer not heating

Troubleshooting a Kenmore dryer not heating is the best way to identify the issue, and resolve it at the same time. Below are the troubleshooting steps that you must keep in mind when your Kenmore dryer is not heating:

Check Power supply

The first part to look at when your Kenmore dryer is not heating properly is the power supply. Make sure it is plugged in the right way, and if it’s plugged in the right way, the next step is to make sure that enough power is coming into the switch. Sometimes, replacing the switch can solve the heating issue in no time. 

Door switch functioning

The door switch is responsible for the proper locking of the door. If the door of the Kenmore dryer is not locked properly, it means the air is venting out, and as a result, the clothes will not dry. Therefore, make sure that the door switch function is working just fine. This is not to be confused with light dimmer switches. These are two different things.

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Check Lint filters

Another factor that can cause your Kenmore dryer not heating is clogged lint filters. It is, therefore, recommended to clean these filters after every use. However, if you do so but still have the heating issue, make sure to thoroughly clean it again so that any obstruction in the airflow is cleared, and the hot air will flow accordingly. Also, thoroughly clean the exhaust duct of the dryer as well for proper ventilation. 

Clogged ventilation

Inside picture of Kenmore dryer
Inside picture of Kenmore dryer

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Sometimes, the problem seems like nothing to us because we are not considering it at all. Well, if you have pushed your dryer very close to the wall, it may restrict the flow of the air by affecting the ventilation hose. Therefore, make sure there is adequate space between the dryer and the wall for proper ventilation and proper functioning. 

Checking of the thermal fuse

The thermal fuse in the dryer is responsible for producing heat, which is the main factor behind the clothes drying process. Sometimes the thermal fuse is blown out, and we will not know until we check it using a multimeter. If the thermal fuse is not working, it is mandatory to replace it for proper functioning of the dryer. 

Checking the heating element

The heating element also requires a multimeter for checking. Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to these little details, and the problem then cannot be identified. Make sure that the heating element is not blown out in order to resolve the Kenmore dryer not heating issue. 

Checking thermostat

There are times when your dryer blows hot air for some time, and then it stops leaving the clothes wet. This can be an issue related to the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat in your Kenmore dryer is working fine for continuity of heating operations. If it’s not working, it is mandatory to replace it to solve the issue. 

Check the moisture sensor

The moisture sensor in some dryers are a great feature because it prevents over drying of clothes and saves energy as well. Thoroughly clean the moisture sensor of your Kenmore dryer in order to prevent the issue of Kenmore dryer not heating. 

Checking control board

The control board is responsible for all the working and drying processes of dryers. If nothing else is working, you must check the control board of your dryer. A worn-out control board or a control board with burnt components is an indication of the issue. If the issue is in the control board, you must replace it to make your dryer work efficiently again. 

Checking the air intake area

The air intake area is at the back of the dryers. The obstructions or blockages in that area will be responsible for the Kenmore dryer not heating issue. It is always mandatory to clean the air intake area well and keep an eye on it before every drying process to make sure there is no hurdle in that area. 

Checking for overloading in the drum

There are times when we don’t pay attention to basic issues, and jump straight into major issues. Sometimes, the overloading of the drum is the only root cause behindyour Kenmore dryer not heating. Make sure to only add the specific amount of clothes to the dryer that is mentioned on the user manual, and never overload it. 

Professional help

If nothing else works, you must seek professional help. For this, you can call a professional via Kenmore customer care help to make your dryer work again. 

The Kenmore dryer not heating issue is frustrating but following the above troubleshooting steps can help you. However, if nothing else works, it is best to call a professional to make your dryer work again. It is always better to successfully resolve the problem than to do unnecessary repairs. 

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