The Frigidaire Company located in the Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. and it is reliable and have outstanding reputation in the market. People always want to buy their products because of company’s good worth. Mostly customers face Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code error after some time of use.

Don’t worry, it is not a big problem, just feel relax if you see the F0 error code on your Frigidaire Dehumidifier. The technical faults and problems can come in home appliances while using them, not a big deal. The F0 error code can come due to multiple reasons; such as if your airs filter gone dirty, suddenly a sensor gone faulty, if you have any electrical problem in your wires and drain blockage. Moreover, if you have any issue with your sensor calibrations and a control board failure also are the major reasons for this error.

This article is written by the expert team of Wrecked Home, and we are ISCET licensed professionals. Additionally, we have passed the National Appliances Services Technician Certification Exam. We are online here to help you and expert to diagnose and repair any home appliances. In this rich informational article; we will discuss the major causes of F0 error code in Frigidaire dehumidifier and also provide you guide about how to fix the Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code. Keep reading this article and solve this problem by yourself.

What is Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code error?

As we already discussed in the first paragraph that Frigidaire dehumidifier F0 code error may come for the following reasons.
  • Using a dirty air filter.
  • A Sensor gone faulty.
  • Any electrical problems in your wiring.
  • Drain line blockage
  • Over heating and sensor calibration

Causes of a Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 error Code

Let’s talk about the major 10 issues of causing F0 Code error.

Dirty Air Filter

If you are not changing your air filter on time and using dirty airs filter; it can be the first cause of F0 error code on Frigidaire dehumidifiers. With the use of appliances; it is normal the dirt clogging and debris on air filter. Whatever the appliances you are using, such as air conditioner, Frigidaire dehumidifier etc. The dirty air filter will block the airflow and it can be a cause of overheating the sensors. In result, you may face the F0 Code error.

Low Refrigerant Charge

The second major reason is; if you have low refrigerant charge in the dehumidifier, it means you are forcing your appliance to work at incorrect temperature. In this case, you will definitely face the F0 error code. There may be the several reasons of low refrigerant charge such as unprofessionally installation is a main issue, during the installation you hit the compressor mistakenly, and if you are using any cutter for some purpose and your cutter slipped to refrigerant lines; it can be a cause of leaks.

So, make sure that you have properly installed your Frigidaire Dehumidifier and have a recommended refrigerant charge in the dehumidifier. The low refrigerant charge may damage your dehumidifier components and can also reduce the lifespan of your appliances. However, if you face this type of error; we recommend you to hire the professional repair services for Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code error.

Temperature Sensor

You are using your appliances from couple of months. With the time period of use; the temperature sensor may reduce its performance and can be faulty or damage. In result, you may face the F0 error code in your dehumidifier.

Humidity Sensor

Another problem about the sensor; Frigidaire dehumidifiers also use the humidity sensor to control the humidity level and measure the moisture level in the air. If your humidity sensor got faulty then in this case you may also face the F0 error code on your dehumidifier. Moreover, your dehumidifier will not control the humidity level accurately.

Electrical Issues

At the time of installation if you have not properly tie the electrical wiring; it can be a major issue in main power supply. Additionally, if you are using the circuit board that are faulty and you don’t know about it. In this case, your Frigidaire dehumidifier may trigger the F0 error code.


The wrong placement of dehumidifier can also affect its performance. For instance, if you have placed your humidifier at the place that is not balances. Moreover, placing the dehumidifier near a heat can also effect on the performance and dehumidifier will be unable to measure the temperature and humidity level in the house or room.

Clogged Drain Line

The F0 error code may also appear on the dehumidifier’s screen due to clogged drain line. Keep checking the drain line and clean it when you see it is necessary to clean. When the drain line get blocked; the dehumidifier will not work properly and it will not decrease the excess moisture from the air. In result, your dehumidifier will show the F0 Error code on screen.


Any earthing in electrical wires or loose grips of electrical wires can be a cause of low power supply to Frigidaire dehumidifier. On the other hand, the parts of dehumidifier (such as compressor, motor and condenser) may be overheating due to un-constant power supply. In result, dehumidifier can show the F0 error code.

Sensor Calibration

Sensor calibration is very important part at the time of installation of dehumidifier. If you have not calibrate them properly, they may not be able to measure the in-house or room temperature. Because every module of dehumidifier is computerized and it is based on artificial intelligence. The incomplete calibration of sensors can be a cause of F0 error code.

Control Board Failure

The last problem that we commonly see at many customers’ end; the failure of control board is also a reason of F0 error code in Frigidaire Dehumidifier. Because the control board is act like a processor and give commands to fan speed, compressor and sensors. Only the wrong power supply can be a cause of control board failure or any short circuit in your electrical wiring.



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How To Fix a Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code error?

We have discussed all the possible reasons above for the F0 error code; in this section we will discuss that how you can fix the F0 error code at home.

Cleaning the Dirty Air Filter

If the Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 code error is due to dirty air filter, then you need to clean the air filter. First turn off power and unplug your dehumidifier, remove the filter and wash it with warm water. After washing, let it dry completely. Secondly; Use a vacuum cleaner on your air filter, it will suck all the small particles of dust from air filter. After cleaning air filter, set it again, and see if the error code is still on the screen, then you need to replace the air filter instead of cleaning.

Low Refrigerant Charge Fix

Another issue that can cause the F0 code error is low refrigerant levels. In order to fix the low refrigerant charge, you need an expert’s services. If you have come to know that your refrigerant charge is low in dehumidifier, then contact to the authorized Frigidaire customer care service or you can also hire an expert technician who is familiar with this service. Please do not try by yourself because it is very technical, only knowledgeable man can fix it.

The Temperature Sensor

You can easily locate the temperature sensor in your dehumidifier; generally it is attached with evaporator coil. Stop; first unplug the dehumidifier to avoid any electrical shock. If you have found the temperature sensor, check it for any over-heat damage. Physical damage is not possible without hitting the temperature sensor directly or if your dehumidifier had a fall down.

There could be wire damage due to over-heating. We would like to suggest you; using a multimeter to test its resistance and see the user manual for correct resistance range. So, if you found the sensor reading is out of range, so now you need to replace the temperature sensor and it will fix the F0 error code on your humidifier.

Fixing a Humidity Sensor

If you feel that your dehumidifier is not purifying the air; and you are facing the F0 code error, it is due to the humidity sensor in your dehumidifier and it is not working well. It is very easy to locate the humidity sensor, just remove the front cover and you will see the humidity sensor. Check the wire for any over-heating damage and clean the sensor with a soft cloth.

Place the front cover on dehumidifier and check that now it is working fine. If the problem is still there and your dehumidifier still displaying the F0 error code then you need to replace the humidity sensor. Don not forget to unplug dehumidifier from power supply before starting this fix.

Fixing an Electrical Issue

To fix any electrical issue on your Frigidaire dehumidifier; first unplug it from power supply. We have a step by step guide to find any electrical issue.

  1. First see the circuit board and wiring for any visible over-heating damage. If you see any damage then repairs it, if you are expert or can handle the electrical work easily by yourself. If you are not expert then we recommend you to hire an expert technician. If there is no any damage then check the second point.
  2. Check for any loose connections of wires and sensors.

Fixation of Wrong Placement

You should place the dehumidifier in dry area at your home, or place it in moisture area such as basement and laundry room. Do not place the dehumidifier into direct sunlight and near to any heat are like kitchen. The heat can reduce the performance of dehumidifier and can cause the F0 error code.

Cleaning the blockage of Drains

If you are facing the F0 code error due to drain line blockage, first unplug the dehumidifier and start cleaning the drain line. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose; vacuum cleaner will do this job very smartly. It will collect all small particles of dust and debris. Please does this process very carefully, remember! The hard way of cleaning can damage the drain line. So, do this very gently.

How to fix Overheating in Frigidaire dehumidifier

The normal heating for any home appliances is not big deal; even your smart phone also feels hot when you talk to someone for more than 10 to 15 minutes. But over-heating of any appliances is a caution of warning. If you feel that your dehumidifier is continuously over-heating, then check the fan motor and condenser coil. And if you see any damage there, just replace the parts.

But if you see no damage on condenser coil and fan motor, just clean them with a soft bristles brush and close the humidifier then check the over-heating issue again. If issue is still as it is, then we recommend you to hire an expert technician or replace the parts. Additionally, you can shift the dehumidifier in the cold place such as basement.

Fixing of Sensor Calibration

This method is so easy and anyone can do this process at home. Just unplugged the dehumidifier from power source, and leave unplugged for 20 minutes. This process will cool down the sensors and make them reset. Now switch on the dehumidifier and wait for 10 minutes to see F0 code error again. If you did not see any error then it means sensors are restored. But if you see this error again after 10 minutes, then WH Advisor team recommend you to read the user manual guide. And if you still unable to calibrate the sensors of your dehumidifier; hire an expert technician please.

Fixing a Failure Control Board

Replacing or repairing a main control board is very technical, only the technician or an expert individual man can replace it properly. If you had found some issue in your control board, for instance; any button is not working properly or if you are want to change the temperature, and unable to set the desired temperature. It means, there is some technical fault on your main control board. The technical fault can be in button, in circuit due to over-heating or in wiring.

The WH Advisor team suggests you; if you cannot locate the fault and are interested to purchase a new control board. We recommend you to note the model no and serial no of your dehumidifier and also model no of your board to avoid wrong parts purchasing. On the other hand if you have not the budget for a new control board, then hire an expert technician to repair the old main control board.

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Tips to avoid getting Frigidaire Dehumidifier F0 Code error

Suppose that you are one of those men who always take a good care for their home appliances and other devices that they use. With just regular care and maintenance, you can avoid getting the F0 code error on you dehumidifier.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Do a regular clean activity of your home appliances including the dehumidifier. Fix one day in a week for this activity. This will prevent the F0 error code and other related small issues. Regularly clean the air filters, drain blockage. Keeping the home appliances clean will increase the lifespan of your appliances and performance.

Placement and Usage

Poor placement of your Frigidaire dehumidifier or any other home appliances can affect bad its performance and accuracy. It can cause the F0 code error in your dehumidifier. Do not place it in direct sunlight and also keep it away from kitchen and any other heat source. If you are getting confuse to operate it for the first time; we suggest you to read the user manual guide, it comes with any type of home appliances. Do not over operate your appliances including dehumidifier, give them a break. This process will cool down all the sensors, motors, and other electrical functionality.

Safety and Precautions

Please avoid using any low quality wires in your home electrical system. Hire a professional technician once in a month and ask him to inspect all your appliances at home including, air conditioners, electric oven/range, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers, and dehumidifier. Wrecked home advisor team is here to provide you the expert and professional services.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!