If you are considering various air conditioning options as the summer approaches, know that the portable LG air conditioner is your faithful companion. You may weigh the pros and cons to evaluate and get the answer to your question: is the Portable LG Air Conditioner worth Buying?

Portable LG Air Conditioners Pros:

Woman Sitting Beside portable LG air conditioner, using the app on her phone to change the settings.
Woman Sitting Beside portable LG air conditioner.

These air conditioners make the best and most economical choice. You can use them for the cooling effect in your room. They offer many beneficial features. Let us delve into how advantageous a portable air conditioner could be;

  • They come with the ease of installation. 
  • The portable air conditioners are available at comparatively lower prices. 
  • You can carry them and move them from room to room. 
  • They are flexible and provide versatile cooling.
  • Easy storage when not in use.

Portable LG Air Conditioners Cons:

  • You must remove the water manually. 
  • You can expect them to be a little noisy compared to other air conditioners.
  • Their efficiency is affected by the hotter outside climate.

Portable LG Air Conditioners Buying Considerations

Woman Sitting Beside portable LG air conditioner, using the app on her phone to change the settings.
Woman Sitting Beside portable LG air conditioner,

Today, we will dive into the details of some buying considerations. When you buy this instant cooling device for your room, consider these points;

Size of your room: When you shop for your next Air conditioner, you should not forget the size of your room. The British thermal unit measures the power of AC. Therefore, the size of your room determines the power rating it needs. If you need the air conditioner for a small room, a unit with a lesser BTU would be enough. The higher the BTUs, the greater would be the power. For larger rooms, you may consider buying a unit with high BTUs. 

Air Conditioner Type: Know that you have various types of ACs available in the market. However, you may choose any based on your preferences. You can choose any from the window AC unit, split AC, portable, or central AC. So, you should consider your needs and other requirements while purchasing an AC.  Your most suitable option would be portable air conditioners if you want to skip the permanent installation. However, you are the one to decide on this factor.

Energy-Efficiency: There are many factors to consider while buying an AC, and each is equally necessary. Therefore, we advise you to look for the units that are energy efficient. You may overlook some less crucial factors, but these factors need more vigilance. So, choose an AC unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER). It automatically means having an AC unit that is not heavy on the pocket. 

Noise Level: The noise factor is an essential factor not to overlook at any cost. You need a quieter unit because people mostly need them for bedrooms or living rooms. So, your AC should increase your peace of mind. 

Safety Measures: Maintaining the AC is one of the tiring tasks, but you should be a bit careful while working with portable AC. 

  • When you remove the filters, refrain from touching the metal parts of the AC. It is to prevent injuries due to sharp edges of the metal parts.
  • You must be careful while cleaning the inner part of the conditioner. The exposure to water can affect the insulation and may lead to electric shocks.
  • Turn off the power and breaker when you start cleaning the air conditioner. You may put yourself at risk of injuries as the fan rotates at a very high speed. 
  • Please refrain from putting anything on the air conditioner. 
  • Do not use the water drained from the air conditioner for drinking purposes. The containment can make you or your pet sick. 
  • Clean the filters twice a week and put them back securely.

Common Issues & Troubleshooting Tips (Portable LG Air Conditioner):

Unfortunately, these AC units sometimes have issues. Do yourself a favor and follow the table before you panic and call for professional help or service. 

  The air conditioner is not starting.The unplugged air conditioner might be causing it. A blown fuse/tripped circuit breaker may be the cause. Power failure. The room temperature is less than the set temperature.Push the air conditioner plug into the outlet. Replace the fuse and reset the circuit breaker. In case of power failure, ensure you turn off the mode control. Wait for the power to restore, and after 3 minutes, restart the air conditioner. The temperature is okay, and you have to adjust the temperature settings.    
The air conditioner is not cooling as it should have.Restricted airflow, dirty air filters, and hot room may be some of the reasons.Make sure no curtains or furniture is blocking the air conditioner front. You have to clean the air filter every two weeks. Give some time for the room to cool down.
Air conditioner running too often or too long.Large areas plus open windows and doors will cause it. Consult the dealer for the air conditioner capacitor necessary to cool the desired area. Make sure you do not leave windows and doors open.  
The air conditioner freezing up.Iced over cooling coins may cause the freezing.Set the mode control at high fan or high cool.
Display code appears: F1, F2, and F3The air conditioner is in the fan mode.The air conditioner is technically working well.
FL appears in the display.The water collection tank is entirely full.You should immediately empty the tank and reset the settings.

Portable LG Air Conditioners Maintenance Tips

LG air conditioners are the number one selling brand with so many must-have and notable features. On average, the LG air conditioners should last you not for less than a decade. But, to prolong its life, you can follow some maintenance tips. You will surely achieve significant gains when you maintain the unit properly. Consequently, it means having an efficient system at home and enjoying a greater peace of mind. Likewise, when you keep the AC maintained, you are saving costs and preventing costly potential repairs. Let us dive into the details of how to maintain the LG portable AC unit;

Regularly Clean the Air Filters: Regular AC cleaning not only decreases the cost but also improves comfort levels. In other words, this also is a great way to extend its service life. Despite all the advantages, people hardly maintain their AC. Let us tell you that cleaning the air filters is an essential part of maintenance. 

In addition, you may perform some simple checks regularly to keep everything working right. Therefore, the priority should be cleaning the filters as they are one of the main components. We strictly advise you to deep clean the filters by soaking them in dishwater soap. When you do so, please wait for a good 30 minutes. Now, you can scrub and dry them before using them again. The air filter cleaning is necessary to keep it running and prolong its life. Please clean the fan blades too for smooth functioning of the air conditioner.

On top of all, cleaning the clogged filters will automatically reduce the AC’s power consumption by up to 15%. 

Drain the Water: It is essential to drain the AC water continuously as the AC drain lines serve a crucial role in the performance of air conditioners. It is necessary to keep them intact and functional. These two parts of the AC are responsible for collecting the mold. They should, therefore, be maintained regularly to keep the AC working.

Clean the Case: Clean the case of the air conditioner regularly. Ensure not to pour water on the air conditioner. The water could get inside and damage the internal components, and it can cause potential shocks or damage. Instead, use Our AC Cleaning Kit. Similarly, to maintain the look and shine of the case, avoid using abrasive cleaners as they could damage the case finish. So, be careful while cleaning the case.

Some Other Essential Activities to Maintain AC (Portable LG Air Conditioner):

You also perform some other activities to prevent issues from happening. Hence, with some simple maintenance procedures, you can improve the life of your portable AC.

  • Make sure you clean debris from the outdoor condensers.
  • Clean the fan blades every season to ensure smooth functioning.
  • You must clean the indoor evaporator coil and lubricate the moving parts.
  • Check the thermostat settings and keep the electrical connections tight and intact.
  • Inspect for the proper alignment of the fan blades. 
  • You may look for the condensation drain regularly. 

Final Remarks (Portable LG Air Conditioner):

The portable LG air conditioner is the only answer to ensure comfort in small rooms. If you are considering buying one, I hope we helped you to make a better informed choice. We taught you about the pros, cons, common issues, buying considerations, and maintenance tips. All of that should have made you a more informed buyer. You should now know if this AC unit is worth buying.

We understand that installing this portable air conditioner is difficult. If you don’t feel skilled enough to install one after reading this guide, then hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!

Frequently Asked Questions (Portable LG Air Conditioner):

What is a Portable LG Air Conditioner?

The portable LG air conditioner is a versatile and cost-effective option to cool off the room. As the name suggests, these are the best handy units. Hence, these appliances are best for improving thermal effect and air quality. They are best at lowering temperature and humidity.

How can I Store the Portable LG Air Conditioner?

Portable LG air conditioners are worth buying. When you get one and are now sure that you are not using it for an extended period, you should follow the following storing tips;

  • Drain the water collection tank completely, and after you drain the tank and the water stops flowing out, reinstall the cap. 
  • Make sure you remove and clean the filters and let them air dry.
  • Avoid storing the air conditioner in a hot, wet location, direct sunlight, and excessive dust. 

Doing so will help you maintain your AC, and when you take it out for reuse, it will be free of cracks, damages, or any other issues.