Marlite Wall Panels are very popular these days. Homeowners love them because they give an artistic look to their rooms and homes. Plus, the flexibility of the materials allow you to get the desired wall presentation. Therefore, you will almost always see them in every home or a commercial space. 

Marlite is a popular wall panel choice as it provides advantages that enhance the interior of your home. Moreover, Marlite wall panels possess exceptional strength to add character to your space. Marlite is durable and provides you with many decorative options. On top of all, they are easy to install and come in a very affordable ranges. 

It is also very beneficial from a commercial point of view. The marlite panel’s addition to your home will be a plus point if you are selling your house. More importantly, you can transform the old and non-appealing walls into new ones. 

Also, it adds versatility to the interior of your home. You can freshen up a dull space with the Marlite panels. They are unique in style, and the textured patterns give your walls a classic touch. That is why it becomes vital to weigh various options of wall panels. 

So today, we will present information about the marlite wall panels, their advantages, applications, and buying considerations. Hopefully  this will help you make the best decisions regarding wall panels. 

Application Areas for Marlite Wall Panels:

Wide empty room decorated with Marlite Wall Panels
Marlite Wall Panels
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen room
  • Company logo wall
  • Meeting Room
  • Lobby backdrop
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Cinema

Buying Considerations: Marlite wall Panels

When buying wall panels, it is necessary to consider various factors. This is helpful in the long run. However, if you still wonder if the perfect wall panel exists, we will guide you to the right one.

Plus, you will be sure that the investment is worth it. You may keep in mind the following points before your next purchase;

1. The Material Durability

Wide empty room decorated with Marlite Wall Panels
Marlite Wall Panels

When you think of investing in wall panels, one of the considerations should be the durability. You cannot afford to change wall panels time and again. Therefore, your decisions should be wise and quick. You must know that you are choosing the right product. 

You must choose the most suitable panels for your walls. There is various paneling type available. Choices include metal paneling, marlitepaneling, wood wall paneling, etc. Each of them have their own pros and cons. However, you should only make a purchase after careful analysis. 

If we talk about marlite, they last longer. Plus, they are ideal for high-use environments. People use them in various spaces like schools, hospitals, and restaurants. The panel is easy to clean. You will also find them resistant to mildew, stains, and impact. It is the safest option to invest in a durable wall panel

2. Installation

Irrespective of the material, the panels should be easy to install. Marlite wall panels, in this case, are the best. It takes some hours for installation. You don’t need days to install it. Moreover, this is one of the quickest ways to renew your existing walls. In addition, you can also add to a new home or if you are renovating any part of the home. Hence, it is the best option because of fast and easy installation. 

3. Customization Features

Ensure you invest in a panel that allows you have easy customizations. If you invest in panels, you can enjoy the customization feature. You can customize it according to your specifications and in high resolution. 

You can choose the color to match the surroundings. Also, you get an elevated design of the area. It is the best option for those who wish to enjoy its classy and artistic design. 

4. Affordability

One of the essential considerations should be the price of the panels. Consider your overall cost to install them. Several things add up to the overall cost. Labor cost, material cost, and all other things will influence the total price.

 However, when you think of installing wall panels, consider your budget as well. Additionally, it also matters how big the area is. So, evaluate your budget before investing in wall panels. However, only the professionals can estimate the entire cost after inspecting the site. Marlite wall panels, with an enhanced look and finishing options, are pricey but are worth it in the long run. You can also enjoy the extended warranties on marlite wall panels. 

5. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning ease should be on the priority list while investing in wall panels. So, when you buy wall panels, you should not ignore the maintenance and cleaning. Marlitepanels are easy to clean. They also have a great texture that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the place. 

Many things influence the purchase decision, but these are some general points. You may have a personal preference for a product. Ensure you have researched well next time you purchase wall panels. 

Paneling is a wall covering that has many benefits. You may have it due to different reasons. Whether you are looking for soundproofing, wall protection, aesthetics, or any other purpose, it is always a good option. 

There are mainly three types of wall paneling;

Surface paneling



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Merits of Wall Paneling:

People have been relying on wall panels for centuries. They serve so many different purposes. That is why they are still available on the market. You can always use them to decorate homes, restaurants, schools, or walls of any commercial building. They are handier, easy to install, and above all, they add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

In this section, we will discuss the benefits of wall paneling in general. Let us dive into the detailed discussion now;

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the biggest reasons people choose wall paneling for their interiors is the aesthetic appeal. You can transform any space with wall panels. It is up to you to choose any wall panel. However, we suggest you go with the most cost-effective option. Marlite wall panels would also be a great addition to your home. If you wish to add character or transform any space into a more luxurious one, you can go for wall paneling. 

To Cover Flaws

We all know that homes are prone to structural or construction damages. The damage and wear and tear are often inevitable. Likewise, you cannot ignore the damage as it makes your home look less attractive. Plus, it does not feel pleasing to the eyes either. So, that is why people go for wall paneling. 

Besides the decorative purposes, one of the benefits of wall paneling is to hide the flaws. You can cover the space with any wall panels. As a result, you can enjoy a more enhanced and seamless look of the space. 

They are easily replaceable.

Another merit of paneling is the replacement ability. You can always change and replace it with new wall panels. Moreover, they are quick to install and easy to clean. Soundproofing is another enjoyable trait. These qualities make wall paneling one of the most reliable options for wall covering. On top of all, they are the best replacement for tiles.

Estimated Costs to Install Marlite Wall Panels:

Now that many of us know about the benefits of marlitewall panels, we are convinced to invest in them. Think back on any item that you were thinking about purchasing. What was the first thought that crossed your mind? I am sure it was your budget. You knew the items that you wanted, but you had no idea what it would cost you. Are you still puzzled about the overall marlite wall panel cost?

If yes, then we are all in the same boat. The moment we decide to buy something, we start realizing the cost. However, it is the added benefits that win over everything. 

Let us have a look at the average cost of marlitewall panels. Remember, I am not giving you exact cost figures but a rough estimate to help your purchase decision.

We will first take a basic room layout example. Suppose it has finished surface areas of up to 500 square feet with contractor-grade material quality. Also, you have a medium labor cost. Then, your entire cost of installing the marlitewall panels might be as low as $3541.83 to the highest price of $5089.67. 

On the other hand, if you have a finished surface area of 1,000 square meters. The material quality is better value grade with high labor cost and complex shape room layout, and the overall expenses might increase. Here, you may expect a minimum 0f $8722 and a maximum of $12506 in cost.

To make it clear, let us present you with another example. Suppose the surface area is around 1,500 square feet. You are using the superior grade –top quality material. Additionally, if you hire emergency labor for your complex-shaped room layout, expect the highest cost. For a Rough estimate, expect the lowest of $17860.48 to the highest of $26,156.47. Thus, you can choose the best wall panel for your home now.

Final Remarks:

Now you can choose your wall panels to decorate your walls. A careful cost-benefit analysis will help your next big purchase. It is the best way to decorate the walls. Hence, you can enjoy pre-engineered marlite walls and decorate the interiors of your home.

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