Washing machines and dryers are the biggest need of houses. The efficiency they provide with the added ease which saves time, no one can deny their importance. When we talk about the best brands, Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryer amazingly compete with each other. Both brands offer high quality machines for residential and commercial purposes with innovative technology, strong construction and durability of Samsung Vs Maytag Washer And Dryer.

As two big machines take up a lot of space in your home and laundry room, the brands have washer dryer combo or stackable laundry sets that provide the same efficiency and technology. So, among so many options, which one will be better for your laundry room? Let’s find it in this comprehensive comparison of the Samsung Vs Maytag washer and dryer. 

Samsung Washer And Dryer

Samsung brand was founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 and is now a South Korean multinational company. With the 8th highest brand value globally, Samsung offers services in many fields in 200+ countries.  

Samsung is one of the best and leading brands of washers and dryers. The manufacturer provides a wide range of both product models that fit your every need and budget. Samsung products are reliable, energy efficient and the best co worker for your daily work routine. These specific models of Samsung come with digital control systems such as smartphones or tablet.

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Samsung front-load washers are energy efficient which are spacious and offer gentle cleaning. With a variety of wash cycles, it can remove tough stains and clean your clothes to the maximum.

Top-load products are less expensive but a little bit less efficient as compared to front-load. Though with smaller capacity and fewer wash cycles, they still prove effective cleaning.

As the name suggests, smart washers work with WiFi connectivity and are controlled with smartphones and other digital devices. You can check the wash cycle’s status and receive alerts after completion. Commercial washers are spacious and used for high-volume laundry use and some of their features are not available in daily use washers. Those who are looking for space saving options have stackable washers and dryers. They are stacked upon each other to save space, and some of them have ventilation systems to reduce noise. The most convenient and space saving option is Samsung washer dryers combos. Users get both options in one unit and some come with the feature to remove odor and wrinkles from the clothes. 

Samsung also has a wide range of dryers in which the most common type are vent dryers that are used to remove moisture from the clothes by using a vent. Condenser dryers are more energy efficient than vent dryers but more expensive. Heat pump dryers are also common dryers but expensive that use heat pumps to dry clothes. A few dryers are available with WiFi compatibility, and wrinkle free dryer products efficiently reduce wrinkles from clothes. The company’s steam dryers not only remove wrinkles and odor from clothes, they also kill bacteria and allergens in them.

Maytag Washer And Dryer

Maytag is a great combination of quality and efficiency and is known for its reliable and durable home appliances like washers and dryers. The company is owned by Whirlpool Corporation and is the third largest manufacturer of home appliances and has a strong brand reputation. They offer a wide variety of laundry machines of high quality materials, construction and innovative features. 

Maytag Washer is one of the best washer companies that are determined to provide wide range of washers and dryers, including Top load washers, front load washers, stackable, steam and smart washers. Those who are looking for less expensive options can choose top-load but they have to compromise on efficiency. Front-load is energy efficient but a little more expensive than top load. To remove odor and wrinkles, use steam washers of Maytag company and you also have a choice of smart washer that operates digitally through smartphone with more convenience to watch wash cycles.

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Maytag also provides a good range of dryers including gas dryers, electric dryers or dryers with moisture sensors. Gas dryers are better than electric ones but are more expensive. Electric is less expensive but less efficient too. Dryer with a moisture sensor is a good choice as it indicates the appropriate timing of drying and saves clothes from over drying.

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Samsung Vs Maytag Washer And Dryer

It’s hard to choose between Maytag vs Samsung washer and dryer, but we have made a detailed analysis and comparison to make this decision easy for you. 


When it comes to Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryers, both brands have sleek and modern designs. If you want to choose machines according to your laundry room color, Samsung gives this opportunity by providing different color options. Contrastingly, you will get only classic and neutral finish machines by Maytag. 


The controls in the Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryer differ as well. Samsung machines have a touch screen display with intuitive and easy to use controls. They also come with pre-programmed cycles and settings which you can use if you think they are compatible with your needs. In contrast, Maytag washers and dryers look more traditional because of knob-based interface. Though the features are not as many as Samsung, anyone can still easily use the machines and get hassle free laundry experience. 


When it comes to Samsung vs Maytag Washer and dryers, both brands offer them at similar prices. The change is due to the smart features Samsung offers in its products. Most Samsung machines, whether basic or advanced come with smart features like WiFi connectivity, AI-Powered Smart Dial, and Speed Wash. You will get the basic ones at $949 and $1,999 prices while the advanced ones are above $2500. The basic laundry sets are from $2000 to $3500. Maytag machines are less expensive like you get the basic set from $1,600 and $3,000. If you go for an individual machine, the price ranges between $800 and $1399. So, if you are on budget, choose the Maytag combo set and for advanced features you can pick the Samsung brand. 


When it comes to the features in Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryers, features are another defining factor. Regarding features both brands offer several features but are different from each other. Samsung offers smart features like the remote controlling machine function like wash cycles with the help of smartphone apps and receive alerts and notifications about it. You can find the problem that occurs to your machine and also fix it with the help of such app. 

Samsung also offers variety of wash and dry cycles and settings. You can customize machines’ settings according to your laundry needs. 

Maytag washers and dryers are quieter in operation than Samsung. Both brands offer wrinkle free drying for more efficiency. As Samsung has touch control while Maytag has knob control system, most people think the latter is more easy to control than the touch system. But remember that both brands’ features vary from product to product so remember to read specs before choosing a particular product. 

Energy Efficiency 

Much like the other aspects, energy efficiency is something that can differentiate Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryers. Regarding energy efficiency both brands are Energy Star certified. It means that their product meets the EPA’s minimum energy efficiency standards. Just remember that the rating and energy efficiency varies as per product. On general basis, Samsung washers and dryers are more energy efficient than Maytag machines. This is because of the company’s addition of variable-speed pumps and inverter motors which efficiently save energy. 


Capacity is important to check before picking a washing machine or dryer. It totally depends upon your number of family members and how much frequently you do laundry. Samsung and Maytag both offer a lot of products in various sizes just to accommodate every person’s needs. So, you can pick a small one with less capacity for your small home. But if you have a large family then don’t forget to pick the Samsung brand because they have machines with larger capacity than Maytag models.

Noise Level

Both Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryers are mostly quiet in operation. Samsung’s advanced noise reduction technology is helpful in this matter. While Maytag machines are also quieter in this battle, we prefer Samsung. People believe that robust and reliable construction of washing machines and dryers is one such cause of little but high noise. Otherwise, you will find different noise levels among different product lines of both brands. 

Ease of Use

Ease of use converts to difficulty for ordinary people when the manufacturers add a bit of comfort providing features and smartphone compatibility. That’s why Maytag washers and dryers are easier to use because of less technology and knob control system. While Samsung is known for its added smart features, pre-programmed wash cycle settings, and touch control system and all these features make these machines a little bit tricker for common people. But if a user learns it one time, then there will be no more difficulty remaining. So Maytag is the clear winner in this department when comparing Samsung vs Maytag Washer and dryers.  


As Energy Star certified, both Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryers have the certification. This shows that they meet the EPA’s guideline of strict energy consumption. Thus you will save money, by reducing energy consumption, on the utility bills. Moreover, both brands also pay attention to conserving water. They utilize various technologies just to make sure that the water is used in an optimized way while washing clothes. It not only prevents water wastage, but also shows how eco friendly both brands’ products are. 

Smart Technology & AI integration

When it comes to smart features and AI integration, Samsung has the upper hand because their added technologies allow users to control the machines from far away by using smartphones. Contrastingly, you will also find connectivity options in Maytag washers and dryers but not in such great amounts as in Samsung.

When it comes to AI integration and controlling the washers and dryers through voice control, you will find all ease in the Samsung products, which offer you this feature in its mostly machines. 


Both Samsung vs Maytag washer and dryers offer a warranty on their washer and dryers. The overall warranty is of 1 year, and you can purchase the extended warranty also. However, Maytag offers 5 year warranty on some of its products.  

My Verdict on Samsung Vs Maytag Washer And Dryer

The washer and dryer of Samsung and Maytag are energy efficient, powerful, clean and dry your clothes fast and neatly. Though Samsung washers and dryers are budget friendly, Maytag models are more durable and reliable. Maytag is considered the best brand for purchasing washers and dryers, but those who are on a budget pick Samsung. Let us know which one you think will be better for you and why.

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