The Samsung washer SUD code is also known as Suds. Suds is an error message in a Samsung washer, and it typically appears during the washing process. 

The suds generally identifies too much detergent or soap in a washer. When it comes to the Samsung washer SUD code, it means too much foam is in the washer during the washing process. The typical thought is that a lot of detergent can clean the clothes in the best way.

This is not true at all. Too much foam or soap in the washer can cause poor cleaning because of performance interference. Also, the wash times last longer when there is too much detergent, which eventually will affect the machine over time. The SUD code or suds errors are typically displayed when there is too much detergent, and the washer instantly stops to avoid any more issues. Read more about code errors here.

Causes for the Samsung washer SUD code

Below is a list of causes behind the Samsung washer SUD code:

Large quantity of detergent

Sometimes, we typically believe that adding more soap to dirty clothes will make them cleaner. Also, we think that adding more soap to the water will make it easy for the washer to clean them. However, that is definitely not the case. Adding too much detergent to the washer for washing the clothes is the root cause behind excessive suds or SUD error code.

In addition to this, the typical washers that were used years ago no longer exist, and modern washers like Samsung washers are energy and detergent efficient. It means, they use less detergent, and wash more clothes, and that too efficiently. It means, using more quantity of detergent will affect the washer and washing mechanisms in a negative way. 

Low quality detergent

Another reason behind the Samsung SUD code is the use of low quality detergent. The low-quality detergents have ingredients that can produce more foam but are extremely inefficient when it comes to the cleanliness of the clothes. Also, the ingredients present in those detergents are not safe at all for the clothes, and for the washer as well. In addition to this, using those low-quality detergents will cause more foamy texture, which will eventually lead to more suds or SUD error message in Samsung washers. 

Wrong type of detergent

Women pouring detergent because of  Samsung washer SUD Code
Women pouring detergent in Samsung washer

You must be wondering what is a wrong type of detergent because every detergent works on the same principle, and that is to make foam in the water for cleaning the clothes. However, that’s certainly not the case when it comes to washers. The wrong type of detergent is a non-HE detergent. HE detergents are high-efficiency detergents that are specifically designed to be use in low quantity so that there is less foam in the washer to prevent SUD code error. However, not using these HE detergents can cause issues in the washer, and will typically lead to the SUD code issue in Samsung washers.  

Washer overloading

Samsung washer being overfilled with laundry
Samsung washer being overfilled

Beside the detergent type and quantity, another reason behind Samsung washer SUD code is the washer overloading. It happens usually when we are in a hurry, and we want to end the laundry as soon as we can. However, sometimes by doing this, we will get stuck in a much longer process, and the efficiency of our washers also got compromised in the form of the Samsung Washer SUD code error. The reason is, an overloaded washer cannot clean and rinse the clothes in a way that it should, and then it stops working. The result is the SUDs error.

Hard water

Another major reason behind the Samsung washer SUD code is the use of hard water. Hard water has minerals that react in the worst way with the detergent. It means, even if you are adding HE detergents to the hard water, the minerals in the hard water will react with them, and as a result your washer will have excessive suds. The hard water issue is the most difficult one to understand and diagnose if you are facing the issue of SUD code error. 

Resolving the SUD code error

Below are the ways that you consider for resolving the SUD code error in your Samsung washer:

Stopping the wash cycle

Sometimes, the washer stops by itself when the Samsung Washer SUD code error or excessive suds start appearing. However, if it is not the case, it is mandatory to stop the wash cycle immediately. Stopping the wash cycle will not only cause less damage to the washer but can completely eliminate the SUD error once restarted. Also, excessive suds issues can be prevented immediately if the washer stops, and as a result the error will eliminate. 

Open washer door

Although thewasher door should never be open during a wash cycle, if you are observing excessive suds in the washer then it is best to wait for some time so that the washer can drain the suds, and then you can open the washer door for dissipating the suds faster. It will help the washer with the SUD code error, and can help it get back to normal operation typically in no time. However, it is always better to wait for some time before adding another wash round in between SUD code errors or excessive suds. 

Detergent fixing

Detergent fixing will not only focus on the quantity of the detergent but it will also focus on the detergent type. Therefore, if your Samsung washer SUD code error is showing up, it is time to fix your detergent. You can do so by first adding less detergent according to the detergent quantity mentioned on the user manual. If it doesn’t work, you must switch to the HE detergent for better results. Also, if you have hard water then use the water softener or use some other source of water to prevent the issue of excessive suds or SUD code in Samsung washers. 

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Reducing the load 

Another way to reduce the chance of the Samsung washer SUD code is to reduce the load on the washer drum. The washer drums are of different sizes, which means you must add the amount of clothes in the drum that is mentioned on the user manual. If you are adding more load to the washer, it can reduce it’s quality of washing because the washer will not have enough space to rinse the clothes thoroughly. Also, it can cause SUD error in the washers will eventually will stop the washer from washing. Therefore, if your washer drum is overloaded, it is better to reduce the load immediately. 

Run a Rinse cycle

After you are done with all the above steps, and you are still getting the SUD code error, it is then mandatory to restart the washer. Restarting the washer will help in resetting the previous issues found, and then start the rinse cycle immediately. The rinse cycle of the washer helps in rinsing the clothes thoroughly to prevent excessive suds. It will also help in eliminating the detergent from the clothes. As a result, the Samsung washer SUD code error will get fixed in no time. 

Washer maintenance

Regular washer maintenance is a must to avoid any such issues. The Samsung washer SUD code error can be prevented, and it is also better to prevent the issue than to cure it. Therefore, make sure to regularly maintain your washer by cleaning all the filters, detergent jacket, wiring checking, and other such factors to reduce the Samsung washer SUD code error. Also, you can get a detailed idea about modern plumbing here.

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FAQ’s related to the Samsung washer SUD code

The following is a list of queries related to the Samsung washer SUD code:

Can a Samsung washer SUD code can cause clogged drain?

SUD code errors are the initial stage of a SD error. A SD error in the washer indicates that the excessive suds cannot be removed by a rinse cycle. It is a big issue that sometimes requires a professional’s resolution. Also, appearance of SD code means clogged drains, and therefore it will require excessive cleaning and professional’s help to get cured. Therefore, it is mandatory to focus on the SUD error as soon as it shows up, and try to stop the washer immediately and resolve it.

Are there any recommended detergents or type of detergent for Samsung washers?

There is not any specific detergent name mentioned anywhere that you can use for Samsung washers. However, it is advisable to always use HE detergents for Samsung washers. The HE detergents are designed in a way to use less detergent quantity, and do the cleaning in the most efficient way. It can prevent SUD code error by reducing the amount of suds. Also, there are guidelines mention in the user manual. For best outcomes, it is mandatory to always follow those guidelines. 

By following the above mentioned steps and guidelines, you can prevent the Samsung SUD code error. However, if it still appears then it is better to follow the resolution guidelines that we have discussed above. Worst cases always require a professional’s help, therefore, maintain your washer well, and keep it tidy and unclogged after every use.