Wiping off the body, hands, and face is a part of our daily shower routine. However, a bad towel sometimes ruins the whole relaxing experience. If your bath towel scratchy or does not absorb well then it’s time to invest in new bath linen.

Usually, we don’t consider some essential factors when buying a towel. Therefore, many of us end up with an uncomfortable showering companion. Apart from regular home users, some professional swimmers always seek high-quality absorbent towels that tend to last longer.

What if you can have that luxurious spa or resort feeling without leaving the comforts of your home? You heard that right. Make your boring adventure exciting with Royal Velvet towels. As the name indicates, these bath towels are designed to give you a royal after-bath sensation. Giving you a feel like a mother’s touch, these extra-soft absorbents uphold the finest quality.

You might have gone through myriad towel options while searching the internet. Every manufacturer offers different packages and advertises their product as the best. However, the reality is often far away from their declarations. But, the Royal Velvet towels come true upon their claims.

This write-up covers even the minor aspects of Royal Velvet towels so that you can buy the best bathing towel. Apart from a detailed review, we also have listed some other top-notch towel options.

In-Depth Review of Royal Velvet Towels

Stack of Royal Velvet Towels.
Stack of Royal Velvet Towels.

Pleasing its consumers for over 60 years, the iconic Royal Velvet has now become a reliable brand in the bed and bath industry. Beginning the journey as a small direct retailer brand, this denomination has now turned into a prominent wholesale market brand.

Are The Royal Velvet Towels Discontinued?

What makes these bath linens stand out from the rest is their extra soft plush feel, luxurious quality, and exceptional absorbency. However, many consumers think that Royal Velvet towels have now been discontinued. Yes! it disappeared from the market for about a year. However, our beloved brand is back in business now!

The nation’s top-selling bath linens were formerly owned by Pillowtex. However, the Li & Fung USA and Maple industries have now taken the charge. Despite the absence and change in ownership, Royal Velvet offers unmatched quality. It is back with a wide range of bathing towels and other linens, that can take you to the highest level of comfort and elegance.

What is The Fabric of Royal Velvet Towels?

3 Royal Velvet Towels.
Royal Velvet Towels.

To bestow a luxurious feel, the company uses non-stretchable high-quality velvet. It is an extremely versatile textile that is also used for making cushion covers, tablecloths, bed sheets, and other household linens. These are not to be mistaken for Microfiber Towels.

The Royal Velvet fabric is usually made by blending a certain proportion of cotton and polyester. The ultimate combination gives rise to a breathable and soft fabric that can also absorb well.

Who Should Use These Royal Velvet Towels?

The luxurious textile appearance makes the towels ideal to be used in spas. This has been a part of many upscale hotels and luxurious homes. However, many common people are also embellishing their bathrooms with these lively towels.

Overall, Royal Velvet Towels can deliver the best in class experience. The only downside we found is their cost. These bath linens can really burn a hole in your pocket.

Alternatives for Royal Velvet Towels

Unarguably, the aesthetic appeal and the wide range of designs and colors have tempted you. However, the hefty price tag or unavailability of your desired towels can stop you from making a purchase. Fret not! We have some best bath towel alternatives. Go through each segment and pick up your favorite one.

Riley Spa Bath Towel

Those who prefer textured towels over plain ones must choose this one. The Riley Spa Towels are a bit thinner and feel as soft as a blanket.

Though it’s a bit pricey, investing in a high-quality product is better than compromising your after-bath experience. It is a comfortable towel with round edges. Furthermore, it is made from high-quality Egyptian cotton. A close examination of the Riley towel shows that it contains individual terry loops. While its fibers are long and sturdy, making it last longer.

What sets Riley apart is its hanging loop and un-fussy feel. The towel includes one loop at the side for easy hanging. Not only this, it takes less space on the shelf as compared to other bulky towels. Undoubtedly, it is a high-quality towel with great absorbency. However, you will have to face potential shipping delays during the sale period.

Luxsome Spa Collection Towel Set

What if you can get quality, durability, absorbency, and texture in a single towel? Giving tough competition to Royal Velvet Towels, Luxsome has come up with the softest towel ever.

The towel comes in eight different colors and has a weight of 600 GSM. Made with a perfect combination of cotton and bamboo viscose, Luxsome is a soft and airy towel. In addition it has a thick decorative border that makes it look even more lavish.

As far as the absorbency is concerned, it can soak up around four ounces of water in a minute. Also, it retains the same feel and absorbency even after multiple washes. However, it may lose some of its initial glow after the first wash. Also, it’s not OEKO-TEX certified.

Target’s Threshold Signature Spa Bath Towel

If you’re up to a budget-friendly option then look no further. The Threshold Signature bath towel is a budget-friendly alternative.

Being affordable does not mean that it is less in quality. The bath towel upholds decent quality and is durable too. It does not feel flimsy or thin like cheap ones. On top of that, it facilitates Oeko-Tex certification. It means that the towel is free from harmful substances. However, the price has somewhat affected its size. Some of its designs are a bit smaller. Also, Target’s one-year return policy reflects their confidence in the product.

Threshold’s Signature comes in more than twelve colors and can withstand many washes. It remains soft and fluffy even after multiple machine washes.

Onsen Bath Towel

Moving forward in our list of best alternatives, we have the Onsen bath towel. If the heavy feel and slow drying of the towel bother you, Onsen is for you. It is a quick-drying towel that takes around five hours to dry completely. Whereas several bath towels may require 15 to 24 hours.

Onsen is gentle on the skin and runs smoothly over the body. It is a lightweight textured towel that can withstand the test of time. Further, it upholds a lattice weave and is made from a linen-cotton fabric. Onsen is super absorbent but it is not that soft. The towel facilitates a little coarseness which feels soothing.

Frontgate Resort Collection Bath Towel

Here comes the best alternative for Royal Velvet towels. The Frontgate bath towel is the most dense and softest towel on the list.

The Frontgate Bath towel comes in a wide range of colors to compliment any bathroom decor. You can choose from almost two dozen options. Unlike other bath towels, it does not pass on the moisture. Instead, it soaks it up, drying you in a flash. Not only this, but the Frontgate Towels also incorporate the Oeko-Tex certification.

It is made from the highest quality Turkish cotton, making it survive multiple washes. The towel can last for five years or more if not exposed to harsh chemicals and bleaching agents.

On the darker side, it is a thick and bulky towel. On the other hand, coarse towel lovers may not like its super soft feel. Due to being thick, the Frongate takes around 15 hours to dry.


Unarguably, adding the Royal Velvet Towels to the cart can bring a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Its ultra-soft texture, pop of colors, durability, and absorbency make people fall in love. Not only this, but the ultimate bath linen can last for years. However, not everyone can invest that much in a towel. Therefore, we have also listed some of the best alternatives. The other bath towels also uphold great quality at much less cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Royal Velvet Towels)

How long can a Royal Velvet towel last?

It entirely depends on how you use it. A Royal Velvet towel with proper care can last for about 5 years or more.

Does the towel fade or shrink?

The towel remains as good as new until twenty-five machine washes. After that it starts losing color and shape.

What does GSM mean?

It refers to the weight of towels. Their weight is calculated in grams per square meter. Most of the high-quality towels mention their GSM on the label or product description.

Is GSM related to the quality of a towel?

An expensive towel has more GSM than the cheaper ones. Towels with 700 to 900 GSM are the most durable ones. These are thicker and can absorb more water. On the other hand, towels with 400 to 600 GSM are of decent quality and have medium weight.

What is Oeko-Tex certification?

Being Oeko-Tex certified means that the incorporated fabric is free from harmful substances. It publicizes the product as eco-friendly.

How can I make my Royal Velvet towel last longer?

The elegant bath linen can last for years with proper maintenance and care. Avoid using a lot of detergent. Never use bleaching agents or harsh chemicals for cleaning your towel. In addition, using a fabric softener will retain its softness and colors.