In construction and repairing different things, we often need wood attached to metal. But it requires following instructions. Wood is a soft material while metal is tough. Incorrect attachment easily cracks or breaks the wood. To keep everything safe and efficient, read our guide on how to attach wood to metal surfaces. This guide will discuss four different methods. Let’s get started!

4 Different Methods (How To Attach Wood To Metal)


Learning how to attach wood to metal surfaces is tricky but knowing the right method makes things easy. Here are 4 methods used for attaching metal and wood. These can be used for various purposes like metal roofing, railing, decking, cabinet repairing and making art.

How To Attach Wood To Metal With Screws

Builders are always in need of attaching wood to metal. Therefore, we are discussing four different ways of how to attach wood to metal from which one is to attach wood to metal with screws. Let’s discuss the process of connecting wood to metal step-by-step.

Things You’ll Need

There are few things we should consider before starting the process of how to attach wood to metal with screws:


Screws are very important to connect and fasten the wood pieces to each other and other things. They are especially important in learning how to attach wood to metal. There are some special screws that fasten the wood with metal structures. These screws tightly hold the wood and metal pieces together even under pressure.

Sheet Metal Screws:

Screw metal sheets to wood and other items. Use a socket hex head screwdriver to fasten wood pieces to metal. Drill the sheet metal screw into wood and metal by using the socket bit on a drill. Use slightly longer screws than width or thickness of the material and run the drill at maximum speed.

Lag Screws

Lag screws fasten metal to wood pieces together. Drill a pilot hole in wood and metal before placing a washer on the top part of the hole and a lag screw through the metal, wood and washer. The washer reduces the pressure on wood to prevent breaking and cracking.

Screwdriver (Socket Hex Head)

Hex head screws with a socket drive are a common type used when learning how to attach wood to metal. These screws are strong and durable and you can fasten them easily with a socket wrench drill. Hex head screws are a good choice for applications where you need to drive a lot of screws quickly.

Roundhead Bumper Bolts

Roundhead bumper bolts provide extra support to wood. They are very great if you are learning how to attach wood to metal. These bumper bolts need a washer-like lag screw and fasten the wood easily to metal. Drill through the wood and metal to use these roundhead bumper bolts. Use preservatives to the hole before you attach the bolt and washer after drilling. Tight these bolts carefully for proper strength.


A flat ring is placed under the bolt head or nut to distribute load and prevent the fastener from pulling through material.

Spade Drill Bit

It is flat-tipped drill bit that is used to drill large holes in wood.

How to Attach Wood to a Metal Frame

Framing a building with wood and steel is a challenging task. This is because it requires you to learn how to attach wood to metal. Skilled laborers are required to do these tasks with quality and precision, whether it is to fasten the metal door frame with a wooden wall or attach wood to a steel beam support. Attaching wood to a metal frame is a simple process with the right tools.

  1. First, pick the bolts that are designed to securely screw wood to metal.
  2. Pre-cut holes in the wood of the right size to fit bolts through them.
  3. Thread the bolts completely through the holes.
  4. Use a spade drill bit to countersink holes at 1/4 inch.
  5. Place washer in countersink and then insert bolt into hole.
  6. Step six is to place a nut on the bolt’s protruding side and fasten the screws into place using a proper wrench.
  7. Carefully place lock nut into bolt and securely tighten it into place.

How To Attach Wood To Metal Without Screws


The answer to the question of how do you attach wood to metal without screws is using rivets. The process of attaching needs a drill, perfect size rivets, a rivet gun, and a washer for each rivet.

  • Pre-drilling holes is important to prevent splitting or damaging the materials. So, mark rivets location on wood and metal. Drill holes of the same diameter as rivet shank.
  • Place the washer on the shank of the rivet before inserting it into the hole. The washer helps in distributing load and preventing rivet head from pulling through the metal.
  • After inserting the rivet into the hole, set the rivet by using a rivet gun. The gun pulls mandrel out of rivet, thus expanding the head of the rivet and creating strong bond.
  • Remember, attaching wood to thin metal, like sheet metal, needs backup plate to prevent metal from deforming when the rivet is set.

In the end you will get a strong and durable bond like one in Post and beam construction by using structural rivets.

How To Attach Wood To Metal By Welding

The answer to the question of how to attach metal to wood without screws or glue is welding. Attaching wood to metal by welding is a strong and durable method but needs expert handling. The welding process involves high heat generation which can ignite wood and cause big damage. Let’s see how to attach wood to metal by welding safely:

  • Welding rods are different for different metals welding. Carefully choose the welding rod which is compatible with both wood and metal like nickel-based rods named AWS 5.8/ERNi-Cu7.
  • Prepare wood and metal surfaces by removing dirt, rust, or paint with brush and remove oils or grease with a de-greaser.
  • Take clamps, magnets, or tack welds and secure wood and metal in place before welding. Securing prevents wood from moving or warping during welding.
  • Select low heat settings and start welding the perimeter of joint. After perimeter welding, you can fill in the center of the joint.
  • After the welding process, let it cool down before moving the joint, otherwise, the weld will crack.

How To Attach Wood To Metal With Glue

Another method to attach the wood to metal is without screws. The best method to attach wood with metal without screws is glue. Here is the process.

Clean the Surface (How To Attach Wood To Metal):

To attach wood with metal without screws and with glue, first clean the surface. The process to clean the surface is as follows:

First, get the wood and metal ready. Make sure that both surfaces are free from dust and dirt so that glue sticks perfectly. Use a soft brush or Dry cloth to clean the dust particles on the surface. Ensure that the metal doesn’t have rust on it, use a fine grit sandpaper for removing rust because sandpaper is best for removing rust from metal. Mineral spirit rust can also be used to completely remove the dust on the surface.

Before proceeding to next step of attaching metal to wood with glue, it is important to remove grease or paint on surface. Sometimes, tiny bits of glue are left on the surface from the previous project. Remove these traces with nail polish remover. After removing dust, paint, grease or rust, make the surface completely dry because wet surface weakens the bond.

Selecting and Mixing the Glue (How To Attach Wood To Metal):

Picking the right glue is second and an important step in woodworking projects. Polyurethane glue works best when attaching wood to metal.

Benefits of Using Glue: Waterproof Polyurethane Glue (How To Attach Wood To Metal)

Let’s discuss some of the most important benefits that make waterproof polyurethane glue highly recommended for attaching wood to metal.

  1. Waterproof polyurethane glue makes a strong durable bond that has capacity to withstand worse conditions and heavy use.
  2. The glue can be used indoors and outdoors because it is water resistant. 
  3. You can use it to bond different materials like wood, plastic, and glass.
  4. This glue has a fast drying time.
  5. This particular glue is relatively affordable and a cost effective solution for various projects.

Here are some of the applications for waterproof polyurethane glue:

  1. Polyurethane glue is specifically used for repairing furniture, including chairs, tables, and other wood products.
  2. This glue is a great choice for bonding wood and building a birdhouse or repairing a fence.
  3. You can use this glue to seal leaks in pipes, roofs and gutters and also to attach trim and molding to walls and ceilings.
  4. Make a variety of crafts such as jewelry, picture frames and decorative items with Waterproof polyurethane glue.

After the selection of the right glue for your project, it is time to mix it. You can use the instructions on the bottle to check how to mix the glue.

Applying the Glue (How To Attach Wood To Metal)

Applying the right glue is important to attach wood to metal without screws. Make sure to clean the surface before applying glue. After cleaning the surface, select and mix the right glue according to project needs. Apply the glue evenly with a spatula. Then hold the wood and the glue in place. Let it dry for about 15 hours or a full day to get better results. For a proper and neat finish, remove the excessive glue from the edges of the materials.

Finishing the Process (How To Attach Wood To Metal)

Once the process of sticking glue is complete and the wood and metal have been securely attached, the next step is to dry the wood and metal completely. To get maximum strength, leave the wood and metal for 15 hours or at least a full day.

Don’t disturb or move the glued material during the process of drying. Once the drying period is over, remove excess glue on the edges to give the material a proper and neat finish. Nail polish remover gives the best finish. Wipe down the surface to get a clean finish.

Types of Glue for Attaching Wood to Metal

Different types of glues are available in market to attach wood to metal without screws, but here we discuss that to this work effectively.

Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue, Waterproof Polyurethane Glue

Waterproof polyurethane glue is highly recommended glue to attach wood to metal. This waterproof glue is highly adhesive, and strong and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Gorilla glue is really likable as it is resistant to water, heat and other solvents. You can use Gorilla glue for variety of applications such as bonding wood, plastic, metal, ceramic and glass.

Super Glues

Super glues are perfect for attaching wood to metal without screws. Super glue is known for quick drying and strong adhesive properties and that is the reason for being suitable for various DIY products and projects. Before buying superglue for the project, keep in mind that not all super glues are designed to provide necessary bond strength for wood to metal applications. In that case, choose a super glue that is specifically designed for bonding wood and metal surfaces together.


Epoxy is a versatile glue that securely bonds wood to metal surfaces. This particular glue creates a strong and durable connection that can withstand worse conditions. Remember to clean the surface properly before applying the epoxy glue. Clean, dry, and free from any rust, paint dust and grease-free surface is perfect for epoxy glue. Mix epoxy according to the manufacturer’s instructions before applying it on wood to metal surfaces.

FAQs (How To Attach Wood To Metal)

What Is The Best Way To Attach Wood To Metal

The best way to attach wood to metal depends on metal type and application. For thin metal, like sheet metal, use self-tapping screws while for thicker ones use bolts or rivets. Welding is the best, strong, and durable way to attach wood to metal.

Can You Attach Wood To Metal

Yes, attaching wood to metal is possible. Various methods are used for attaching wood and metal like self-tapping screws, bolts, groove rivets, adhesives, and welding. Which method you select depends on your needs, application demands, and type of metal.

How To Attach Corrugated Metal To Wood

Self-tapping screws or rivets attach corrugated metal to wood. First, pre-drill holes in wood to avoid splitting. If you are using screws, use washer to help distribute load and prevent screw heads from pulling through metal.

Can You Attach Wood Fence Panels To Metal Posts

Yes, it is possible to attach wood fence panels to metal posts by using U-bolts and metal fence post brackets. A combination of U-bolts and metal fence post brackets offer extra strength.

How To Attach Wood To Metal Carport

Screws, bolts, or rivets are best ways to attach wood to a metal carport. Pre-drill the holes and use a washer to complete process safely.

How To Attach Wood To Metal File Cabinet

Screws, bolts, or rivets are helpful ways to attach wood to a metal file cabinet. Pre-drill the holes and use the washer to complete the process safely.

What Can I Use To Attach Wood To Metal

To attach wood to metal, you can use several methods like screws, bolts, rivets, adhesive like glue, or welding. The choice should depend on type and thickness of metal, weight of wood, desired appearance of joint and amount of stress on it.

Conclusion (How To Attach Wood To Metal)

How to attach wood to metal is crucial to know for different tasks like roofing, railing, or art. The task is tricky but using the right method from screws, rivets, glue, and welding will help in successfully completing the task.

If you are still not confident with attaching wood to metal after this helpful guide, then hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!