Home gutter protection is essential. You can’t deny its importance. This is why it also important to find easy and cost effective ways to protect your gutters. Gutter aprons are the answer. They will protect your gutter, roof, and walls. You can call them long term investments because they not only prolong the life of your roof but also your home. Let’s see how they help you. Read below to find out how gutter aprons work to ensure that your gutters are functioning.

What Is a Gutter Apron?

Gutters are a crucial part of every home design. Gutter Apron’s are used to increase gutter efficiency. A metal flashing is installed beneath the starter shingles. It extends toward the gutter. It is a long metal piece that is L-shaped. Its main purpose is to prevent water from dripping behind the gutter. It also stops and prevents damage to your home’s fascia, soffits, and foundation.

In general, Gutters are attached to the home roofline; their basic function is to keep rainfall away from your home’s walls and foundation. So, gutters are responsible for directing water safely away from your home. Improperly installed gutters can cause dripping between the roof and house. Gutter aprons are helpful when this happens. They are specially designed with dripped edges. These are folded at 120 degrees and direct water into your gutter.

Water that seeps under your shingles can cause serious damage to your roof. Gutter systems that don’t collect rainwater can be detrimental to your home. They lead to mold in your siding and rot the soffits. Even if you have drip edges installed, gutter flashing is essential. It helps to protect your gutters from mold, rot, and other damage.

Gutters play a vital role in preventing rainwater from pooling on your roof which causes damage. By protecting your gutters from mold, rot, and extended damage, you’re also protecting your roof.

What Materials Are Gutter Aprons Made From?

Most gutter aprons are made of metal. However, there are also some vinyl options as well. The most common metal materials are:

Galvanized steel:

Galvanized steel is a somewhat heavier metal than aluminum. It is also more expensive. Choose a galvanized steel gutter apron with a protective coating, as it is susceptible to rust.



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This is a lightweight and durable metal. It is not the best, but it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum is less expensive, making it a more popular choice for gutter aprons.

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Copper Material:

This is durable and attractive metal. This gutter apron is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Money wise, it is an expensive option for the gutter apron.

Vinyl can be used in place of metal. It is also less expensive. However, it is also less durable as well. It is not recommended because it is not resistant to wind and hail damage. Therefore, it may not last as long as a metal gutter apron.

While choosing material for a gutter apron, it is important to consider your area’s climate and your budget. People who live in areas with harsh winters choose galvanized steel or copper. This is because they are more durable. If your budget is low, then choose a vinyl gutter apron.

How Does A Gutter Apron Work?

The length and shape of the gutter apron play a crucial role in protecting your home. It is specially designed to extend from the roofline’s edge and points down into gutter. You should consider sturdy materials like galvanized steel or aluminum for aprons. They function for years without the need for any major repairs or maintenance.

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Why Do You Need a Guttar Apron?

You need to install a gutter apron to cover issues that occurred during gutter installation. From protection of home’s walls to keep the shape of roof, gutter aprons are always helpful.

When it comes to a guitar apron, many people ask why they need them. So, if you have the same question, let’s see what benefits it offers you.

Prevents Water Damage to Your Home

People wonder why gutter aprons are important. One of the biggest reasons is to ensure proper water flow into your gutter. It makes water flow into gutters smoothly. It also and prevents it from entering your home’s walls. Moreover, it also prevents pooling near you home’s foundation. The aprons keep water away from your home and prevent water damage.

Protection Against Soil Erosion

Gutter Aprons also help protect your home from soil erosion. This is cause from water runoff. It acts as a barrier and doesn’t allow water to run directly into soil. This helps to avoid soil erosion. Keep in mind that soil erosion causes severe damage to your home’s foundation. Please install a gutter apron to prevent this from happening.

Pest and Insect Protection

Gutter aprons protect your home from insects and pests. These aprons are specifically designed to keep pesky critters away from your home foundation and walls. In addition, it also reduces standing water near your personal space. This controls and limits pests and insects.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Installing a gutter apron increases your home’s value. A well-maintained porch and healthy lawn add visual appeal to the exterior of your home. This also increases its value to potential buyers. It protects your home from pests, insects, and soil erosion. This makes it more appealing and valuable.

Protecting The Roof Edge And Fascia Board

Protection of the roof edge and fascia board is why many decide to install a gutter apron. It keeps water from sneaking behind the gutter, making fascia board dry and safe from rot. A fascia board is horizontal piece of wood behind the gutter. The roof edges are also protected when gutter aprons are installed.

Preventing Wood Rot, Mold, And Other Moisture-Related Issues

The gutter apron’s primary purpose is to keep things dry in your home. When everything becomes dry, the chances of wood rot and mildew are low. Gutter apron installation helps prevent moisture-related issues. This saves you money, protects your home, and keep you stress-free.

Good Investment

Budget is very important when purchasing a gutter apron. However, they are a beneficial and long-term decision for your home. Houses without gutter aprons are more likely to suffer due to severe weather conditions. The more your roof gets damaged, the more money it will cost for replacement. A gutter apron will cost you much less than roof repair or replacement.

Maintenance Benefits

Gutter aprons provide maintenance benefits because they help to catch the rainwater. They also prevent water from penetrating the home. If you install one, you will save time and stress because they don’t require maintenance.

Help to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Gutter apron’s also help in maintaining a healthy lawn. They catch debris that would otherwise create dead spots in grass. They also help prevent water from pooling around your home foundation. They keep soil moist and nourished which maintains a healthy lawn.

How To Install A Gutter Apron?

Workers Installing GUTTER APRON
Workers Installing GUTTER APRON

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There are a few important things that you need to install the Gutter apron. These are as follows:

  • Roll Flashing
  • Sheet metal Screws
  • Tin snips

Gutter aprons are available as long sections and you have to cut them in sections. Cut them according to the length of your roof line. Most stores sell gutter aprons in 10-foot sections. Gutter aprons are a thin metal; so you can use tin snips to cut them. Remember to notch out a section of metal that interferes with the fasteners on your home’s exterior. You have to remove the gutter in sections for proper installation of gutter aprons.

You have to connect the gutter apron with sheet metal screws. If your home has a drip edge, a gutter can be installed below the drip edge. If you are installing the gutter under the drip edge, use a different type of metal flashing. This is also known as roll flashing. You have to tuck it under the drip edge and over the top of the gutter.

You should consider the material you buy and use. Galvanized steel corrodes aluminum; buy steel roll flashing if your gutter is steel. Gutter aprons are not very expensive, but you still need to make a wise decision. The cheapest Gutter aprons’ start at less than $5.00 per section. This price is very low compared to the years of use and home protection.


Gutter aprons are important for your home gutters. People consider gutter aprons as the most cost effective and beneficial accessory on your roof. Their importance is undeniable as they not only protect your gutter but also protect the whole house. If you see its long term benefits, you can understand how they benefit homeowners. They keep the water away, and also prevent infestations. In return, this enhances the lifespan of your roof.

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