Cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen. Your kitchen can’t work properly if your cabinets are damaged or need any type of maintenance.

If there minimum damage, you can do it on your own. You just need a guide that can help you in repairing the kitchen cabinets. In this article, I am going to provide you with a detailed guide on the different types of kitchen cabinet repairs.

If you need to replace them, this isn’t the article for you. This is strictly for small repairs. If you need a major fix, please search ‘cabinet repair near me’ and you will be sure to find a professional for this job.

So, let’s dive into cabinet repair.

When to Call Cabinet Repair Near Me?

worker repairing a cabinet
Cabinet Repair

I have told you that you should search for ‘cabinet repair near me’ (a professional woodworking company) when there is major damage or the need for cabinet replacement.

So, when do you need to call a professional to repair or replace your kitchen cabinets? Let’s discuss below.

Water Damage

Let’s suppose you spill a full glass of water on your wooden kitchen cabinets. If the cabinet has only been warped slightly, you can try to repair them.

But, if your cabinets will not close, the wood is blackening, or bubbles are forming, you need to replace your cabinets.

Lacking Functionality

If you are not satisfied with your shelving or kitchen layout, you need to replace it. If the issue is that the cabinet layout is not giving you enough storage, or is difficult to access, immediately call a professional by search for ‘cabinet repair near me’.

Also, if your cabinets get stuck from time to time or are out of reach, call a professional to help.

Read this article to learn all about framing squares. This will help you to measure your space to better discuss new potential layouts with the professional.


If you notice any type of discoloration on your kitchen cabinets, you need to change them. This means they are damaged beyond repair.

There can be green, white, or black discoloration in different parts of your cabinets. This means that there is an issue that you need to address to prevent further discoloration.

To resolve this issue, call a professional who can install brand-new kitchen cabinets.

These are the different scenarios where you need to replace your cabinets. Now, maybe some of you want to know how I can find cabinet repair near me. So, I am going to tell you about this too.

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How can I find Professional Cabinet Repair Near Me?

This is pretty easy. You need to go to Google, and type “cabinet repair near me”.

Google Maps will show you different carpenters who provide cabinet repair services in your area.

Through Google Maps, you can check their reviews, services, and contact information.

Check the good reviews and different client testimonials. If you are satisfied with their reviews, you can contact them through the contact details present there.

This is the whole process! Now, if you don’t want to search ‘cabinet repair near me’ because you are still unsure if the damage is severe then read on. The guide on cabinet repairs is below.

Complete Guide of Cabinet Repairs

husband and wife repairing a cabinet
Cabinet Repair

We will look into different cabinet issues and how to repair all of them.

Replace the Latches

Kitchen cupboards use magnetic or roller catches that keep the door closed. If there are any issues with them, you will need to address this issue.

There are different ways of resolving this issue.

  1. Replacement: You can unscrew the damaged latch from the cabinet. Take it to any home improvement shop and look for a new piece just like the previous one. Buy it, and screw it in place of the old one.
  2. Adjustment: Sometimes, your latch can become loosened and out of place. In this case, your latch is fine but the door is still not closing. So, you need to loosen all the screws. Adjust it, and re-tighten the screws. Keep repeating this until your door is closed.
  3. Large Holes: Another issue is when the holes have become enlarged. If this happens, your latch will not be fixed in its place. For this situation, you need to fill the existing holes with toothpick tips. Dip them in wood glue and break off their tips to be flushed with the wood. Allow the glue to dry for thirty minutes. Now, drill the new holes and screw the latch in them.

Hinge Issue

If your cabinet door is not properly closing or if they are not properly aligned, there is an issue with the hinges.

The hinges have two types of screws present on your cabinet door, serving different purposes.

  1. Side screws ensure that your cabinet door is properly aligned right or left.
  2. Depth screws decide how much farther back or forward your door can come.

Now, you need to find the screw that is causing the alignment issue. Then, replace them with new ones through the method I have told you earlier.

Just like latches, there can be issues with large holes or loosened screws. So, you need to address these issues as you have done previously.

Loose Cabinet Knobs

If your cabinet knobs are getting loosened, there are two ways of resolving it.

The first method is to tighten the screw that is holding the knob. If the knob is still loosened even after tightening the screw, there is an issue with the screw.

In this case, you need to replace the knobs and screws. But, you can avoid it with another method.

Take a thread-locking adhesive and apply a small amount to the screw. Then, put the knob back in its place on the screw.

Give it some time to dry. Later on, when you want to replace them, you can use a screwdriver to break this adhesive.

Addressing Nicks and Scratches

You can easily address minor scratches and gouges on your kitchen cabinets. But, if there are deep scratches, I recommend you to search ‘cabinet repair near me’ on Google. Only a professional can fix deep scratches. The guide on how to fix minor nicks and scratches is below.

You can fix minor nicks and scratches yourself through the following methods:

  1. There are touch-up markers available on the market. You can dab it on the scratches to get rid of them. Later on, wipe away the excess. In it, you should make sure that your marker is a bit lighter than your cabinet’s color. Because, the cabinet soaks color in it, giving it a bit darker tone.
  2. If there are chips and gouges, use wood filler to fill them. You can use a putty knife to apply and smooth it. You should also use 220-grit sandpaper to smooth it when it dries.

Add Bumpers

You need to add bumpers on the cupboard doors to prevent them from banging shut. For it, you need to purchase a peel-and-stick bumper from any home maintenance store.

Now, clean the cupboard doors so that bumpers stick to them. You need to stick one at the top and the other at the bottom of the door.

Cleaning Rusty Hinges

You need to clean the rusty hinges too so that they don’t create any issues in the future. If you have avoided the rust for a long time then you need to search google for ‘contact cabinet repair near me’ to resolve the issue. This is absolutely necessary if the hinges are stuck.

You can fix minor rust yourself. All you have to do is clean the hinges. The cleaning process is not difficult but takes a lot of patience. So, be mentally prepared for it.

  1. First of all, unscrew the latches.
  2. Now, use steel wool and scrub the hinges as much as you can. It will remove a large amount of rust.
  3. Now place it in any container, and fill it with cola. Cola contains an important component that can treat rust easily.
  4. Soak the hinges in the cola for three hours. Then, check if the rust is still there.
  5. If it is, then you need to repeat the process every three hours until the rust is removed.
  6. Now, use warm soapy water to clean the hinge.
  7. Dry and re-screw it.

Repair Drawer Slide

The drawer slide can also need repairs or replacement if there is an issue with it. You can resolve this issue in various ways.

  1. Sticking Drawer Slide: To resolve this issue, you need to remove the drawer. If the slide is only sticking out but is in good condition, you need to clean it. Then, apply a bit of lubricant to it and the rollers. WD-40 is a famous lubricant which you can use.
  2. Replace: If your slide is broken or bent, you need to replace it. Remove it and the track. Now, buy a new one from the store. Pre-drill the holes by using the bit that has the same diameter as the screw shaft. Then, screw the new ones.

Repair Broken Drawer Box

A very common cabinet issue occurs when the joint of the drawer box has come out. It is because the glue on it has dried off.

To resolve this issue, you need to use a utility knife. Scratch the glue from it with the knife.

Now, add some wood glue to the joint. In the end, use a clamp to hold these two things together for several hours.

If this trick is not working, you can take a splint that is made from a paint-stirring stick. Cut the splint and cover the entire area.

Now, glue it in place and use a clamp. This will resolve your issue.

Final Verdict

You can repair the small issues of kitchen cabinets easily but don’t try to resolve big issues on your own.

For serious issues, please go to Google and search for ‘cabinet repair near me’. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when issues can’t be resolved through troubleshooting.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!