You are going to buy a window for your home but don’t know which one to buy. You go through different window companies and are still confused. We know that windows are a crucial aspect of a house. They enhance the beauty and do better insulation of your place.  That’s why it is crucial to do thorough research before settling for a window company. There are a lot of them in the town, but we believe Window World Company is the best among them.

It is one of the famous US companies that are providing window series to a vast audience. They have almost 200 stores around the country which have vast collections of windows. Among these collections, our team decided to review Window World 4000 vs 6000 series. A lot of customers are buying these series so we decided to compare them. It will help our readers to decide which one is better for them.

Comparison of Window World 4000 vs 6000 Series

Before delving into the comparison of these Window World windows, we decided to briefly discuss both of them.

Window World 4000 Series

We believe this window series is of beginner level. It is made of vinyl material and comes in different window styles. Among these styles, the most common one is the “double-hung”. 

Window World 4000 vs 6000 Series-3

The Window World widows of these series are made of high-quality material so they will never crack, chip, or peel. Moreover, they have a low-maintenance feature which ensures better cleaning in less time.

Along with these features, this window also has a latching half screen. This screen keeps mosquitoes and bugs out of the house. 

Moreover, the glass of the window is either double-pane or triple-pane. lt also has a Duralite warm edge spacer feature. This feature ensures that you get better energy efficiency and insulation.

With all these features, this window also has smooth heavy-duty tandem rollers. The window also has heavy-duty weather stripping around its edges. This stripping gives extra weather protection to your window.

Window World 6000 Series

This window series has premium-quality material and unique features. It has all of the 4000 window features along with some advanced ones.

Window World 4000 vs 6000 Series-4

This window has unique triple-pane insulation glass which has the “SolarZone TG2 Elite” feature. This enhances the energy efficiency and insulation features of it.

It has an upper sash and lower sash feature which enables low maintenance of the window. This feature also allows you to clean your windows from inside of your house.

With it, this window has high-density foam in the mainframe. It gives superior thermal protection to your house.

Moreover, it has a push-button feature. So, you can open your window during nighttime to let fresh air in.

Comparison of Features of Windows World 4000 vs 6000 Series

1. Wooden Material

Wooden material in a window enhances the beauty, aesthetic look, and energy efficiency feature of a window. 

If you want wooden windows for your house, the 4000 series is best for you. It has some wooden material in its construction.

On the other hand, the 6000 series lacks this feature. It has other amazing materials in its construction, but wood is not present in it.

2. Glass Quality

Regarding the glass quality aspect, the 6000 series is beating the 4000 one.

The 4000 comes in default double-pane glass. It has a duralite warm edge spacer system which enhances the quality and insulation properties of the glass.

But, if you want to enhance the quality of it, you can update it to a triple-pane insulating glass. For it, you have to invest a bit more money in the window.

On the other hand, the 6000 comes with default triple-pane insulating glass. It has a feature of solar zone TG2 elite which ensures better energy efficiency and insulating properties.

3. Window Styles

Regarding styles, the Window 4000 series is ahead of the competition. 

You can get different styles of windows in it. Some famous ones are double hung, bay, bow, and awning. Except for these, there are different other styles too in it.

But, the 6000 only has one style. It is a simple double-hung design.

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4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of a window. If it can’t save your money on energy costs, it is useless. Fortunately, both window series have this feature. But, the 6000 one is better in this aspect than the other one.

This series has triple-pane insulated glass which has solar zone material in it. This ensures that your house remains cool during summer, and warm during winter.

We suggest you go for this series if you are residing in an area with extreme weather conditions.

But, the 4000 is also doing a pretty good job in energy efficiency. It has a double-pane insulated glass. This glass has wooden material and Low-E coating which works best in saving energy cost.

Moreover, you can update it to triple-pane which will enhance its energy efficiency feature. But still, we believe that 6000 is leading in this feature.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic look of a window is another crucial aspect of adding beauty to your house. The 6000 series has more aesthetic appeal than its competitor.

This window has a sloppy exterior and recessed cam locks. This gives a clear view of the outside and also gives a premium look to your living area.

While the 4000 only has a basic vinyl frame. Though this frame is cute and gives a neat look to the house, it is a bit dull. That’s why, it is not competing with its competitors in aesthetic appeal. 

6. Sound Reduction

If you are living on a noisy street, you must want a window which insulates sound for you. In this regard, the 6000 is the best choice for customers.

Its thick glass ensures that your house remains peaceful. It insulates sound better than the 4000.

7. Durability

Durability is a crucial aspect of a window. You spend a lot of time, money, and energy on installing a window. And, it doesn’t last longer. All your effort goes in vain, and you have to look for another window.

That’s why it is crucial to check if your window lasts longer. According to different customers, the 4000 series is not as durable as the 6000.

So, the 4000 will not last longer, but the 6000 series window can be a long-term investment.

8. Ease of Use

We have seen that the 4000 is not easy to use as compared to the 6000.

This is because the styling of the hardware in this window is not user-friendly. But, the 6000 has premium quality hardware that ensures better control. So, this window is easy to use.

9. Rail Types

The 6000 has premium quality rail types which provide stability and strength to the window. They have full-length ergonomic rails which are of high quality.

On the other hand, the 4000’s rails are made of low-quality material. Though they have extra metal reinforcement for better stability, they are not competing with their counterpart.

10. Color and Finishing

If you want different colors and finishing options for the window, the 6000 is the best choice for you. It has various color options that can match the interior of your house and can enhance the beauty of it.

It also has various finishing options. The famous ones are basic vinyl frames and woodgrain laminate.

But, the 4000 only has a basic vinyl frame with a plain white color. This series doesn’t have any other option.

11. Price

In terms of pricing, the 4000 is dominating. It is an affordable window in front of the 6000. Moreover, it provides premium features that no other window provides at this price range.

So, if you have a low budget, then investing it in the 4000 is a good choice. But, if you have a high budget and want to make a long-term investment, then you should go for the 6000.

This window series is durable and provides extraordinary features. So, investing money in it is also a great decision.

12. Security

Both windows have great security features that save your house from potential break-ins. They both have durable frames and a locking mechanism that ensures security.

But, the 6000 has a few advanced security features too. These include heavy-duty weatherstripping features and interlocking sashes.

These sashes ensure an extra sense of security. Moreover, the stripping on panes saves them from harsh weather conditions.

13. Installation

The 4000 series windows are pretty simple and plain so they are easy to install. They take less time and effort.

But, the 6000 takes a lot of time and expertise to install the window. The installer needs to take proper measurements of the window. Moreover, they need to ensure that the rails and locks are installed in the right place. If they make any mistake in taking measurements, the window will be installed improperly. It can cost you huge money.

14. Reviews

We have seen a lot of customers complaining about the 4000, and are greatly satisfied with the 6000.

They find the 6000 more durable, aesthetic, and flexible than its competitor. They believe that their investment in this window is worth it.

But, a lot of customers find the 4000 lagging in performance. It is not durable and a good investment.

So, these are the fourteen features of these windows. Now, which one is best for you? We know you have this question so let’s discuss it.

Which Window is Best For You?

After comparing the Window World 4000 vs 6000 series, we believe you should go with the 6000 series. The comparison must have told you that this window is excelling in different fields. So, go for it.

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