The Schluter shower pan is a modern sleek design and is one of the most necessary parts of shower accessories. These shower pans are popular among many homeowners because of their durable and easy to install nature. Moreover, they are also known for their watertight seal. But due to various reasons, like unavailability, price, and customization options people can’t get the Schluter shower pans. So, while searching market we have found several alternatives to Schluter shower pan, let’s discuss them in detail.

What Is Schluter Shower Pan


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Waterfall showers are a great accessory to get luxurious baths and having the best shower accessories is nothing short of a blessing. That’s why the Schluter shower pan is our choice when installing new shower pans in our bathroom. As a prefabricated shower base made of lightweight and expanded polystyrene, they are quiet famous. Its high-quality Schluter®-KERDI waterproof system offers a watertight barrier. It doesn’t allow even small leaks and water damage.

These shower pans are lightweight and you can easily move them while renovating. These shower pans are of high quality and resistant to moisture, mold, and impact thus less breakable. They will serve in your bathroom for longer years. Moreover, they are easy to handle so that you can install them yourself. However, the majority prefer professional installation. The best part is the company offers 15-year warranty thus you can use them stress free.

When it comes to Modern plumbing, the Schluter shower pan is a modern alternative to traditional mortar bed shower pans. They are available in variety of sizes and configurations, including trays designed for both point and linear drains. Moreover, you can install them over a variety of subfloors, including wood, concrete, and tile. The Schluter shower pan is compatible with various modern plumbing fixtures and features like curb-less showers, linear drains, and wet rooms. These can easily fit in any shower space.

7 Best Alternatives To The Schluter Shower Pan


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The Schluter shower pan is best to use in your bathroom but those who can’t buy Schluter shower pans demand alternatives. Let’s discuss seven best alternatives to the Schluter shower pan in detail.

Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #1: Trugard Shower Pan

The Trugard shower pans are one of the best alternatives to the Schluter shower pan. We recommend it because it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes specifically rectangular, neo-angle, walk-in and square. It is of expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is lightweight and durable. EPS is also resistant to water and mold. Truguard shower pans also come with the steam shield waterproofing membrane system or Trugard Vapor shield for waterproofing.

This system prevents leaks and damage to your home because of its watertight seal. As pre-sloped they ensures smooth water flow to the Drain waste vent system. The Truguard shower pan prevents standing water which leads to mold growth. You will get different drain locations including linear drain, center drain and corner drain. Choose the best according to your needs and shower layout. You will also get lifetime warranty on Truguard products. Some other features are:

  • It is easy to install, lightweight and smoothly cut and fit.
  • Trugurad shower pans are durable and are high quality products that are resistant to cracking and chipping.
  • These are also comfortable with soft and non-slip surfaces and stylish that gives a unique look to your bathroom decor. It also comes in a variety of colors to adjust according to your needs.

Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #2: Laticrete Shower

Laticrete shower pans are also a great choice as they come in custom sizes and shapes such as neo-angle, square and rectangle. These different sizes make them comfortable for installation. They are made from high-density expanded polystyrene that made them lightweight and durable.

EPS is a water resistant and durable material that is easy to install and transport. These are highly recommended as Schluter shower pan alternatives because of their ability to be 100% waterproof. The factory installed sheet used in these shower pans makes them perfect for steam showers and steam rooms as a single membrane.

Laticrete shower pans ensure proper water draining and prevent pooling because these showers are pre-sloped to 1/4 inch per foot. Drain location of these showers is in the center or offset to the side of pan. You will get a lifetime warranty and these are available at reasonable prices according to different sizes, features and shapes. Some other important features are:

  1. Pre-sloped and lightweight make them easy and comfortable to install.
  2. High density EPS makes them highly durable and water resistant.
  3.  Laticrete shower pans come in variety of different tile and stone materials.

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Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #3: Hydroblok USA Shower Pan

It is comprised of an extruded polystyrene (XPS) closed cell watertight foam core that makes it incredibly strong, lightweight and one hundred percent waterproof. Another feature is that it also comes with fiberglass mesh and high strength cement coating.

The Hydroblok USA shower pan comes in different sizes, shapes and features. XPS foam core makes it 100% water resistant and modified cement surface coated with sealant prevents other leakage.

There is a built-in slope that takes water away from the shower wall into the drain. It reduces the risk of mold growth. You will get two drain locations; one is in the center and other is in an offset drain configuration.

Pick a place that best suits your needs. Hydroblok shower pans have limited lifetime warranty. These shower pans are relatively more  expensive than traditional ones. They also come with various advantages like waterproofing, durability, and ease of installation.

Overall we can say that it is also a good alternative to the Schluter shower pan because of its high quality products and other incredible advantages compared to traditional shower pans.

Lifetime warranty, strong and 100% waterproof material make it a good choice except for a high price that can be compensated with better advantages.

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Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #4: Tile Redi Shower Pan

These shower pans are available in single, double, triple, and barrier-free curb configurations. When it comes to shape and sizes you will get various varieties including rectangle, round and square.

The Tile Redi shower pan drain location is on the right, left, center and back. It is a competitive alternative because of its highly durable composite material that is easy to install and lightweight. Its high quality construction and watertight seal arouns the drain make it water and leak proof.

To ensure proper drainage, tile Redi Shower pans are pre-pitched and the slope is typically 1/4 inch per foot. The slope helps to direct the water towards the drain and prevent it from pooling. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is available at different prices that range from $300 to $1,000 depending on sizes and models, so pick according to your needs. Overall, it is a high quality product that offers unique features that make it best alternative to Schluter shower pan.

Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #5: ICON 00461 Shower Pan

ICON 00461 Shower Pan is made up of durable ABC plastic that makes it long lasting and resistant to water damage. One of its best features is that its drain is molded into pan and ready to be drilled. The polar white aesthetic color gives your bathroom decor a unique look and complements the decor. Different sizes make it suitable for variety of shower spaces.

As it comes in various sizes it acts as a universal fit shower pan that can be used for different bathroom configurations. It is lightweight and comes with a sloped foam pad. This slope actually helps to take water towards the drain easily and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #6: DELAVIN Single Threshold Shower Base

In addition to shower pan, we have also added shower base alternatives to Schluter shower pan. Delavin single threshold shower comes in different modern shapes including square shapes. Drain position is in center of shower base.

Delavine is made up of durable material which is composite. It includes high gloss acrylic/ABS material and fiberglass enhances durability. PVC rings are preset in shower base’s bottom to provide extra support.

One of its brilliant features is its intensive slip resistant points that prevents slipping and ensure safety. The shower base installation is on 3 sides against the wall which prevents water leakage. With its standard drain, the water draining is smooth and fast preventing mold growth.

Its acrylic surface is very easy to maintain and clean. The glossy white finish gives an aesthetic and appealing look to the bathroom. Just like other alternatives it is very easy to install products that prevent water from leaking out.

Schluter Shower Pan Alternative #7: DreamLine SlimLine Shower Pan

Dreamline slimline shower pan base is a double threshold design that is best suitable for a two wall corner installation. The drain position is in the corner of the base and the color is aesthetic. It is a classic white that gives a dreamy look to your decor.

The slip resistant surface provides safety for the floor. This shower pan is made from a premium high-gloss non-porous acrylic, which is easy to maintain and has long lasting beauty. It is highly durable and the process of installation is quick and easy. Certification from cUPC indicates its compliance with the plumbing standards.


We have discussed the 7 best alternatives to the Schluter shower pan which are available good quality products. The brands are renowned and the products are durable and appealing in appearance. After reading and analyzing all the points thoroughly you will definitely get a clear mind regarding which Schluter shower pan alternative is best.

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