If you are terrified and anxious because you just encountered the Samsung washer SC code, then this guide is definitely for you. You are not alone in this because the error message or SC code on your Samsung washer is very common. Typically, this error code indicates an error in your washing machine. The good thing is that there are many ways to fix the Samsung washer SC code without calling in the professionals. 

The Samsung washer SC code is an error message indicating an issue with your washing machine. It is a recurring code that typically stands for “Suds Check”, which means the error is related to excessive suds in the drum of the washer. Also, excessive suds can hinder the washing process, which means poor final results of washing, and definitely damaging the appliance with the passage of time. Understanding and maintenance of this code is crucial, and it can only be prevented if you are well aware of its potential causes. 

Let’s first get into details about the potential causes of the Samsung washer SC code. Then we will jump into exploring the different ways to fix this issue. 

Potential causes of Samsung washer SC code

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Samsung washer

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The following can be the common cause if your Samsung washer is displaying a SC code:

Incorrect detergent usage

Incorrect usage of detergent or using detergent excessively can sometimes be the root cause for the Samsung washer SC code. The overloading of detergent can end up with excessive suds, which can hinder the wash cycle. It is always best to use the recommended amount of detergent in the washer to avoid this issue. 

Using incorrect detergent type

Another common cause for the SC code on Samsung washers is the wrong type of detergent used. You must be thinking that every detergent has the same function, and that is to clean the clothes. Well, it’s true but using non-He detergents in the washers that only support HE can trigger the SC code issue. This is because non HE detergents can lead to excessive suds. Therefore, it is better to always choose HE detergents for your Samsung washers. 

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Overloading of the washer

Sometimes, we are in a hurry, and we prefer to overload the drum of the washer without thinking that it can damage the device. Overloading the washer drum can lead to excessive suds, and as a result, the efficiency gets compromised. It is best to add only the amount of clothes to the washer that is mentioned in the manufacturer’s load recommendations.

Residue of the detergent

Sometimes, the issue is not with the type and quantity of detergent but with the way you use the detergent in the washer. Residue build up of detergent is very toxic. Any residue buildup in the washer can cause excessive suds, and as a result, you will encounter the Samsung washer SC code. It is therefore recommended to clean the washer after every use, especially the detergent part to avoid residue buildup. Also, a clean washing machine works more efficiently than a dirty one. 

After we have briefly introduced the potential causes of Samsung washer SC code, let’s also address how to fix the SC code. 

Preventing the Samsung washer SC code

Below are the steps that you can take to prevent the SC code error:

Cycle pause

If you are using the Samsung washer, and you notice SC code, it is best to pause the washing cycle immediately. Pausing immediately can help the washer with excessive suds, and it can also help the washer to drain the excess water. Also, immediately pausing the washer can save it from further damage. Sometimes, pausing the washer, and then restarting it again after some time can help with the SC code.

Suds reducing

If you doubt that you have added an extra amount of detergent or have added the wrong detergent in the washer, it is best to run a rinse cycle without any more detergent to wash away the detergent previously added. It will help with reducing suds, and can sometimes help with normal washer operation and elimination of the SC code. 

Clean the washer

Washer cleaning is mandatory because it will not only help with the SC code but will also increase the efficiency of the machine. It is best to regularly clean the washer drum, machine filters, and detergent dispenser to reduce the risk of SC code errors. 

Now that we have enough knowledge about the causes and prevention measures related to the Samsung washer SC code, let’s jump into the ways to fix those issues. 

How to fix the Samsung washer SC code?

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Samsung washer

To fix the Samsung washer SC code without professional help, you can follow the steps below:

Understand the SC code first

We all know that solving the issue first requires understanding it. Therefore, for the solution of Samsung washer SC code, it is mandatory to understand it. As we know from before, the SC code in Samsung washers indicates an error message. An SC code error occurs when there are excessive suds in the drum of the washer. Excessive suds not only hinder the performance of the washer but can be also very harmful to the appliance. The same issues occur for EC code, and you can get the details here.

Follow the troubleshooting steps

There is a list of troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix the Samsung washer SC code.

The following are the troubleshooting steps:

  • Blocked drainage checking

Sometimes blocked drainage can be the root cause behind SC code. It is better to turn off and unplug your washer if you are planning to check the blocked drainage of the washer. Sometimes, any kink in the drain hose is the issue, and you can simply straighten it if necessary. If not, you have to reinstall the drain hose. To do this, remove the drain hose, clear any obstructions if it has any, and then properly install it back. You have to make sure that the end of the drain hose is not in the water. 

  • Door lock examination

The door locking mechanisms in the Samsung washers are typically very simple but sometimes can be the root cause behind SC code errors. Make sure your washer door is properly locked, and if due to some unknown reasons, you cannot lock it, make sure to replace the door lock mechanism for the proper functioning of the washer, and for the removal of the SC code. 

  • Water supply verification

Sometimes the issue of SC code happens with the water supply valves. These valves are connected to the washer. To remove the Samsung washer SC code error, check if the water supply valves of your washer are fully opened, and do not have any hurdles. Also, the inlet hoses of the water supply must be functional and have not have kinks, and they must not be damaged either. 

  • Clogged filters clarity

The filters of your washer must be clean and clear to avoid the SC code error. For this purpose, first, you have to locate the debris filter in your Samsung washer, and then make sure to clean it thoroughly. The link and other particles in the debris filter make it clogged, and a clogged filter will eventually lead to excessive suds and SC code errors. It is always mandatory to refer to any user manual that comes along with the washer to access and clean the filter thoroughly. 

  • Drain pump inspection

Any issue with the drainage pump of the washer can trigger the SC code error. If there are any particles found in the drain pump, you must clean them for clear drainage. When the drain pump is not working properly or damaging the pump, it will eventually lead to more studs. These suds are the root cause behind SC code error. 

  • Pressure sensor testing

Sometimes, your washer is clean, has the right amount of detergent, and the supply is also working fine but it somehow shows the SC code error. If this happens, check the pressure sensor in the washer. The water level monitoring is done by this pressure sensor, and if it’s not working properly, it can’t monitor well. As a result, there will be excessive suds, leading to Samsung washer SC code. 

Resetting of the Samsung Washer

If nothing works, you can try resetting your Samsung washer by following the steps below:

  1. Unplug your washer, and plug it back in to make it work
  2. After that, turn the washer on, and select your appropriate rinse and spin cycle
  3. After the washing cycle is complete, check again if the SC code still appears. If so, the only solution is to call the customer help center or to call a professional for better assistance.

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Although it can be extremely frustrating to encounter the Samsung washer SC code, following the simple troubleshooting steps mentioned above can sometimes help in the best way. You can follow the above-mentioned steps and resolve the SC code issues that you are facing. However, if you still face the issues, it is always best to call the Samsung customer care because they can assist you accordingly. Also, if they find it necessary, they will help you with finding professional as well, and your issue will definitely be resolved. 

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