You may all know about the water bed. It was a popular mattress choice a generation ago, but now it is a novelty item.

This product has a long history as we can find it in Persia in 3600 BCE. At that time, it was a goatskin mattress with water in it.

After that, Charles Hall in 1968 produced this product with a vinyl mattress. Today’s water bed is his courtesy.

In that era, this mattress was at its peak. You can find it in every other American household. The platform water bed industry was almost $2 billion a year at that time. Amazing! Isn’t it?

But, in the 90s, its trend quickly vanished. Now, you rarely find them in the brick-and-mortar shops. But, they are still present online. People buy them to give a unique and novelty look to their bedrooms.

But, like every other home decor product, a platform water bed also has various advantages and disadvantages. We are going to discuss them in detail in this article.

Advantages of Platform Water Bed

Platform Water Bed
Platform Water Bed

There are various amazing pros of this mattress that you should know.

1. Comfort

The main advantage of a platform water bed is its comfort level. You will receive 100 percent comfort on this bed due to different reasons.

This mattress is full of water so it can conform to the shape of your body. So, it will not be stiff and uncomfortable for you.

Moreover, this mattress doesn’t provide any resistance. Because it doesn’t have any springs and coils.

Due to the less or no resistance, it will not cause any pressure on your body. So, your muscles can get relaxed on this bed because of no pressure.

That’s why this mattress is ideal for those who are suffering from chronic back pain. This platform water bed will relieve the pain from the spine and the muscles around it.

2. Deeper Sleep

Are you struggling to sleep at night? Have you tried every sleep hack and still can’t get the desired sleep? Well, you should go for a platform water bed.

The water bed can relax your body and muscles. Sleeping on it seems like you are sleeping on waves even when its bladder is full.

The soothing sensation of water under you can encourage you to sleep. It will rock your body to have a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

Its water movement will give your body a kind of massage. So, after a long tiring day, when you get that massage and soothing sensation, you will have an uninterrupted sleep.

3. Water Temperature

Some water beds come with adjustable water temperature features. So, you can warm or cool water according to your preference.

This means you never need to worry about winters and summers anymore. On a chilly winter night, you don’t need to crawl into the cold bed or don’t need to worry about getting cold during the night.

The heat from the water can warm your mattress and may give you relief. So, if you wake up in the morning with a stiff and painful body, this can help you.

The warm water will improve the blood circulation in your body, giving it relief. And, if you have edema in your legs, this mattress will provide you relief.

Moreover, you can adjust the temperature of the water according to your preference. In the summer, you can also cool down the water to beat the scorching heat.

So, just as  State Water Heaters are worth buying, a platform water bed is also worth buying.

4. Hypoallergenic Option

Platform Water Bed
Platform Water Bed

Do you have any sort of allergy? Do you suffer from a fever throughout the year because of any allergic reactions? If yes, then a platform water bed is ideal for you.

This bed keeps dust, mites, debris, and bugs away from it because it is made of vinyl. There are no fibers on it which can accumulate any sort of dirt or allergens. So, you can snuggle into the bed without any worries.

Moreover, you can clean it easily. For this, you just need a vinyl cleaner and water. This will ensure not a single dust bite or bed bug is on your bed.

So, this mattress is ideal for those who have skin allergies such as eczema, and asthma issues.

5. Durability

The platform water bed mattress is durable. It means that it can last for 15 to 20 years easily. It will not lose its shape or sag with time just like traditional mattresses.

It means you don’t need to replace your mattress as often as you replace the traditional one. In fact, if you take care of its maintenance, they can last longer than expected.

So, you can save money in the long run with these mattresses.

6. Adjustable Firmness

You can adjust the firmness of mattresses as you want. You can easily customize it according to your needs and preferences.

How? Well, if you fill the water fully in your platform water bed, it will become completely firm. If you want to make it less firm or loose, you need to take out some water from the bladder.

It is that easy to adjust the firmness.

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7. Quiet or Less Noisy Mattress

If you are a light sleeper, then a platform water bed is the best option for you. It doesn’t have any coils or supporting systems that will squeak or make any noise.

In your traditional mattress, whenever you toss or move any part of your body, the springs and coils will make some noise. With time, they will have more wear and tear, so their sound will become more loud.

But, this is not the case with water beds. It only has water and vinyl in it. So, they will create very little noise.

So, it is also best when you desire intimacy with your partner. Other mattresses will make noise that can tell other people in your apartment complex what is going on.

But, this mattress will keep your secret, and will not disturb other people.

8. Helpful for People with Bedsores

If you have a patient at home who needs to lie down on the bed due to illness, then you should have a water bed for them.

Excessive laying on the bed can cause bedsores in patients. These can be painful and add to the misery of the patient.

There is a medical version of water bed technology that can help prevent this issue. So, you can buy this for people having bedsores.

But, these mattresses are more expensive than the standard ones. We recommend you have a prescription from your doctor so that the price of the water bed can be covered by insurance.

These are some advantages. Now, let’s see some disadvantages of water beds.

Disadvantages of The Platform Water Bed

Before investing money in your mattress, you need to consider a few cons of it too.

1. Nausea

For some people, a platform water bed can cause nausea. The water underneath the bed will move continuously so it can cause motion sickness to some people. In this way, it can be difficult for some people to sleep on the bed.

So, if you feel sick when you are traveling on a train, airplane, car, or boat, then this bed is not for you. It can make you feel sick and uncomfortable.

2. Poor Support

Water beds can comfort your body, and will exert less pressure on it, but they provide no support to the joints. This poor support can cause numbness in your body.

There is an adjustment period for water beds. You need to give it two weeks before making any final decision. If after two weeks, you still feel uncomfortable, then the water bed is not for you.

So, we suggest you talk to the retailer for trial weeks before making any investment in it. Find a Pro Today!

3. Leaks

The leakage of the platform water bed is another common but drastic issue that can cause issues. Though the vinyl material is durable, the chances of leakage with any product with a bladder are common.

This leakage can cause serious structural issues. We have seen that floors need to be replaced, and roofs get destroyed due to it.

Just imagine that the queen-size platform water bed has 200 gallons of water in it. If it leaks, it can cause destruction. You will need more than a Mop to clean things up.

The use of plastic liners can eliminate this issue, but will not wipe down the possibility.

4. Strange Odors

With time, your platform water bed can start producing a strange and unpleasant odor. This is because bacteria and mold can develop in the bladder.

You need to do proper airing of the vinyl material and water bed after a few days. Because this material can develop a strong odor after some days.

This odor can get into your hair, sheets, and room. If mold develops in it, you need to throw away the platform water bed.

5. Challenging to Find Proper Sheets

The platform water bed comes in different sizes than the standard beds. So, it is difficult to find the appropriate sheet size for your water bed.

A large amount of sheets can’t cover your bed properly. If you find the appropriate size of a sheet for your water bed, it will be in a limited number.

So, it is possible that the sheets wont match the interior decoration of your room. If this is the case, you would want to change the windows of your room. You can read this comparison to know which windows will be best for your room’s interior decoration.


You have read all about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform water bed. Although this is a mattress that is not as popular today as it was in the past, it is still desired by many people. This is because it has so many advantages. If you find yourself debating on buying a platform water bed, then read this article. The information you learn will take you one step closer to making the appropriate choice.

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