LG dishwashers are one of the most popular brands chosen by homeowners. They usually work well, which is why we see them in almost every home or restaurant. Unfortunately, they are not perfect and sometimes need troubleshooting. Your unit may be the most reliable, but the appliances are susceptible to damage or errors. For instance, what if you get an LG dishwasher AE code error?

You will surely want to act fast. However, you should inform yourself on how to fix it. With that being said, you should be aware that this code indicates your dishwasher is leaking.  So, consider it an easy fix that you can troubleshoot at home. The error usually appears on the front panel informing you about the leaking LG dishwasher. Let’s explore this further to fix the problem.

Is the detergent causing the AE Error?

Woman Adding Detergent to LG Dishwasher AE Code
Woman Adding Detergent to LG Dishwasher

Clarify if the detergent is causing the Samsung washer AE error. So, before you proceed to other parts like the drain pan or another component, ensure you are not using too much or the wrong detergent. If your washer demands HE detergent, use only that. More importantly, avoid using liquid detergents as they cause suds, which can block the Samsung washer and its parts, resulting in a Samsung washer AE error.

Repair Guide (Reasons and Solutions):

Your LG dishwasher AE code may be due to causes like leakage, a faulty door gasket, or blockage. However, it becomes vital to understand what is causing the LG dishwasher AE code with your particular unit. You should be well informed and know your device so you can fix the AE code. So, let us dive into the details of reasons and solutions;

Uneven Washer:  

The inability to balance the dishwasher would lead to a potential AE error code.

Solution: When you use your LG dishwasher, ensure you level it well on the floor so that it sends water to the drain.

Faulty Float Switch:

The float switch monitors the water level in your dishwasher. It should work well to maintain the proper functioning of your device. However, if the float switch is faulty, it may fail to tell you about the water overflow. Hence, it triggers the LG dishwasher AE code, informing you about the leaking issue. 

Solution: To test the float switch, you may remove it and check it for continuity using a multimeter. In case of lack of continuity, there is a dire need for unit replacement.

Clogged Drain Hose: 

The drain hose is an essential component that drains the water away from the dishwasher. The food particles or debris may block the drain hose. So, when the drain hose is faulty, the water starts leaking, and the LG dishwasher AE code appears on the panel. 

Solution: In this case, remove the drain hose and clear the blockage.  

Water Inlet Valve Issue

The inlet valve of your dishwasher is an essential component that opens or closes to let water in or prevent water supply relevant to the needs of your dishwasher. If the water inlet gets faulty, it will trigger the LG dishwasher AE code. It is because the damaged inlet valve fails to stop the water supply, which will cause water leakage. 

Solution: You can immediately solve this issue by checking for leaked valves and replacing them.

Door Gasket Inspection

The door gasket is an essential part of your washer that seals the water around the washer. That is how the water does not spill out of your washer. However, continuous use can put wear on your machine. This can lead to leaking. The LG dishwasher AE code starts appearing on the front panel, which will inform you about the leakage. 

Solution: The tip is to clean the door well. In case of a faulty door gasket, replace the door gasket.

Defective Control Board:

The faulty control board could disturb the performance of the entire device. It is the brain of the device which sends instructions to every part of the device. So, when the control board gets defective, it leads to several code errors, including the LG dishwasher AE code. 

Solution: Ensure you get a qualified technician to inspect this for you. They may either repair this part, but in most cases, the only option that you have is to buy a new dishwasher.

How to Troubleshoot a LG Dishwasher AE Code Error:       

LG Dishwasher
LG Dishwasher

If you ever encounter an LG Dishwasher AE code error, know that it is related to the water supply. You can troubleshoot the error effectively by following the steps below;

  1. Check the water inlet hose by disconnecting it from the washer and water supply. The inlet hose is prone to blockage, which may cause the AE error. Clean it properly and then attach it back. 
  2. When the code appears, know that you have an issue with the water inlet valve, which requires immediate replacement.
  3. You may also verify the water pressure accurately to confirm it is not a low pressure triggering the AE code. But, if this is the case, call your technician urgently to fix this.
  4. You may also check the water level float switch to see if it has any blockage or damage. Clear the blockage to bring it back to work, but the damaged level float switch needs replacement. 

When you apply all the troubleshooting tips, you may restart your dishwasher to check if the code still appears. A simple restart should be enough to solve all the issues. But, if the problem persists, seek professional help to fix the error.

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Easy Fix: Resetting the LG Dishwasher

Sometimes, a simple reset is enough to fix all the errors. You should know how to reset your particular model so that you don’t face any errors. You may also consider it mandatory to ensure the smooth operation and performance of the LG dishwasher. Let us dive into the details of how you can reset the LG dishwasher;

  • Start with turning the power button off, and then you may unplug the dishwasher to reset it.
  • Ensure not to plug it back for some time so that it drains the remaining power.
  • Then, you may put the plug back in the socket and initiate the new wash cycle. The LG dishwasher will automatically reset when you select the new wash cycle.
  • Hence, you can conveniently complete the new wash cycle and have a fabulous time doing your laundry.

When you reset your dishwasher, you get to fix temporary errors or glitches. However, don’t expect the reset to solve complex issues such as faulty inlet valves, faulty control boards, blockage, etc. In such cases, you require the services of a qualified technician to resolve such issues for you.

When to Seek Professional Help if the LG Dishwasher AE code appears?

The troubleshooting tips are best in some cases, but there are issues where you need assistance from a qualified technician. So, let us see when you should be calling your technician;

Continuous LG AE Error Code: When you attempt the troubleshooting tips and find out that the issue persists, you may call professionals to resolve this issue.

Component Malfunction: The AE error is fixable only when the components are well working and in good condition. But, if there is any issue with any part of your dishwasher, then troubleshooting or resetting may not be enough. It is about time you call your professional for expert advice and help.

Safety Concerns: If it is not possible for you to fix the dishwasher leaking because of your safety, you may seek professional help.

Other LG Dishwasher Error Codes and their Meanings:

LG Dishwasher CodesExplanation of LG Dishwasher Error Codes
AE or E1The AE or E1 code tells you about the issue with the water supply. It informs you about the leakage inside your dishwasher.
bE It tells about excessive suds or water leaks in your dishwasher. You may use a proper detergent to avoid the suds.
CE or LEIt informs about the issue with the washer’s motor, or there may be an issue with the wiring between the washer’s motor and the control board panel. A simple reset may fix this error for you.
CLCL is not an error but informs you about the child lock activation, which you can fix.
CRIt informs that the dishwasher is in test mode. Disconnect the dishwasher to fix.
FEIt warns you about the excessive water in the dishwasher. You may reset the dishwasher to get rid of this issue.
HEThis code tells about the dishwasher’s inability to heat the water or when the temperature exceeds 149 degrees Fahrenheit.
nEIt informs about motor issues or control board issues.
PFIt shows up when there is an issue with the circuit breaker or a power failure.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are some causes of the AE code display?

There could be many causes for an AE code. A temporary issue might trigger this, but in many cases, you might have a problem with the water inlet hose, inlet valve, level float switch, or water supply. 

What does an AE code stand for in an LG dishwasher?

It means a water inlet trouble.

Concluding Remarks

You can now use your dishwasher without any worries, and in case you encounter any issues, you may follow the troubleshooting tips we mentioned above in this article. We tried to guide you in detail and make you understand everything. We hope the LG dishwasher AE code never bothers you again. After all, you know the solution now and can now fix any leaking issue. 

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