What can be more reliable than a Lowe Alpine backpack? Its durability and lightweight nature make it a popular choice among climbing and hiking enthusiasts. Created in 1967, their revolutionary expedition packs have won many hearts. Most youngsters have made Lowe Alpine an essential part of their exciting voyages.

Besides backpacks, Lowe Alpine specializes in making quality stuff for your challenging excursions. From waterproof mountain caps to belt packs and travel bags to hiking packs, the denomination has been mesmerizing its consumers for years. What makes Alpine stand out from the rest is its ultimate manufacturing. All the stuff is made from high-quality man-made materials. Because this backpack is so popular, hikers sometimes need to learn Lowe Alpine Wash techniques.

Rugged trail walking can be tough time to your hiking gear. Exposure to dirt and debris is very obvious and common. Hence, you will need to clean them periodically. Fortunately, the Lowe Alpine range is very easy to clean. Also, it can withstand the machine wash, but we don’t recommend it. Let’s dig into the Lowe Alpine wash guide so that you can enjoy a clean hiking experience.

Lowe Alpine Formulation

Woman washing Alpine Backpack.
Woman washing Alpine Backpack.

Before delving into the Lowe Alpine wash guide, let’s first analyze its formulation. The ultimate transportation gears are precisely engineered to move with your body. Unlike ordinary backpacks, these are made from high-quality polyester and nylon fabrics. Also, the specialized mountain backpacks incorporate a rear panel, hip belt, and harness to make your challenging expedition comfortable.

Each Lowe Alpine product is tailored to resist the rigors of mountain climbing, skiing, or hunting. However, improper maintenance can destroy your ultimate companion. Therefore, it’s essential to wash Lowe Alpine with great care. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual before washing.

When Does My Lowe Alpine Need Washing?

Lowe Alpine knows your ultimate passion for outdoor expeditions. That’s why the brand has formulated all of its stuff with great precision. Though Alpine gears uphold quality manufacturing, frequent machine washes and the use of harsh cleaning agents can still damage them. Let’s check out when your hiking stuff needs a wash.

Wash Lowe Alpine Stuff To Remove Stubborn Stains

Only the hikers know the importance of energy-boosting foods and drinks. Not only do these replenish you after such long climbing hours but also energize the hiker to continue his journey.  However, an accidental spill or splash can ruin your backpack. Therefore, it is essential to wash your stuff as soon as possible. A slight delay can make the food and drink stains even more stubborn.

Sweaty Straps

Hiking in the scorching heat makes you sweat badly. Your caps, belt bags, or even backpacks keep absorbing sweat during the whole journey. As a result, you come back home with all the stinky stuff.

In such a case you must wash all Lowe Alpine belongings. Rinsing the rucksack not only eliminates the sweat smell but also makes them germ-free. Also, storing sweaty backpacks, hats, and belt bags is not a good idea. It provides an ideal home for bacteria. Whereas fungus development can make the situation worse.

Debris & Dust

Coming back with a dusty backpack may not sound new to climbers. All the outdoor gear catches more dust and debris quickly than anything else. Are you unable to see the original color of your backpack? Then it needs a good wash. However, throwing your backpack in the washing machine is not always the case. You must rinse it by hand, to increase its lifespan. In case of slight soiling, wipe off the bag with a clean cloth.

Lowe Alpine Wash – How To Guide

Woman washing Alpine Backpack.
Woman washing Alpine Backpack.

Your Lowe Alpine belongings can last for years if stored and maintained properly. One of the common mistakes that we often make is frequent machine washing. No matter how sturdy your backpack is, regular machine wash will weaken its material. Also, the bag will gradually start losing its original shape and shine.

Required Materials

Before beginning the cleaning procedure, it’s better to gather your supplies.

  • Gloves
  • Bucket or any soaking vessel
  • Mild dish soap
  • Nylon scrubbing brush
  • Fabric conditioner
  • Old toothbrush

Step by Step Instructions

Follow the below listed instructions and make your Alpine possession as good as new

Step#1 Wear Gloves (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

Many people develop nail fungus or other skin disorders while working with detergents. Therefore it is essential to wear gloves to secure your hands from direct detergent exposure.

Step#2 Empty Your Backpack (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

Before exposing it to water, make sure to empty your backpack. Otherwise, you will see your precious belongings floating in the detergent solution.

Besides inspecting the large storage compartment, make sure to check all pockets. Further, open all the zippers and turn it upside down. Now shake it well. This technique will remove most of the loose dirt.

Step#3 Look For Wear & Tear (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

Hiking backpacks are more prone to wear and tear than ordinary travel bags. The sharp rocky edges or bushes can tear your bag easily. Therefore, inspect the base of the bag and straps as they damage more quickly. You can mend minor issues easily at home. Moreover, Lowe Alpine features wash and maintenance services to make your gear last longer.

Step#4 Inspecting The Stains (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

One of the most beneficial aspects of hand washing is you can concentrate on the particular stained area. Look for stubborn stains and locate the dirtiest part. 

Step #5 Prepare The DIY Cleaning Solution (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

If you haven’t washed Lowe Alpine gear for a long time, then it’s better to soak it first. Prepare a DIY cleaning solution and dip your backpack into it.

Take a bucket or any large container and fill it up with lukewarm water. Now add a mild dish soap fabric conditioner to the solution. Using mild liquid soap will prevent the fabric damage. Whereas fabric conditioner will secure its original shine.

Step#6 Rub (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide) 

Now remove your backpack from the cleaning solution. You will see that soaking has done most of your job. After that, take a nylon brush with soft bristles and start rubbing the stains. Focus on the straps and base while scrubbing. Lastly, take an old toothbrush and clean the inner corners.

Tip: Be gentle while rubbing. Intense pressure and excessive rubbing can damage the fabric.

Step#7 Rinse Your Backpack (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

Drain the DIY solution and fill up your bucket with clean tap water. Immerse your backpack in the water to rinse it. Repeat the procedure at least three times.

Step# 8 Dry It Up! (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

Once your backpack is free from soap residue it’s time to dry it. Hang it upside down( keeping the zippers open). Let all the water drain properly. Wait until the water stops dripping off the bag. Afterward, take the wet backpack to a well-ventilated area.

Choose a clean and dry surface and lay your wet backpack on it. Keep it overnight. Change the position after some time so that it gets dried on all sides. However, the drying time alters with seasons and other climatic conditions.

Tip: Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Excessive temperatures not only weaken the fabrics but also result in fading.

Step#9 Store it Properly (Lowe Alpine Wash Guide)

After a great Lowe Alpine wash, it’s time to store your gear properly. Examine the backpack for any moisture. Don’t forget to inspect the internal compartments. Storing your backpack with moisture will develop a bad smell and fungus.

Choose a well-ventilated area for storing your gear. Leaving it in your car or stuffing it carelessly in your cupboard will result in damaged and aged gear.

Tip: Don’t over fold your backpack. Try lying it straight on a shelf. Folding for a long time often creates irreversible creases. It also destroys the shape of your gear.

How To Deep Clean The Lowe Alpine Gear

Avoiding frequent Lowe Alpine washing is a good decision. You can deep clean your rucksacks to remove slight soiling and loose dirt.

First of all, unzip all the compartments and empty your backpack. Now turn it upside down and shake well. Afterwards, clean the inside and outside with your vacuum cleaner the wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Check out our Microfiber Towels here.

Care & Maintenance Tips

The Lowe Alpine Wash guide isn’t complete yet. We have got some amazing tips for our readers. Check them out

Don’t use dryers or heating appliances for drying

Quick drying your backpacks with heating machines or tumble-dryers is not at all recommended. Excessive heat can damage the fabric to a greater extent.

Never Iron Your Backpack

Never iron your backpack to remove creases or drying. Your Lowe Alpine Backpacks are made from nylon and polyester. Both elements are extremely sensitive to ironing.

Use a Silicone Spray Lubricant On The Zips

Although Lowe Alpine incorporates high-quality and durable zippers. Still, outdoor heat and moisture exposure can affect their work. We recommend using a lubricant spray on zips to enjoy effortless openings and closures.


So this guide covered almost all the information about Lowe Alpine wash. Though hand washing might sound troublesome to many readers, believe us, it will increase the longevity of your gear. Also, follow our care and maintenance tips and enjoy years of hiking with your favorite Lowe Alpine gear.

If you are not confident with washing your Lowe Alpine Backpack after reading this guide, you can seek a professional dry cleaner. Find A Pro Near You Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my Lowe Alpine backpack from rainwater?

Your Lowe Alpine backpack has a water-repellent coating. However, the protective layer stops working efficiently after some time. You can use a spray-on reproofer to reactivate it.

Can I wash Lowe Alpine gear in the washing machine?

Not at all! We never recommend machine washes for any backpack.. Even a gentle machine wash and tumble dryer can make your hiking gear useless.

How long does a Lowe Alpine backpack last?

A Lowe Alpine backpack can last for about 8 to 10 years if washed and stored adequately.