As suggested from their name, Texas Wolf spiders are one of the fastest spiders inhabiting this planet. These insects belong to phylum arthopoda and the family lycosidae.

Apart from being famous for its scorching heat and cowboy culture, one thing that has brought Texas to the highlight is the humungous species of insects found there.

Approximately 2800 species of wolf spiders are found all over the world. Out of all of these, 238 are found in Texas alone.

Out of these 238, the most common type of wolf spider Texas is rabidosa rabida.

All species have their distinctive features which we will specify later in this article.

How to Identify the Wolf Spider Texas?


Wolf spiders bear numerous similarities to tarantulas, due to which they are often confused with them. But there are certain distinctive features you must know to correctly identify wolf spiders.

These spiders can be identified easily by the number and size of its eyes.


Members of the lycosidae family have eight eyes arranged in three rows;

  • The first row has two small eyes, widely spaced apart
  • The second row have two large eyes, also called the main eyes
  • The third and bottom-most rows have four small eyes

This feature with their eyes is very unique. It is not found in any other species of spiders. Additionally, helps you to better identify them.


They come in different sizes. Many of them have the average size of 12mm to 35mm. You can also better identify them by their long legs and thick bodies. The most noticeable feature is their hair. They have lots of it.  The body is Grey in color and is often designed with yellow and brown patterns.


As with most spiders, these ones also have 8 slender legs. Additionally, 2 leg-like appendages are also found near its front.

The mouth appendages are gigantic and help the spider in feasting upon its prey.

Light Reflection

A point of identification relatively less known, but equally important is the eyes of wolf spiders. They are designed so that they reflect light.

The reason for their sparkling eyes is due to tapetum, a tissue in the eye, which increases visual sensitivity. This tissue reflects light. This unique feature makes it easy to spot these insects at night time.

Trails of silk

Out of their many queer behaviors, wolf spiders exhibit another curious activity. They leave behind trails of silk so their members can use these trails to find them. Also, this technique is used by the males to track females for mating.

So if you have noticed a strange string in your vicinity, be on the watch for these creatures.

Why are they called Wolf Spiders?


The name Wolf spider comes from the Greek word lúkos, or wolf. They got their name because of their similarity in movement to wolves. They exhibit fast and swift movements during hunting. They chase and ambush their prey just like wolves.

In fact, they are the fastest spiders who have innate ability to hunt down their prey with frantic motions and kill them large bites. They pounce on their victim and after catching. Then they crush the prey into a ball and inject venom into it.

Role in Food chain

The food chain is the backbone of the maintenance of mother nature. It is a natural process for one prey to be another’s predator. Killing others for your own survival is inevitable.

The same is the case with Texas wolf spiders. They eat many different insects that are found in our own backyards. Their prey can be crickets, grasshoppers, or ants. The bigger spiders can also also prey on small reptiles like lizards.

As everything brings its own pros and cons, these hairy arthropods also devour upon insect eggs, and can serve as a mean for pest prevention.

On the other side, Wolf spiders are a victim to the hunger of lizards and owls.

Wolf Spider Texas: Are They Poisonous?

Wolf spiders don’t pose a serious threat to us, as long as we are considerate enough to not engage in any provoking act with them.

Their mouth appendages are theoretically venomous, but not fatal. In case you get bitten by it, you don’t need to worry in most of the cases. The spider’s venom isn’t potent enough to cause any serious implications.

However, only the following wolf spiders in Texas are considered seriously poisonous:

  • Black Widow: They are black in color with red triangle shaped markings to form an hourglass shape on their abdomen.
  • Brown Recluse spider: They are brown in color with a dark, violin shaped mark on its back.

Characteristics of the Wolf Spider Texas

The Wolf spider Texas shows distinctive features for males and females. These characteristics are featured below:


The following are the attributes of female wolf spiders in Texas:

  1. They carry their eggs below their abdomen, which is often seen as a large white mass.
  2. Females are bigger than the males
  3. The Female wolf spider lives between 2 to 3 years
  4. They have pedipalps attached to the cephalothorax, but they are not swollen at the tips.
  5. They have long, thin legs and 8 appendages.


The Following are the attributes of male wolf spiders:

  1. Males have a spotted pattern on their body.
  2. They are smaller in size, approximately ¾ inch of body size.
  3. They often die after the breeding season
  4. They have enlarged pedipalps at the front of their body.
  5. Lifespan is of about 1 year
  6. White hair is present on their legs.

What do I do if I get Bitten?

Most people who get bitten by a these spider have an allergic reaction. This is usually mild, and you will see redness, swelling, or both that this bite site. Please don’t panic if you get bitten. These reactions are normal. Just ice the area and elevate the site. The swelling will subside within no time.

The Following are some common symptoms you might notice after the bite:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Blistering
  • Breathing problem (Due to allergic reaction and release of inflammatory chemicals)

Below, you will find the steps you should follow if you are bitten:

  • Don’t panic! The chances that you will be severely infected by the bite are slim to none.
  • Clean the area well! Use water and an antiseptic soap.
  • Apply ice to reduce swelling
  • Take anti-histamine drugs. These drugs dilate your blood vessels and will serve as anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Avoid scratching a lot to reduce the chance of infection.

After all the necessary measures have been taken, observe the wounded area. In case of huge swelling and severe breathing issue, consult a physician.

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How to get rid of the Wolf spider Texas

The best way to avoid any encounter with these spiders is to find the root cause of their appearance.

Adopt the following methods to get rid of these creatures:

1. Keep your area clean

Remove any heap of soil present which might be a hiding spot for them. Clear up any food particles that might attract the prey of wolf spiders such as ants. This will eventually keep their predator away as well.

2. Seal potential openings

If there are any openings in your house large enough for spiders to sneak in such as door gaps or gaps in vent systems, seal them up to prevent their entry.

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3. Flash light

Use a Flash light in a suspected area such as your basement to confirm the presence of these spiders as their eyes are reflecting and this can help you beware of them. In this way, you can individually track them down and spray them.

4. Natural solution

There are certain odors which spiders do not like such as that of peppermint oil, cinnamon and citrus smells. Make a spray out of any of the above mentioned and use it directly anytime to encounter a spider or spray it at suspected entry points.

Lavender and Eucalyptus plants are naturally spider-repellant and you can place them all over your house to prevent the entry of these sneaky intruders.

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5. Spider traps

Spiders like closed and barren areas such as your car shed or an empty card board box. You can use natural spider traps such as adhesive substances or you can also use insecticide sprays and spider powder.

If you have a raised back or front yard, you can build mobile home steps there.

Where are they found

The most commonly inhabited areas by these spiders are open spaces such as grasslands where they thrive. They are also found in meadows and relatively barren and isolated spaces such as your car shed or basement.

During their active hunting hours, they are found in leaves and heaps of dirt. During rest time, they occupy burrows as a shelter.

Interesting facts about the Wolf Spider Texas

  1. Unlike most spiders, these spiders do not spin webs. Normally, the function of webs is to trap the prey and bounce upon it. But wolf spiders keep up their name and pounce upon their victims just like wolves, hence leaving no need for a web.
  2. They are the fastest spiders alive. They can run two feet per second, due to which they are also regarded as cheetahs of the spider world.
  3. In early times, wolf spiders were mistakenly named as so because people believed they were a smaller version of wolves due to their hairy appearance and fast speed.
  4. During the breeding season, the males attract the females by waving their palps. After breeding, the female attaches the eggs to her abdomen and carry them with her. The off springs hatch inside the egg and climb upon their mother’s back when they are ready for an independent life.

We hope this has broadened your horizon regarding the Wolf spider Texas!!

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