Summer is at its peak, making it difficult for you to travel back home from your office. You are planning to drink a glass of icy water immediately after entering your home. You open the refrigerator and find that your Frigidaire Ice Maker not working. What a nightmare!

We know how inconvenient that situation is. You are looking forward to the ice and cannot get it when you are desperate for it.So, our professionals decided to discuss some of the problems and causes for your Frigidaire Ice Maker not working. We will discuss the problems along with their solutions so that you can immediately fix this issue.

14 Problems Why Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working Along With Solutions

There are fourteen common problems along with their solutions which you should know.

1. Switch Issues

One of the most common issues for your Frigidaire Ice Maker not working is that it is switched off. 

We have seen a lot of people who don’t realize that their Frigidaire ice maker is switched off because it has a separate power toggle. Most of the time, it is behind the ice bucket.

You may have accidentally switched it off so do check it. But if after switching it on, your Frigidaire ice maker not working, check your switch.

Solution: Take a multimeter (Ohm meter) and check the switch. If there is any issue with it, you need to replace it.

2. Blockage in Ice Water Supply

Issues in Ice water supply are also a common reason for your Frigidaire Ice Maker not working. 

It can happen that your ice water supply freezes in the mid-summer. Or, it can also happen that a blockage has occurred.

When ice freezes in the tray, they are transferred to a lower storage tray. So, when the ice is not fully frozen or refreezing, it can cause a blockage in it.

Solution: You need to switch off the water supply line. Then, run warm water through it. Keep doing it until the ice melts. You can also deal with the blocked ice with the help of a hairdryer or a chisel.

3. Temperature Issues

A refrigerator’s temperature issue can also be a reason for your Frigidaire ice maker not working.

If your refrigerator’s temperature is more than 10° F, then your ice maker will not work properly.

Moreover, if your refrigerator’s temperature is less than 0°F, then its components can also freeze.

Your condenser coil may also be filled with hair and grime so it will not working properly. 

Or, frost has built up in your evaporator coil. If that is the issue, then it will not work properly.

Solution: First of all, make sure that your refrigerator’s temperature is between 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Then if your condenser coil is not clean, you should use a brush to clean it.

Also, check your defrost components. Make sure that they do not fail so that your ice maker keeps working.

Frigidaire Ice Maker-2

4. Faulty Door Seal

If your fridge’s door seal is faulty, then it can cause issues in your Frigidaire ice maker.


Well, it can happen that warm and fresh air from outside can enter into your refrigerator. It will disrupt the inner temperature.

To keep the temperature stable in the refrigerator, the compressor will work harder. So, the insides will become too cold and will end up freezing the tubes.

Solution: The simple solution to this issue is to change your door seal. 

5. Water Issues

Any water issue can also be the reason for the Frigidaire ice maker not working. There can be various types of issues you can face.

It can happen that there is an issue in your water supply line so it is not supplying water properly.

Also, there can be pressure issues too. The ice maker needs 20 psi of minimum water pressure to work. So, if pressure is low, it will not work.

Solution: You can check the water pressure in the line with the help of a kit. If it is low, it can indicate a leak. So, deal with the leak and increase your pressure.

Moreover, if there is an issue in the water supply line, pass warm water through it. It will solve all of your issues.

6. Dirty Water Filter

Every refrigerator uses a water filter to keep bacteria and dirt away from the freezer’s water. They ensure that your ice is pure and of good quality.

But, over time, it can happen that they get clogged. Bacteria and other dirt restricts water flow, resulting in the Frigidaire ice maker not working

Solution: If your water filter is dirty, you need to rinse it. For this, make a mixture of water and vinegar.

Then, immerse the filter in this mixture for 30 minutes. In the end, just rinse it and you will get a clean filter.

Moreover, if it has been more than six months since you replaced your filter, change it now.

7. Ice Maker is not Even

It can happen that your ice maker is not even because your fridge’s level is incorrect.

So, your molds will not fill properly, and you will not get ice. Moreover, the water will be left in the supply line, blocking it.

So, this one issue can lead to various problems in your Frigidaire ice maker.

Solution: Well, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Most of the refrigerators have adjustable feet. 

So, you need a spirit level to check the level of the fridge. Then, adjust each foot of the fridge according to the level. It will solve your issue.

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8. Faulty Water Inlet Valve

There is a valve in your refrigerator that provides water to the ice maker and dispenser. It is an electrically-controlled mechanical valve which is crucial for ice makers to work.

This valve may stop working because of low water pressure, or it has failed to work properly.

Solution: If the water pressure is low, you need to check this issue. For it, close the valve and disconnect its hose. Put the hose in the bucket and check the pressure. We have told you what you need to do when the pressure is low.

But, if there is no issue with your water pressure, then have a multimeter to check your valve. 

If your multimeter gives readings between 500 to 1.5K Ohm, then there is no issue in your valve. But if reading is out of this range, you need to replace your valve.

9. Heater Not Working

Your ice maker has a water heater to function properly. This heater slightly heats the ice cubes so that they can come out of the mold, and then it transfers it to the bucket under it.

So, one of the reasons for the Frigidaire ice maker not working is a faulty heater. Maybe, your heater stopped working which causes ice cubes to get stuck in the mold. This will clog up the system.

Solution: To solve this issue, you need to replace your water heater. There is no other solution to this issue.

Frigidaire Ice Maker-3

10. The issue with the Ice Maker Mold Thermostat

Your ice maker has a thermostat which helps it to work properly. This device keeps checking the temperature of your ice tray.

When the ice tray reaches a proper temperature, the thermostat enables the mold to eject the ice cubes and refill the water in it.

If there is any issue with your thermostat, the ice maker will not work. 

Solution: You should check your thermostat with a meter for continuity. If there is a default in it, you need to replace it. Call a professional person for this issue.

11. Faulty Door Switch

Your door switch can also have an issue which can cause your Frigidaire ice maker not working.

This switch does two things when you open the fridge. It switches on the light and switches off the ice maker and dispenser.

If it has an issue, your dispenser will not switch on which can lead to issues in your ice tray.

Solution: You should use a multimeter to check if the switch is continuous or not. If the meter is saying not, replace the switch.

12. Cracked Ice Cube Tray

If there is an issue in your ice cube tray, it can lead to your Frigidaire ice maker not working.

It can happen that your plastic tray may become brittle and stiff. With time, it becomes old and cracks down.

Solution: The only solution to this issue is to replace a cracked ice tray. 

13. Ice is Stuck in the Mold

One of the major reasons for the Frigidaire ice maker not working is your ice sticks in the mold. 

Maybe the ice maker has incorrectly poured the water into the mold, which leads to this issue. 

As ice is in the tray, the system will not work properly and you will not get more ice.

Solution: In this situation, you need to defrost your ice tray and clean it manually. For it, use warm water to loosen it. Then, take out the cubes yourself. Now, the system will start working properly.

14. System Issues

There can be different bugs in your system which can lead to Frigidaire ice maker not working. There can be stored error codes that can hinder further ice-making.

Solution: You need to switch your machine on and off. Or, you may need to reset the ice maker settings so that it can perform in a better way.

You should also confirm secure electrical connections, outlets, and control panels. There can be issues with them.

So, these are the issues and causes for the Frigidaire ice maker not working.

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