Dyson V8 is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market with its ease of use. The vacuum cleaner has a quite simple interface with LEDs of different colors but the blue light is of prime importance. Let’s explore to fix dyson v8.

Blue light is particularly linked to the charging. It conveys a message about the charging status of the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes this blue light flashes abnormally when charging and you cannot get its meaning. When you fail to understand why it is flashing – you cannot fix it to make the vacuum cleaner functional.

If you encounter your Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging, then you need to understand about its battery first before attempting any fixes and find the reasons behind it. After that you will be able to fix the issue of your Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging. Here is the detailed solution of this flashing blue light issue including ways to deal with the battery, filter, motor and the charging accessories. So, let’s start!

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging – Science Behind

Dyson V8 Vacuum on a table
Dyson V8 Vacuum

Before directly jumping to how to fix the issue of your Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging, it is important for you to learn the science behind its battery and the light relationship.

Dyson V8 is a cordless device and its operation is entirely dependent on the charging – right. It has 4600 mAh battery capacity and it lasts up to 40 minutes in its normal mode. You plug in the device for around 5.5 hours to charge the battery completely. During this charging, the vacuum cleaner indicates its charging status with the lights (red and blue).

For instance, a solid blue light shows the battery is charged and the machine is doing all good.

  • If you see a single flashing light then it means the battery is running out of power and you need to charge your vacuum cleaner.
  • Three times flashing shows the battery is full.
  • However if the blue light keeps on blinking then you need to understand there are some issue with the battery.

Similarly, other reasons for the Dyson V8 Flashing Blue light when charging included: a blocked airway, full dust container, clogged engine filter or interrupted power connection.

Dyson V8 Blue Flashing blue Light when charging SignalMeaning
Solid Blue LightBattery is charged and the machine is functioning properly.
Single Flashing LightBattery is running out of power; vacuum cleaner needs charging.
Flashing Three TimesBattery is fully charged.
Continuous Blinking Blue LightThere’s an issue with the battery, or other reasons like a blocked airway, full dust container, clogged engine filter, or an interrupted power connection.

Fixing Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

Here are some practical ways to fix Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging:

Ensure Proper Connection

One of the first things you need to do when fixing the Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging issue is to ensure power connection. You know proper charging is possible when the correct charger is accurately plugged in the outlet. You can say it is a series of connections that ensure proper charging.

For instance, if the plug is not inserted correctly then how can you charge it.

Similarly, if you forget to turn on the switch then there will be no charging despite plugging in the socket.

There is another possibility of no charging if you have correctly plugged in the charger and switched it on but the outlet has no power connection.

In all these scenarios, you will think you have your Dyson V8 charging but actually it drains and blinks blue light to show low charging.

So, in order to ensure proper connections and charging, just make sure the charger of this vacuum cleaner is fit snug in the outlet having power connection. Plus check the switch is ON. A blue light will stop flashing after some time. 

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Battery Reset

Next is to rest the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner battery. Sometimes this will fix the issue of your Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging. This is a typical troubleshooting approach for many electronic devices. But it is worth doing. This is because the battery is the prime power source for cordless devices. By doing so, you halt any ongoing process and provide a fresh starting point.

So, if your Dyson V8 shows flashing blue light then you need to remove its battery. Just make sure the device is powered off before doing this and be gentle with the device. Do not apply pressure when detaching the battery to avoid damaging the battery or the vacuum’s connectors.

Similarly, some vacuum cleaners can retain a small amount of residual power in their capacitors. So press and hold the trigger to discharge power and wait for around 10 to 20 seconds. When you do this, minor malfunctions are cleared out and your issue of flashing light can be solved. Now reattach the battery and charge carefully. Hopefully your issue will be resolved. Otherwise move on to the next solution. 

Check the Charger

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging
Charging Dyson V8 Vacuum

Now is the time to check the charger of your Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner. The charger can easily get dust or grime from the environment. So, the wise solution is to clean it with a soft piece of cloth and try it again. It is good if charging continues and there is a possibility of physical damage.

Chargers can easily get damaged or crack to interrupt charging. You can use an alternative charger that is compatible to your device. Normally, Dyson models have similar connectors so make sure you connect compatible charger. Now monitor for the flashing blue light. If your device charges smoothly with an alternative charger (without blue light flashing) it means the original charger is the main culprit. Your issue will be resolved with a new and compatible Dyson V8 charger.

If the alternative charger does not solve the issue then you need to consider the next solution for the issue of your “Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging”.

Inspect the Battery

Do you know most of the Dyson V8 flashing blue light issues are due to poor battery conditions?

Batteries are the powerhouse of cordless devices and the same is the case with this vacuum cleaner. So, immediately check the battery condition when your Dyson V8 shows flashing blue light.

In physical inspection, you can check for any damage or leakage. For instance, you can observe battery’s outer condition. Is it swollen or not? Sometimes overcharging or excessive heat can destroy your battery. So do not underestimate a swollen battery. It can not only result in poor charging but can also rupture, leak or in extreme cases, catch fire.

Consider a battery replacement in case you have identified bad battery condition.

Empty the Dust Bin

Sometimes extra loads in Dyson results in no charging or simply makes an error in the form of a flashing blue light. In such a case, you need to deal with the dust bin. It is not technical at all and you can do it in a minute. All you need is to hold the handle on the dustbin assembly. Now press down the red button to detach the mop.

After detaching the mop, hold down the bin over the trash basket and press the red bin release button. You will see the bottom of the bin will open and you can empty the debris. Now wipe the bin with a soft cloth and reassemble everything. Put your Dyson on charging. There is an absolute chance that your device will be functional with no flashing blue light error.

Clean or Replace the Filter

There are filters in Dyson V8 that play a crucial role of trapping fine particles and keep the air clean. When you continuously use the device, these filters accumulate dirt or debris. This debris clogs the filter that restricts air flow and your machine’s efficiency is diminished. So, this overall activity makes a bad impact on your device. It detects inefficiencies and shows a flashing blue light as an indication that something is wrong with the filter.

Thus, you can clean or replace the filter carefully. Just make sure to unplug the device when doing this job and detach the dust container from the cleaner. Locate the motor filter screws and unscrew them. Detach the motor filter and clean them thoroughly. Do not using any chemical or pointed object to unclog the blocked filter. Similarly look for any damage. If you find physical damage to the filter, consider its replacement and you will be done with the solution for flashing blue light.

A good advice is to also use cleaning solutions with the vacuum cleaner so cleaning is not hard for the machine.

Contact Dyson Customer Support for Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light when Charging

If you have tried all possible methods to fix Dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging and got no results then it is best to contact Dyson customer support. Their customer support is appreciable in addressing issues with their products. You can virtually contact them and mention your issue. They will give a tailored advice for your issue. Before contacting support, make sure you have your vacuum’s serial number, purchase date, warranty status and the clear description of the issue. Just follow their advice and do the same as directed. Your Dyson V8 will stop flashing blue light and you will enjoy cleaning at your place.

Conclusion – Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When charging

The blue light in Dyson V8 is an indicator of the charging status. But flashing blue light shows something is unusual with the device. If your Dyson also shows a flashing blue light, don’t panic and follow all the guidelines given above. Strategically identify the root cause making this trouble and fix it. Either it will be the faulty charger, bad battery or a problem with power connection. Whatever the reason is you can fix it. Otherwise, you have right to contact support for more customized query.

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