Choosing the best circular driveway for your home is a challenging task. Unfortunately, we have encountered multiple homeowners struggling with this decision. They struggle because just like there are multiple varieties of driveway gates, there are a multitude of different driveway designs as well. All of the options have their unique set of pros and cons. They impact the beauty and functionality of the house in different ways, so it is important to become well informed about the different types.

We have devised this article to help out these confused homeowners. In this article, we will discuss one of the most popular driveway designs; The Circular Driveway. Our team will discuss the pros and cons of circular driveway so that you can make an educated decision. Lets dive right in!

What is a Circular Driveway?

As the name indicates, is a driveway in the shape of a circle. It covers the entrance to the home, then curves outward, and back onto itself in a circular way.

Sometimes, there are two entrances to the circular driveway. One entrance point is typically used for the car to enter into the driveway, and the other entrance point is used for cars to exit.

Most circular driveways also contain at least one landscaping feature. This feature can be a fountain or statue. To improve aesthetics, homeowners have installed the following features: accent lighting, stone pavers, or even plants. This driveway is also typically gated off with a fence.

When choosing a circular driveway, you should keep the landscaping in mind. Landscaping features should not be too big, and it should be well maintained. Otherwise, it will obstruct your view of the road.

Safety experts suggest that you should keep the landscape maintenance low so that you can look at the road while turning the circle in the driveway. Architects also suggest that your landscape is symmetrical.

With that being said, there is one rule regarding the dimensions of a circular driveway. Bigger homes should have a big circular driveway. For example, if a house is 120 feet long, the outer diameter of your circular driveway should be 90 feet long.

Most of the time, this driveway type is 12-14 feet in depth and 10 feet in width. But, it can vary as well. If someone has big cars such as RVs, they will have to build a big circular driveway.

For homeowners with limited space, the semi-circular driveway is sometimes the best option. For example, we have seen a lot of homeowners choose a horseshoe driveway. This resembles the shape of the U. It somewhat resembles a semi-oval.

Now that you are more informed on what a circular driveway is, lets explore the pros and cons.

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Pros of a Circular Driveway

house with a Circular Driveway
Circular Driveway

There are various advantages of a circular driveway. Some of the most popular pros are:

1. Curb Appeal

Many masonry contractors and experts believe that the circular driveways increases the curb appeal of your house. It gives the first solid impression of your house and draws people to it.

The circular driveway is also a modern designed driveway so it will increase the grandeur and aesthetic appeal to your home. Eventually, it enhances your property value. So, you can sell your house for more if you have a driveway.

2. Multiple Cars

One great feature that you gain with a circular driveway is that you can park multiple cars at one time. This is an amazing aspect especially when you have limited street parking. This is also very convenient if you host gatherings or parties at your home. Your guests wont have to worry about parking.

Moreover, there are some vehicles that are larger. If you own a sports utility vehicle (SUV) or a RV, then you need a place to accommodate them. A circular driveway may be needed if you have large vehicles to store.

Additionally, you might want to consider a circular driveway if you have multiple vehicles. This driveway is also advantageous for growing families with teenagers or at home college students. They will be able to safely park their cars in the driveway.

3. Grand Entrance

The circular driveway gives the appeal of a grand entrance. This is why many homeowners choose this type of driveway.

Usually, it has two grand entrances so multiple cars can exit the driveway at the same time. This is a feature that other driveways lack. So, it becomes a commodity for homeowner.

The entrance is also grand because it is easy to enter and exit. Multiple cars can exit from the driveway at one time without being boxed in or stuck because there are multiple cars.

4. No room for Accidents

A great feature of the circular driveway is that there are no room for accidents. It ensures extra safety and protection for you, your family, and your guests.

Because this driveway is spacious enough for you to enter and exit the car without bashing anything, it is safe and convenient. Moreover, if you have two entry points, you don’t need to back your car into a busy street. Reverse driving can cause accidents.

That’s why homeowners love circular driveways. They don’t need to reverse their car to get out, which can prove to be a safety concern.

5. Gives Aesthetic Appeal to your Front Yard

The circular driveway gives an aesthetic appeal to your front yard. This is because it has grand entrances, a unique design, and a well maintained landscape.

The landscape provides a focal point to your house, causing all eyes to be on your house. This landscape can also allow you to be creative with your front yard and provide an aesthetic appeal to your house. You can add different types of statues, water features, fountains, or greenery in your front yard according to your preference.

We have even seen homeowners designing patios or unique gardens in their driveways. Be aware that the circle’s geometry can also make a small grass space appear massive.

So, you need to choose your décor and aesthetics wisely. In any case, the landscaping features will always remain safe because of the driveway shape. Cars will always have a separate lane. So, they can’t destroy anything in your front yard. These custom aspects will also increase the value of your home.

Now that you know about the advantages of the circular driveway, we are going to discuss a few disadvantages associated with this driveway.

Disadvantages of a Circular Driveway

house with a Circular Driveway
Circular Driveway

1. Expensive

The circular driveway needs a lot of time and materials to create. With that being said, it is one of the most expensive driveway types. It can cost around $4000 to $10,000 to construct this driveway.

The landscape features of it also take a lot of money and effort. You need to buy high-quality material for it so that your driveway will have a long life.

But, this circular driveway and its landscape will also add to the value of your house. So, it is well worth the expensive price tag. You will certainly get the money back on your investment if you decide to sell your home.

If you have the budget for a circular driveway, it is a good decision. However, if your finances do not permit this, it is advisable to explore other driveway options. If you must have a driveway, you have to look for ways to cut costs. You can save money with a more simpler design.

2. Takes up a lot of space

This driveway needs a lot of space so it is suitable for large homes only. You have to have a bigger front yard to even construct. Their diameter and length are much bigger than other driveways.

So, it is imperative to consider the space for your driveway. Do you have enough space or are there any space issues?

If there are any space issues, you shouldn’t go for this driveway.

3. Turnaround Spot for Strangers

This driveway options, a common complaint is having strangers reverse into your driveway. Usually, these drivers need to turn around and see your driveway as the perfect opportunity.

This can be especially irritating at night. Additionally, it can cause a lot of noise and disturbance. Moreover, it is not very safe either. Random strangers being able to come to your property can raise safety concerns. But, you can avoid this issue if you plan the landscape of your plants. You can also install a gate that blocks entrance to your driveway. You can discuss this aspect with your architect, and they may come up with a solution.

Now you are more informed about the advantages and disadvantages. You may have noticed that the functionality level of this driveway is higher than its disadvantages.

But, you need to consider a few other aspects before installing a circular driveway.

Aspects to Consider Before Installing a Circular Driveway

If you consider these aspects, you can enjoy the full advantages of your circular driveway. Otherwise, you may face different issues.

  • You should see the designs of circular driveways in your neighborhood. It can help you come out with an effective layout for your house.
  • We suggest you consider the local building codes to know which type of driveway is permitted for your house.
  • If you live in a place where roads get icy in the winter, you should make sure that your circular driveway doesn’t have a short radius. It will be dangerous for you.
  • You should make sure that your circular driveway has multiple drainage points. This will ensure that water doesn’t stand in your driveway. It will also prevent leaks. In fact, slope away your driveway from your home, garage, and neighbors. This will allow the water to run off toward the street.
  • If your property is below the street level, we suggest you install a channel drain.
  • The design of your circular driveway should be according to your home’s style. For example, if your house is heavily decorated, you should go for simple designs. This will create symmetry in your house.
  • Lastly, you should ensure that the layout of your circular driveway is not obstructing any of your walkways or entry points. For example, we have seen homeowners complain that they can’t park more than one car in their circular driveway. This is because doing so would obstruct their pathway toward the garage or front door. So, you need to consider such aspects while designing your circular driveway.

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages of a circular driveway. We hope it has helped you in choosing the best driveway for your home.

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