You filled your GE dishwasher’s racks with utensils, turned it ON, and found that it is not in service anymore. That’s frustrating and will waste a lot of your time for nothing. But what is the reason for it? Why does the problem of GE Dishwasher No Power happen?

It can be due to power supply issues, broken door latch, poor functioning control board, and dishwasher leakage. The good news is that you can fix it yourself without calling a technician. However, it’s only possible when you have proper equipment and tools along with a brief understanding of the thorough repair procedure.

In this precise guide, we’ll walk you through the most common reasons for the GE dishwasher no power issue and their proper solutions. So, it will help you to bring your dishwasher back to service in no time. So, let’s get started with a useful guide to finish up our dish cleaning!

GE Dishwasher No Power: 11 Reasons and Their Solutions

Worker Fixing GE Dishwasher
Worker Fixing GE Dishwasher

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Your GE dishwasher will have no power supply if there is any issue with its main control board, driver motor, door lock switch, or water supply. All these issues can lead to a poorly functioning GE dishwasher that may not have any power at all. However, you can fix the GE dishwasher no power supply issue quickly after diagnosing the reason for it.

GE is one of the most popular dishwasher manufacturing brands, but its appliances can also undergo certain malfunctions. Here are the solid reasons for poor power connection for GE dishwashers along with their effective solutions. Many of these solutions also work for other appliances. Please check out our other dishwasher troubleshooting article.  Adopt one of these solutions that suits well in your case;

1- Disconnected Power Supply

One of the basic reasons for the issue of the GE dishwasher no power is a disconnected power supply. Possibly, the power inlet may be broken or there will be any issue with the power cable. No matter what, the dishwasher will not start if there is no power supply.

How to Fix It? Double check your home’s circuit breaker and ensure it’s tripped. If tripped, turn it ON. If the breaker is okay, try plugging in the switch into another socket. But if this also fails to work, move on to the next diagnosis step.

2- Dishwasher Leaks

Most of the latest GE dishwasher models come equipped with a leak protection unit. This sensor turns the dish washing machine OFF if there is any leak present.

How to Fix It? If leaks are the cause for your GE dishwashers no power issue, locate the leak and fix it. After the fixture, your machine will start working again.

3- Poor Water Supply

GE dishwashers have a water shut off valve under the sink. If it’s not turned on or is broken, the washer will not start in both of these cases.

How to Fix It? If the valve is not turned on, turn it on, and then restart the washer. Hopefully, it will start. But, you will have to call a professional if the valve is facing any breakdown and needs to be replaced.

4- Misbehaving Door Lock Switch

Your Dishwasher’s door is part of its safety protocols and the washer will not start the cycle if you forget to close the door.

How to Fix It? Locate the door switch on your dishwasher. Usually, it’s near the control panel. Turn it ON to close the door and start the machine again.

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5- Broken Driver Motor

Worker Fixing GE Dishwasher
Worker Fixing GE Dishwasher

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The driver motor is a major mechanical component for your dishwasher that runs the whole operation. Whether the motor is not getting electricity supply or it’s burned, the whole system will fail to work.

How to Fix It? When the driver motor fails to work mechanically or doesn’t get electricity supply at all, it needs to be fixed. So, diagnose the issues with the driver motor and fix them accordingly.

6- Defective Control Board

The control panel or board is the brain of any electrical appliance. Anything wrong with this board will result in possible failure. If the dishwasher is not getting power supply, the control board can be the culprit for it.

How to Fix It? If the control panel is not working, the control panel, start button, and other important components will not work. So, you have to replace the panel as a whole to restore the functionality of your GE dishwasher.

7- Power Cord Issue

The power cord is also one of the major culprits for no power supply on GE dishwashers. The cord will not supply power when it’s loose within the socket. The dishwasher will not turn on when there is no power supply at all.

How to Fix It? Check for the wall socket that supplies the power to the dishwasher via the power cord. Then check for any damage to the extension and fix it immediately to restore the functionality of your dishwasher.

8- Turn OFF the Demo Mode

If the demo mode on your GE dishwasher is on and you have done with the demo, it will not turn ON again until you cancel this mode. So, ensure you have set the machine to running mode before starting the procedure.

How to Fix It? If you have mistakenly turned ON the demo mode and don’t know how to cancel it, simply press and hold “Start” and “Heated Dry” buttons at the same time. Keep holding them for at least 5 seconds and it will reset the washer to the run mode.

9- Turn OFF the Control Lock

Control lock is also called a child lock out system that adds an additional security layer to GE dishwashers. The purpose of this lock is to prevent accidental operation of the washer. So, it will not power on when the control lock is on.

How to Fix It? Like canceling the demo mode, each model has special instructions for turning OFF the control lock mechanism. So, follow the user’s instructions to turn it ON.

10- Broken or Poor Door Fit

Sometimes, the door of the GE dishwasher doesn’t close properly. It’s also a reason for no power in the dishwasher. Mostly, the door latch is the culprit that’s hard to diagnose and fix.

How to Fix It? Unfortunately, fixing the broken door latch of your dishwasher yourself is impossible. So, you need proper guidelines on it. It’s good to call the GE dishwasher support team to get help on this issue or get help from a professional.

11- Washing Cycle Issues

When you put in incorrect washing cycle settings, the washer power will not turn ON. So, the washing cycle won’t start.

How to Fix It? If you see that the washing cycle settings are not fed properly to your washer, hold the reset button. It will fix all the issues and will restart the cycle as a whole. After resetting the machine, change the washing cycle settings from “Quick/Turbo Wash” to “Regular Wash.” It will also fix the issue.

What Should I Do If Nothing Works For: GE Dishwasher no Power

If none of the above fixtures work for you, you can try resetting the GE dishwasher to bring it back to service. Resetting your GE dishwasher is quite easy and you can do it in a few seconds.

Simply, press the “Start/Reset” button and then wait for almost 120 seconds. Hopefully, the machine will turn ON after resetting. If it doesn’t turn ON, it will take another 30 seconds to get started. It’s another effective remedy if the GE dishwasher has no power.

Why is My Brand New GE Dishwasher Not Turning ON?

If you installed a brand new GE dishwasher but it doesn’t start when you turn it on, call the professionals who installed it. Moreover, it’s good to check for all the above listed possible power issues prior to calling a technician.

Remember, the warranty of your GE dishwasher doesn’t cover installation issues. It’s the responsibility of the technicians who installed the washer to restore its functionality. So, call them and ask for a thorough check up if there is no power to your dishwasher.


The issue of GE Dishwasher No Power is very common. Power supply issues, poor water supply, broken control panel, leakage, and turned ON safety mechanism are some reasons for it. So, it’s good to check for all the possibilities that may affect the functionality of your GE dishwasher.

If nothing works, there is still hope in the form of resetting. That’s why you reset your GE dishwasher if it has no power and none of the other remedies help you. If nothing works for you, there is no option except calling the professional technicians for assistance!

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!


When should I call for professional help for the GE Dishwasher No Power problem?

It’s good to call for professional help when your GE dishwasher is facing any functional issue and troubleshooting is not fixing it. In most of the cases, resetting the water supply, fixing the power issues, and unlocking all the safeties will bring the washer back to service. But if nothing works for you, get professional help.

Why does my dishwasher beep but doesn’t start?

If something is stuck in the drain pipe and water is not draining or the machine has power supply issues, it will beep but wont start. If the blockage is the issue, clear the drain pipe. However, reset the dishwasher if power outage is the diagnosed reason for its beeping and poor functioning.

Why is my dishwasher filling but not washing the dishes?

When you don’t clean the dishwasher regularly or its filters are dirty, it will fill but will not wash the dishes. Also, it may be due to stuck detergent in the washer rack of the dishwasher. Fix the issues to ensure your dishwasher performs its duty effectively.

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