When a toilet is unused for a long time or is not cleaned regularly then it can develop rust stains. This rust is caused by many factors such as:

  • Corroded pipes
  • Iron-rich water
  • Usage of cleaning products

So, how to clean rust from toilet bowl? Let’s explore. A toilet that is filled with rust stains is not a very pleasing sight. They are a bit tough to remove but by using the methods we have mentioned in this article you might be able to easily remove them. We have also mentioned how to clean rust from toilet bowl using both natural and commercial toilet cleaners. However, it’s your choice to determine the method that is most suitable for you.

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What Causes Rust Stains In Toilet (How To Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

Worker Cleaning Toilet Bowl From Rust.
Worker Cleaning Toilet Bowl From Rust.

By getting into further details about why the rust stain appeared in the toilet in the first place, we can have a clear idea about how they are caused. Once we know the cause then they can be removed using products that are effective in that specific situation. Below we have mentioned the reasons behind the occurrence of different rust stains and how to remove them:

Stains caused by mold: Mold consists of microscopic organisms that develop in warm and damp conditions. They not only grow but also reproduce on these surfaces leading to rust stains. It is best to call for professional help if you see any rust-colored spots in your toilet. They will fix any leaks in the system that are causing the damp and humid conditions.

  • Stains caused by copper: These types of rust stains can also develop if high copper content water is used in your area. However, you can prevent them by installing filters that prevent copper from entering your plumbing system.
  • Stains caused by minerals: There are many minerals in water and some of these are the cause of rust stains in toilets, one of the main culprits is limescale. The stains and spots that appear for this reason can be removed by regular scrubbing and cleaning.

Tools and Materials Required (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl.
Worker Cleaning Toilet Bowl From Rust.

If you’re planning to clean your toilet bowl, here is a list of all the tools and materials that are needed to remove them effectively:

Tools Needed (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl):

  • Rubber gloves: For protecting your hands due to hygiene purposes
  • Toilet brush: This brush has hard bristles that help scrub of all the stains from the toilet
  • Old toothbrush: It is needed for scrubbing small and stubborn spots
  • Plastic or wooden stick: It is needed to stir all the cleaning materials that have been added to the toilet

Materials (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl):

  • Vinegar: Vinegar is a great option for removing rust from your toilet and is used in cleaning many other things around your home. However, while most people use food grade vinegar, you must know that it is also available in a type that is used for cleaning purposes.
  • Commercial rust removers: These are readily available in supermarkets and hardware stores. They have strong chemicals that help remove rust easily.
  • Lemon juice and salt: Lemon juice and salt combined together, works as a great scrub for removing rust. The citric acid present in the lemon works as the cleaning agent.
  • Baking soda and citric acid: The alkaline pH levels of the baking soda helps neutralize and removes acidic rust. When it’s mixed in the correct ratio with citric acid then it works even better at removing stains.
  • Pumice stone: They are a reliable option as their textures help in removing rust from toilets. It can simply be used by wetting the stone and rubbing it over the rust spot.
  • Commercial toilet cleaner: Once rust has been removed from the toilet, then you can use these toilet cleaners to disinfect and clean the toilet bowl.

Steps Needed (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

Step 1: Safety Precautions (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

When starting the cleaning process it’s important to ensure your safety. Simple things like putting on rubber gloves and wearing a mask can prevent your hands from the chemicals and nose from inhaling the chemical fumes released from commercial cleaners.

Step 2: Prepare the Toilet Bowl (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

It’s important to drain water from the toilet bowl using a toilet plunger before cleaning as it helps in effective rust removal.

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Choose a Rust Removal Method (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

There are many methods available for removing rust from toilet bowls, we have mentioned the most effective ones below:

Method 1: Using a commercial rust remover (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

While using a commercial cleaner it is essential to follow the instructions that are written on it.

Pour it on the affected area for the recommended duration.

Scrub the toilet using a toilet brush in order to remove all the stains.

Flush the toilet to remove the residue.

Method 2: Vinegar and baking soda (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

Pour 1 cup of vinegar to the toilet bowl along with 1 cup of baking powder.

Allow them to sit for 10-15 minutes so the rust stains can loosen up.

Now use the toilet brush to scrub off the stains.

After waiting again for a few minutes, use the toilet brush to clean the toilet completely one last time.

Method 3: Lemon juice and salt paste (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

Squeeze a big sized lemon into a bowl and add two to three tablespoons of salt to make a thick paste.

This paste can be used to remove rust stains as lemon has acid and salt is abrasive.

By rubbing them on the rust stains with the help of a toothbrush you can remove rust stains easily.

Allow it to stay for 10-15 minutes then scrub again till the stains are removed.

Step 4: Final Cleaning and Disinfection (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

Once you are done removing the stains then pour some toilet cleaner in the toilet to clean and disinfect it. If you follow all of these steps, you will know how to clean rust from toilet bowl.

Step 5: Preventing Future Rust Stains (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

After cleaning the rust stains in your toilet bowl you will surely realize how hard this task was to accomplish. Therefore it’s important to prevent it from happening in future and this can be done if you take the following preventive measures:

  • Clean your toilet regularly to prevent any build up.
  • If you notice corrosion or rust in your toilet bowl then it’s essential to replace them to prevent issues.
  • Install appliances like a water softener, this will help reduce the supply of iron in water.
  • Avoid using chemicals that are harsh on the surface of the toilet.
  • Check your water pipes for rust, if its present in them then get new pipes.
  • Address plumbing issues such as leaks on time to prevent the occurrence of rust.

Conclusion (How to Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

The rust stains in toilets are caused by many reasons, these reasons have more to do with the pollutants in the water rather than poor cleanliness and hygiene. Cleaning these stains is no doubt a challenging task, therefore regular cleaning and installation of filters can prevent rust stains.

After going through this article, you now know how to clean rust from toilet bowl. Therefore, make sure to follow the steps mentioned in this article to have a clean and hygienic toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (How To Clean Rust From Toilet Bowl)

How to clean rust from toilet bowl?

Rust can be cleaned from the toilet bowl using different materials such as commercial rust removing cleaners, baking soda, lemon juice, or salt and vinegar. Along with these, you also require different tools to clean the toilet such as a toothbrush, toilet cleaning brush, rubber gloves, mask and a wooden or plastic stick. After cleaning the toilet you should ensure that the toilet is regularly cleaned to prevent future rust stains.

Can natural cleaning methods be used to learn how to clean rust stains from toilet bowls?

Yes, natural ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and baking soda are quite effective at removing rust stains from a toilet. Using natural ingredients ensures an effective and safe alternative to commercial ones.

How can future rust stain be prevented in a toilet bowl?

In order to prevent the occurrence of future rust stains you can use water filters, water softeners, avoid strong and harsh chemicals, keep a check on corroded components of the flush and most importantly, regularly clean the toilet.

Are rust stains in my toilet a sign of a plumbing issue?

It is possible. When you find rust stains in your toilet, they are usually caused by iron. This means that there is corrosion in your plumbing system causing this rust. This could just be because your system is old. If you notice other issues, please call a plumber.

What are the health risks associated with cleaning rust from a toilet bowl?

As long as you use protective gear like rubber gloves and follow safety precautions, cleaning rust from a toilet bowl does not cause any significant health risks. However, avoid inhaling strong cleaning fumes and ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom.

Can a pumice stone be used to remove rust stains from a toilet bowl?

Yes! Since pumice stones have an abrasive surface, therefore, they can be used to rub off rust stains. However, since they have a hard material they can scratch the surface of the toilet bowl, it’s recommended to use gentle methods of cleaning the toilet.

What can be done if rust stains persist even after using the recommended methods to clean the toilet?

If the stains of rust persist even after using the recommended cleaning methods then it’s advised to seek professional help. Find A Pro Near You Here!