As the name specifies, an air mover is a multipurpose electrical appliance that moves the air around for different purposes. It is also commonly called an air blower. The most common uses of this air moving outlet is drying carpet, dispersing air, removing fumes, and cooling industrial areas. However, one can use it for some other purposes as well by equipping it with necessary tools and additional accessories.

There are different types of these movers available on the market, which makes them a universal equipment. All these types of air movers differ slightly and serve different purposes. So, one can choose the right appliance that meets his/her preferences and personal needs.

It’s important to learn how it works and when it should be installed. Knowing this, one can make an informed decision without wasting time on inspecting different models. In this article, we’ll discuss what an air mover is, along with its unique features. So, keep scrolling to learn whether it suits your needs or not!

Most Common Uses

An air mover is a handy electrical unit that circulates the air for different purposes. One can utilize this beneficial tool according to his/her needs and preferences. The most common uses of this appliance are listed here;

1- Drying Purposes

Women holding an Air Mover
Woman holding an Air Mover

Air blowers push the air at a high velocity that proves helpful for different drying purposes. It can dry industrial floors instantly, dry carpets after rain, help paint dry, or dry water after a flood. One can prevent structural damage in different areas by utilizing this unique outlet.

2- Fume Purifier

Industrial spaces give off very pungent odors that may disturb workers, especially those suffering from any respiratory health issues. However, an air mover can help eliminate the bad smelling air out of a location. With this, the work place can become more pleasant by using the air mover to remove bad odors.

3- Cooling Industrial Spaces

An air blower proves a very effective tool to cool the motors of different electrical appliances in certain industries. Its blower will supply fresh and cool air to the motors to keep them functional without any overheating issues.

4- Air Circulation in Larger Spaces

Industrial Air Mover
Industrial Air Mover

Air blowers can help disperse the air in larger spaces where normal fans fail to work. Moreover, it can move lightweight objects with its strong air blower. It can also be used to separate the impurities from some heavy materials, like iron. The heavy object will remain intact and the lightweight objects will move away with the air pressure.

5- Preventing Mildew

Air blowers play a dual role in keeping the surfaces safe from mildew and mold growth. Water damaged basements are more at risk of mold and mildew growth. This air blower can dry a surface as soon as it gets wet. Secondly, it’s capable of moving mildew and mold away from the surface with its high pressure air throw. So, they are effective in keeping the surface mold free and clean.

6- Water Evaporator

Sometimes, the home water line may get damaged and leave the surface moist. This becomes a breeding ground for moss and mildew growth which may also result in respiratory issues. However, an air mover can work efficiently to dry the surface by evaporating the water immediately. Additionally, you can dry pipes instantly with the air moving equipment if they need any maintenance or repair.

7- Drying Your Pets

Like other small air blowers, an air mover can be used to dry pet fur after a bath. It will take a few seconds to dry the skin of your pet and make it fresh.

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How to Use an Air Mover?

Using an air blower for any purpose is quite simple and easy to set up. Simply, place the air moving appliance in the room and point its opening end towards the surface you want to dry or cool. Ensure the outlet of the mover is at least 6 inches away from the surface that needs its application.

Then plug in the mover switch and turn in ON. Keep checking the surface and turn the air mover OFF soon after the purpose is fulfilled. Never leave it unattended once you have set it to do its job. This way you can benefit from this useful piece of equipment.

7 Vibrant Features of Air Movers

Air blowers are gaining popularity due to their unique features and vast range of appliances. You can utilize its different capabilities to fulfill your purpose. Here are the most important features of this handy electrical gadget;

1. Easy Portability

Most of the latest models of air blowers tend to be lightweight, so moving them around according to requirements is quite easy. You can take them anywhere to get its services for any of the above listed purposes.

2. No Regular Maintenance

The assembling of the air blower is quite simple. They don’t feature any moving parts. So, there are no parts that need proper care and maintenance. This means you can keep them in service for a long time with a little or no maintenance.

3. Highly Reliable

The air moving equipment doesn’t have any sharp-edges or moving parts. So, they are highly reliable to use even on a surfaces where your toddlers are playing.

4. Safe to Use

Some electrical equipment is unsafe to operate in areas that are prone to fires or explosions. However, an air mover works on compressed air technology. So, it’s quite safe to use in such environments.

5. Instant Control

Controlling an air blower is quite easy. It is also just a single click away from you. When operating a fan for the same purpose, you’ll have to wait for its blades to gain maximum speed. However, an air mover throws compressed air at a high pressure as soon as you turn it ON.

6. Quieter Than Blower Fans

Most of the high speed industrial fans tend to be very loud and cause a lot of disturbance. However, air movers are relatively quieter and will not disturb you when working.

7. Precise Air Circulation

Another benefit of using an air blower on an industrial level is that it’s helpful in projecting the air to places that are hard to reach. It works where normal industrial fans fail to work. The only bad thing about these high pressure blowers is that they tend to be a little bit pricey due to their exceptional features.

When Should I Use an Air Mover?

An air mover is a good option for you if you are facing trouble to dry a large and hard to reach area. It dries the surfaces by absorbing the moisture with compressed air and prevents mold growth as well. Moreover, an air mover can be your buddy if you want to dry any space faster.

Additionally, if your water pipeline is broken and needs immediate repairing but you don’t have any source to dry it, an air mover is the best option for you. Similarly, if you reside in an area that features frequent flooding, having an air mover can be a blessing for you to keep your home floor dry and clean.

How Does an Air Mover Differ from a Fan?

The way in which an air blower and fan generate air set them apart from one another. An air blower throws air at a higher speed while a fan’s air throw speed is relatively slower. A mover is specialized to throw air in one area. Meanwhile, a fan spreads the air around the whole surface without pointing out a single location.

If you want a simple ventilation system for your space, a fan is a good option. However, if you are looking for a system that will point particular surfaces only, an air mover will be a great option for you. Moreover, an air moving machine tends to be pricey due to its unique features. So, go for a simple blower fan if you are on a budget. All of these things keep the two options in two different slots.


In conclusion, we learned what an air mover does. These units compress the air and helps push it to an area that is hard to reach. In short, they are blowers that can be used to cool, ventilate, or dry a particular surface. These differ from the regular industrial blowers and fans with their working mechanism and shape.

These specialized electric tools can be used for different purposes like water evaporation to dry spaces, drying paint, projecting air into a tight space, and so on. However, it’s necessary to diagnose whether you need an industrial fan or an air mover for your space.

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Is investing in an air mover worth it?

Yes, investing in this air blowing device is a useful investment if you need an instant drying solution or are looking to ventilate a specialized area. It helps in evaporating the moisture from the water pipelines to repair them. So, they can be used for different purposes both on industrial as well as a domestic level.

What are the different types of air movers?

Centrifugal, compact, downdraftz and axial air blowers are some of the most important types of air moving equipment. All these types have different features and serve different purposes. So, it’s important to diagnose their capabilities before finalizing your purchase.

How do air movers help in construction?

They prove helpful in construction by cooling the machinery, maintaining the temperature, dispersing the fumes, and ventilating the area. All this helps to maintain the internal temperature and overall environment to keep both labor and machinery working efficiently. Also, it helps to remove the toxic gases like carbon monoxide or volatile organic compounds from tight spaces.