Bosch has a long history of producing quality-ensured and innovative products. Their dishwashers not only help you clean the utensils but also provide you with very user-friendly features that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. The Bosch dishwasher has made life easy by automating the task of hand-washing dishes.

The interior of their dishwashers are either stainless steel or plastic depending upon the model. When you place your dirty utensils in, you wont have to worry about the laborious task of washing the dishes with your hands. Also, the advanced washing system ensures that dishes come clean the first time. This is because the system includes powerful spray arms, water jets, and perfect water temperature. Even though these dishwashers are an amazing home appliance, they are not perfect. Just like any other appliance, problems can arise over time. One of the most common errors you will see is the Bosch dishwasher E24 error. Although the Bosch dishwasher E24 error is frustrating; it can be fixed.

This guide is to help any homeowner fix the E24 error. If you need to troubleshoot your Bosch refrigerator, click here.  Before jumping straight into fixing your Bosch dishwasher E24 error, we need to first understand the causes behind this error.

Reasons behind Bosch dishwasher E24 error

Bosch dishwasher in a kitchen, fill with dishes
Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers are amazing in many ways. However, like any other electric home appliance, they can also show errors. This can happen for a number of different reasons. Typically when your Bosch dishwasher E24 error shows up, it indicates there is an issue related to the water supply or drainage system. However, there could be other reasons as well. These are the different  reasons behind the Bosch dishwasher E24 error:

Clogged Filter

In order to function properly, the drain of the dishwasher must be clear. Sometimes, there are particles in the filter that can cause a clog. The result is an obstruction in the water flow. This blockage is also the most common reason behind the E24 error code in your Bosch dishwasher. 

Drain Hose Blockage

A drain hose blockage is another highlighted reason behind the E24 error. If the drain hose is blocked, it will result in problems with draining water. As a result, the machine will not work the way it should, and the error message will appear. You must always make sure that the drain hose has no obstructions. 

Garbage Disposal Blockage

Man using Bosch dishwasher in a kitchen, fill with dishes
Bosch Dishwasher

A garage disposal unit is responsible for collecting all the food particles from the utensils in the dishwasher. If your Bosch dishwasher model is linked with a garbage disposal unit then make sure it is not blocked with large particles of food. If there are large particles caught in the garbage disposal, the E24 error code will appear.

Blockage in The Pump Impeller

The pump impeller in the dishwasher is responsible for the drainage of water. It can get clogged or obstructed if there are too many food particles present. Any blockage in the pump impeller will eventually result in Bosch dishwasher E24 error.

Installation Issues

Sometimes, we overlook the basic factors when it comes to errors in the machines. Poor or inadequate installation of the dishwasher can lead to an E24 error. Additionally, this code will appear with improper installation. The drainage systems have to be installed correctly in order to function properly. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure your dishwasher is installed correctly when hooked up to an external garbage disposal. 

High drain loop issues

Bosch dishwashers have a high drain loop within them. This loop is responsible for the back flow of water when it comes to dirty water. If this high drain loop is not properly installed or is not present in the machine, the dirty water will stay the same throughout the process keeping the utensils dirty. As a result, the E24 error message will show up. To find out more about why this may happen, it is advisable to learn more about drain waste vent plumbing.

Water Supply Issues

Often times, there is an issue with the water supply. These issues include the following: Issues with the water valve, Poor supply of water, and Low water pressure. As a result, the drainage system will not work properly, and the E24 error message will show up. 

Too Many Suds

Too many suds will cause errors in dishwashers. The reason this happens is often associated with the washing detergent. If you use too much or the wrong kind of detergent, it will result in too many suds. This will cause your Bosch dishwasher to stop working completely. It will also show the E24 error code to prevent further damage.

Overloading of dishwasher

Adding too many dishes to the dishwasher will cause it to overload. When the dishwasher is overloaded, the drainage system will not work properly, and as a result, the E24 error shows up. 

Now that we are more aware of the potential causes behind your Bosch dishwasher E24 error, let’s jump into the ways that we can fix this error at home. 

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Solutions to resolve the Bosch dishwasher E24 error

The following ways can help to resolve the Bosch dishwasher E24 error:

Filter and drain hose removal and cleaning

Most of the time, the issue of the E24 error lies in the filter and drain hose of the dishwasher. If you are seeing this error code, make sure to remove the filter. Then check the drain hose and filter for any obstructions. Any small kinks or bends can also be the reason behind the error. Therefore, you must inspect it carefully. 

Drain pump impeller cleaning

A user manual comes with every Bosch dishwasher. You can use that as a guide on how to clean the drain pump impeller of your machine. The debris in the machine can clog the impeller, and the result will cause poor drainage of water. It can be the reason behind the E24 error message. 

Air gap cleaning

The air gap is a fitting that is responsible for connecting the kitchen sink drain to the dishwasher. If there is any blockages in the air gap of the dishwasher, it will mix the dirty and clean water. This will not allow the process of dishwashing to function properly. Always make sure to clean the air gap in your dishwasher to avoid the Bosch dishwasher E24 error. 

Garbage disposal checking

The connection of the dishwasher with the garbage disposal compartment ensures that the dish washing process is done correctly, and there will be no mess in the washer. However, if the connection between the dishwasher and garbage disposal is somehow compromised or clogged then the E24 error will show up. It is mandatory to clear the disposal from any blockages to avoid the error. 

In addition to the above factors, make sure to use the correct detergent amount and type to avoid excessive suds. Also, check the installation, sensors, water valves, and hot water availability to resolve the Bosch dishwasher E24 error.

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FAQ’s related to Bosch dishwasher E24 error

Below you will find a list of questions that people frequently ask about Bosch dishwasher E24 error:

Is there any possible way to avoid the Bosch dishwasher E24 error from occurring?

As we all know, it is always best to avoid the error rather than spending time troubleshooting afterwards. I have listed some helpful prevention tips below. Focus on the following measures so that you can focus on avoiding the Bosch dishwasher E24 error:

  • Clean the filters of the dishwasher regularly. The debris and dirt incorporated in the filters is sometimes the main cause behind E24 error.
  • Another major issue is our laziness. Sometimes, we don’t empty the dishes well before placing them into the dishwasher. Any large food particle can cause blockage in the drain, and as a result the E24 error will occur in your Bosch dishwasher.
  • The drain hose is sometimes blocked with multiple obstructions when it is not properly installed. Therefore, while installing the dishwasher, you must focus on the drain hose installation.
  • Another point is to use a dishwasher cleaner that is suitable for your dishwasher. The wrong detergent can cause residue buildup, which is a major obstruction behind E24 error.

Mandatory steps required to fix the Bosch dishwasher E24 error

The mandatory and crucial steps for fixing the Bosch dishwasher E24 error are as follows:

  • Focus on your dishwasher’s filters, and clean them thoroughly. Then reinstall them all to remove the E24 error.
  • The improper installation of drain hose can cause clogging so make sure to check it if E24 error occurs.
  • The pump area also needs regular cleaning, so check it for any obstructions to correct the E24 error in Bosch dishwasher.
  • The last step is to run a test cycle before actually using the dishwasher again. If the test cycle doesn’t run correctly, and error still shows up then you may need professional assistance.

Why is my Bosch dishwasher E24 error showing up repeatedly?

Sometimes, after trying all the above-mentioned steps, then Bosch dishwasher E24 error still shows up. In such cases, there may be an issue with some technical components that often require re-installation or replacement. It is better to check the user manual in such cases, and call in professional help to avoid such issues.

The errors in dishwashers are extremely frustrating. When they go unfixed, you spend unnecessary time washing dishes manually. This is not ideal for any working adult. This is why it is best to avoid the issues before they occur. This is why it is important to properly maintain and inspect your Bosch dishwasher.  In any case, things do happen. If find yourself in the position where you encounter the Bosch dishwasher E24 error, there are solutions. Follow the above-mentioned steps to resolve it.