A house with proper light and ventilation is important when building your dream house. The only way this is possible is through a skylight.

This skylight paves the way for sunlight and fresh air to enter into the house while still protecting you from rain and hail. You may have seen them, but didn’t know it. They are literally windows on the roof. If they are damaged, it is imperative that you conduct a skylight repair immediately.

One of the most common skylight repairs is a leak. A leak can be disastrous as it rots your roof decking. It also damages your wall and roof paint, furniture, wooden floor, and even electrical equipment. You can’t neglect this!

If you need a skylight repair, then you should fix it immediately to prevent further damage to your home and equipment. Our skylight repair guide is for anyone who has a leak and needs to fix it. If you want to know how to fix a skylight leak then read this article in its whole entirety. 

Lets get started!

What Are the Types Of Skylights?

There are two types of skylights. Each offer different advantages to the homeowners. 

Vented Skylight

The first type of skylight is the vented Skylight which you can open and close according to your preferences. In addition to lighting, which is the main purpose of the Skylight, these operable skylights offer extensive ventilation and a personal advantage of enhanced privacy. You can easily open and close it without any stress of privacy breaches. They are on the attics on the roofs’ slope instead of walls, this gives more natural light, ventilation and privacy security than windows and can be easily opened by hand also. They are specifically installed in areas where moisture can build up like bathrooms and kitchens, because at such places they control moisture and prevent mold and mildew build up. 

Fixed Skylight

The second type is a fixed skylight, which as its name suggests is fixed and you can’t open and close it. The installation of a fixed skylight is basically to get natural sunlight in your home that’s why they are typically installed in high ceilings. They need extra tools and equipment for installation and maintenance. Though the fixed ones are durable with 8-15 years of long life, the leaks may occur at any time. 

Leakage Problem- Skylight Repair

As previously stated, one of the common skylight repairs needed if for a leak. While installing skylights, roof flashing is added to prevents leakage problems. It is a metal or rubber barrier used for the purpose of sealing the Skylight to the roof.

Due to the skylights’ custom-made nature, they added extra flashing in addition to asphalt shingles while installing the Skylight on tile or metal roofs. However, in contemporary modes, you will find channels in them which take away the condensation. 

When it comes to leakage, it mostly occurs due to damaged flashing, broken pans, and Debris buildup. But the fixed skylights are more prone to leakages than vented ones. This is because fixed ones are installed in out-of-reach areas. Faulty roofs and flashing can cause major leakage issues. Vented ones are at an advantage because they are easily accessible and faults never go unnoticed, so the user can quickly do a skylight repair after noticing the issue. 

Causes for Skylight Leaking

We have discussed how skylight leaks happen, now we must find the causes for skylight leaking. See the possibilities below so that you can do a skylight repair. 


Skylights in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room probably has this issue most often. This is especially true when you install it above the water source or have no proper ventilation system to remove warm air. Moreover, you have to keep your eye on your Skylight during different weather patterns because in cool weather when the warm air of the room touches the cool glass surface of the Skylight, the water collects at certain points and starts dripping.

You can avoid condensation easily by letting the fresh air circulate in your house. You can use a fan for ventilation in case of a fixed skylight. The vented skylights are an advantage as they are easy to open and close. Moreover, the skylights have weep holes (tiny ones) in their lower part for draining condensation naturally. If they don’t work it means some obstruction hinders their functioning; check the Skylight from outside and clear any debris or dirt accumulated on these holes. 

Faulty Skylight

Leaking problems may also occur because of your skylights, the faults include

  • Old skylights will be a cause if it isn’t capable enough to prevent water from entering the house.
  • The Skylight has weather seals. If these seals dry out or shrink with time, you definitely get skylight leaks. You can caulk around the skylight glass on a sunny day to fix the issue. 
  • If your Skylight isn’t properly installed, there are zero chances that you will get yourself on the safe side while it’s raining. The easy way to check the issue is by quality control test, just open and close the Skylight and examine that the Skylight is clearly snug to the frame. If not, reinstalling is the solution.
  • When you open the Skylight, check its rubber gasket to find mold or other kinds of damage. A rubber gasket is a sealing around the skylight frame and any defect in it causes the water dripping between the skylight frame and window casing. 
  • If you find debris between frame and casing, then remove it for proper closing and if there is a defect in the gasket then replace it. This is the best type of skylight repair. If your Skylight has a cracked portion and the moisture collects there, you have two options only: skylight repair or replacement of the overall Skylight. 

Faulty Roof And Roof Flashing 

If you see leakage from the upper section of the roof slope you can diagnose the problem easily; however, if the water drips from the lower part it’s difficult to find the main area of defect because water travels along the deck of your roof. 

Faulty flashing is another cause of water leaking as flashing is an important part that acts as a watertight seal between roof and Skylight and collects debris over time. To inspect, just check the ceiling around your Skylight; if you find it damp or wet it means flashing is the major problem. You have to replace it immediately with the help of some professionals. 

Roof leaks may also be a culprit because when water enters the roof system, goes toward the Skylight and starts dripping, discoloration is the biggest symptom of it. 

If the shingles on your roof get damaged or missing, water secretly enters the roof and the dripping will start after some time. 

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How To Do a Skylight Repair

The skylight repair guide is here, if you find the right problem then read below to check the repairing methods. 

Repair Skylight Leak-2


Sealants keep water out of the roof and Skylight and due to deterioration with time you have to replace them. If you find leaks around the skylight lens, you can use silicone caulking and roofing cement is best in case of leaks in flashing. Moreover, if weather seals get damaged, install a new one because of their watertight barrier functioning. 

Replace the Entire Skylight

In case of cracking or overall damage of the Skylight due to any reason like hail storms or natural disasters, you have to replace the entire Skylight. 

Resealing the Flashing 

When leakage occurs due to faulty flashing, use a caulk gun and roof flashing sealant to remove defects by applying them. If your Skylight’s old caulk has started deteriorating, you have to remove debris accumulated there by using a putty knife and after cleaning, apply the sealant coat on an exposed area. In the case of shingle roofs, you have to peel back the shingles, find the defect and install a new one. You have to apply sealant on the flashing margins, especially around the head of Skylight. 

Reinstall Flashing 

Flashing doesn’t let water enter home if you properly installed the high quality skylight. Do not nail the flashing in areas where there is a chance of water leaking. In case of decay, rust, or gaps, replacement is a good option.

Use the Right Flashing Kit

Often not so good roofers use aluminum in flashing just to save money instead of buying the right flashing kit. They use caulk to seal the corners which dries and shrinks with time and demand a more frequent replacement. However, you can’t figure out the leaks easily as water seeps through flashing and roof slowly and causes damage before it’s visible to you. 

Ventilation & Insulation

To avoid condensation, a proper ventilation system is necessary. Moreover, if your house has no proper insulation system, warm air inside the home rises up and condenses when it meets the cold skylight glass. This condensation starts dripping after accumulation. So, make sure your home has proper ventilation and insulation system. 

Why Do I Need To Repair A Leaking Skylight

If your Skylight is leaking, you have to repair it. There is no way other round. If you can’t pay attention to it, it will cause damage to your home in several ways. 

  • The water leakage comes in contact with your house furniture and causes damage to them. The cushions, curtains, carpets, and cloth get stained and may develop a musky smell. All this further leads to allergy causing pests like mold, mildew, and dust mites breeding and infestation.
  • Leaking water creates circular patches on the ceiling and makes them sag. The ceilings appear bad and old due to these stain marks.
  • Wall paint has different temperature gradients that is why it is affected by leaked water. Water seeping also weakens the adhesion between your wall and paint and all this results in peeling of paint in patches which not only affects the wall’s look but also exposes it to encourage mildew growth. 
  • The water also caused damage after it came into contact with the electronic machines of your home. 
  • As leaking water makes walls, furniture, and baseboards damp, it is most preferable for the growth of mildew and mold. 
  • If you have wooden floors then the damage will be more dangerous as damp conditions promote rot development in furniture and floor. The water absorbed in the wood increases its weight and thus makes it unable to hold its own intended weight. It will weaken your home’s structural integrity, and deform floorboards, thus you will get fed up with the creaking and noisy footsteps while walking on those floorboards. 

What Should I Do In Case Of A Leaking Skylight 

Skylight repair is a proper step by step process and one should follow it to get the job done. But in addition to paying attention to repairing, one should know what to do before and after repairing. So, here is the short process to keep in mind. 

  • When you first notice the leakage, quickly put a bucket or container under the Skylight where the water drips to collect it. Don’t let it reach the floor, cloth, or wooden furniture. 
  • Finding the real cause behind the problem is essential. You can check it by inspecting yourself but with precautions or seek help from some professionals. Inspection needs time and care and you can check each point we mentioned earlier. 
  • To inspect, choosing a sunny day or even cloudy is okay but with least chance of rain. Take a ladder and go outside for an inspection of the Skylight. Remember to take someone for help and ask him/her to hold the ladder steady and also keep you in focus. To step on ladder, wear soft-soled tennis shoes or you can use non slip closed-toed shoes but don’t pick the sandals or open-toed shoes.  
  • To go on the rooftop for inspection first set up your extension ladder. If there are power lines and doorways, keep the ladder away from it. It should be angled at a 75-degree with a 90-degree wall. As a rule of thumb, remember that if you go up on ladder, for every 4 feet of its height the base of the ladder should be moved 1 foot away from the wall or structure. 
  • Firmly put your feet on the ladder, hold it tightly with your hands and always face it.
  • In the case of vented Skylight, you have to check that the Skylight is properly closed. If it isn’t closed, check the hindrance. Maybe some kind of debris like leaves, dirt, or sticks prevents the Skylight from closing. Any such debris causes a blockage in the frames’ drainage channels and thus weatherstripping fails.
  • Some problems are easy to handle like preventing condensation or even you can seal up holes between shingles and roof by using caulking cement. Though DIY tricks are good to use, you can do it if you are confident and take all precautionary measures. However, skylight repair by yourself isn’t easy and not even recommended because it demands specific equipment and safety also. 
  • If you know everything technically about skylight repair, then it’s best to do it yourself but if you have a little doubt, you must seek professional help. 
  • So you have to ask a professional for consultation. But before that take a Plastic tarp bigger than your Skylight and use it to cover the entire skylight top and secure it with bricks. This will stop leaking for a short period of time if the cause is outside water or temp. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Leaking Skylight?

Repair skylight is possible through DIY but it’s necessary to take professional help if you think you need it. The repair cost of Skylight depends upon many factors like type, quality, age, and location of your Skylight, the extent of damage done to it, labor cost, and your residential location. 

The overall skylight repair cost ranges from $225 to $800, but as the damage is of different types, let’s get a general overview to understand the cost in better way.

Types of Skylight RepairCost of Skylight Repair
Flashing repair$150 to $500
Resealing$75 to $250
Weatherstripping$75 to $300
Glass replacement$150 to $600

When Is It The Right Time To Replace Your Skylight?

If you find cracks in the glass of your skylights due to any reason like hail or regular wear, there is no other course of action except to replace your skylights. Moreover, if it is an old product that has been in use for up to 20 years, you should install a new one to reduce heat transfer. Those who are replacing their roof can also update their skylights if they need the newer model.

Conclusion – Repair Skylight Leak

Skylight is an important part of your home which brings natural sunlight into your home, keeps it ventilated, and also enhances privacy. In case of leaking Skylight due to any mentioned reason skylight repair is the only possible solution for you. 

Remember to find the reason first and then fix your Skylight yourself carefully or by any professional. Share with us how your Skylight is now and which mentioned repair method has been helpful in your case. 

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