There is nothing worse than your GE dryer not heating up. The situation can be frustrating when you find the clothes wet after putting them in the dryer. No one wants to waste precious time waiting for clothes to dry. When this happens, it is time for you to troubleshoot the issue. At that point, you can decide to fix it on your own or to call a professional.

Today, we will help you fix the issue of your GE dryer not heating up. It is necessary to have some basic knowledge. It is also necessary to do some analysis before calling professionals for help. We will cover both of these things in this guide today. So, let’s get started.

Thermal Fuse

Women turning on GE Dryer
Women turning on GE Dryer

The thermal fuse is an important element within your dryer. If something is wrong with it, you can possibly experience your GE dryer not heating up. Check the thermal fuse! It protects your device from overheating. You may check it for malfunctioning when your dryer suddenly stops working. Ensure you turn off the dryer before inspecting the thermal fuse. 

When you locate the fuse, use a multimeter to detect the continuity. The test will show if the fuse shows any continuity or if it is working fine. When the continuity has stopped then you know that the fuse has blown or is overheated. 

Solution: The perfect way to fix this it is to replace it with a new one if the fuse has blown.

Clogged Vent

A clogged vent is one of the most overlooked causes of your GE dryer not heating up. We suggest you inspect the vent if you encounter any issues with the GE dryer not heating up. You should also inspect this if your clothes are taking too long to dry. It is because the clogged vent leads to locked moisture that will cause problems.

Solution: If that is the case, clean the vent out first. Secondly, in the case of a crimped vent, ensure not to leave too much vent behind the dryer. A general rule of thumb is to keep your vents below 20 feet. 

Thermostat Issue

Worker Fixing GE Dryer not heating
Worker Fixing GE Dryer not heating

In general, there are four operating thermostats within the dryer. If any of these thermostats stops working, it will cause the GE dryer not heating up issue. As a result, you will become disappointed with your dryer. You will wait a long time for your things to dry. So, save the stress by fixing the issue immediately.  

Solution: Make sure you unplug the dryer. Take the tub out and locate the thermostats. You will either find them on the heater can or on the vent. It depends on the dryer’s model.

You may unplug all the wires and use an ohmmeter to check the continuity. If there is continuity, everything is fine with the thermostat. If there is no continuity, you will need to replace the thermostat. One thermostat can be bad or multiple thermostats can be bad.

The Belt Switch Issue

If the drive belt of the GE dryer is not plugged or broken, the dryer stops working. So, you will experience your GE dryer not heating up. It is one of the most common issues one can face. Hence, the issue is easy to detect. Using your hand, you may turn the interior drum. If you feel no resistance, you should be confident that there is an issue with the drive belt. You have to take action when this is the issue. You must replace the belt immediately.

Solution: you must replace the drive belt if it is broken. Ensure the GE dryer is unplugged from the wall. Then, you can use a screw driver to detach the drive belt from the drum. Then, you may replace it with a brand-new one.

The Motor Issues

If the dryer stops heating up, the problem could be with the motor. It is one of the most essential components in a dryer. When this is an issue, you will be dealing with your GE dryer not heating up. This problem can be fixed. However, this issue is a complex one. You should not try to fix it on your own. We suggest you contact a professional in this case. 

The motor comes with a built-in switch. If the dryer motor reaches the highest speed  then this would lead to the switch activation. That automatically turns the heater on. The only way to inspect this issue is to keep the motor running. That is risky for someone who is not a professional.

Solution: Call a professional and let them do their job. There is no secure way to fixing this on your own. But, if you notice an issue with the switch, you may blow the motor out to fix it. You may use an air compressor to do this. If it still does not fix the issue, then it is necessary to replace the motor.

Inspect the dryer

When the dryer is not plugged in or has a circuit breaker turned off, then the dryer will not spin. The issue is instantly noticeable because the dryer will not even start. 

Solution: Look to see if you have the dryer plugged in the outlet. If yes, then please check the circuit breaker switch. Sometimes the switch flips off due to heavy electrical flow. To fix this, avoid connecting any other device at the same time. 


One of the rarest issues that leads to your GE dryer not heating up is atimer issue.If you don’t find any problems with the other parts, checking the timer should be your next goal. However, the steps to inspect the time differ in various different dryer models.

Solution: The first step is to unplug the dryer. Make sure you locate the timer on the model you have. Now, you can approach the timer from the dryer’s back or think of detaching the dryer control panel. Check the dryer for notable damage or burnt connections. If there seems to be any such issue, you need to replace the timer. 

Heating Element

The heating element activates the dryer to produce heat. As a result, the air gets warm. So, it makes sense that it leads to your GE dryer not heating up. It passes through the drum to dry the clothes. But, if it fails to do so, it could be because of a damaged heating element. It often deteriorates due to continuous expansion and contraction throughout its life. 

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It is impossible to repair the heating element on your own. You must replace it to bring your dryer back to life. 

Maintenance Tips to avoid the issue of your GE dryer not heating up:

The best way to extend the life of a dryer is by properly taking care of it. Keeping a dryer in good condition ultimately means keeping it running. The tips to keep it maintained and efficient are easy to follow. Even inexperienced homeowners can use do this. So, let’s dive into the details of how you can do this;

Lint Filter Cleaning

The first step is to empty the lint filter after drying clothes. When the lint filter gets clogged, it prevents airflow. You then have to wait longer for it to dry clothes. Not only is this detrimental to the dryer’s performance, but it also leads to an increased electricity bill. 

Rinse the filters thoroughly on a regular basis. That is how you will remove residue. Completely dry it off before you reattach the filter to the lint trap. 

Lint Trap Cleaning

You also need to clean this part of the dryer. It might get blocked with lint or residue. It is often the best idea to vacuum the internal area of the lint. In addition, you need to clean the drum once in a while. You will get rid of the particles left behind due to any reason. 

Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the vent is another important tip for maintaining a dryer. You can use a vacuum hose to remove residue from the vent. It will increase its life, and you increase the smooth functioning of the dryer every time you use it. 

These tips are the quickest and easiest way to take control of your device’s life. An efficient dryer is what makes your life easy. It also saves you money in the long run.

Dryer overloading

Just like the above issues, overloading the dryer can affect its performance. There is a high risk of burning the motor or damaging other parts. You will then increase your expenses by repairing the damaged parts. In addition, you are affecting the dryer’s efficiency as well. 

An overloaded dryer will take more time to dry clothes. It is because too many clothes will block air circulation. So, it is better to be patient and only put enough clothes to dry.

Clean the Dryer’s Door

Make sure there is no moisture left on the dryer’s door. You might have noticed the moist seal on the door after drying your clothes. You need to immediately dry it off as the moisture often leads to mold growth.

Final Remarks:

These are some quick fixes you can try before consulting the professionals. However, every electrical device is different. Additionally, each dryer has a lifespan. They are not meant to last forever. The same is the case with the GE dryer. If you face the issue of your GE dryer not heating up after its lifespan of 10-13 years, think of buying a new one!

To prolong its life and decrease repair expenses, you should maintain the dryer properly. You may need the help of professionals. However, if you are good at fixing things, then you may be able to fix things yourself.

Note: Whenever you try to repair the dryer on your own or try to check for damage, ensure you have disconnected the power supply. Ensure your safety first. If you fail to repair it after troubleshooting, it is always a good idea to call a professional to repair your dryer.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!