Cartridges in showers are temperature sensitive elements that controls warm or cold temperature. Sometimes, continuous use or wear and tear may make it lose its functionality and you get undesired water in the faucet. If your faucet also shows such fluctuations then don’t delay its repair or replacement.

The Delta monitor cartridge is also prone to damage and may have a tough time with consistent flow of water. So, don’t wait for the complete setback and learn how to fix it. Repairing your Delta monitor cartridge is an option if you identify issues in the start. Otherwise, the cartridge loses its functionality. This makes replacement the only option left. Here you will find everything about repair or replacement of the Delta monitor cartridge. Just keep going!

Understanding How Your Delta Monitor Cartridge Works

Worker Repairing Delta Monitor Cartridge.
Worker Repairing Delta Monitor Cartridge.

The Delta monitor cartridge is an important component of your shower faucet. It comprises a Piston, O-ring, spool, and other units. They work in harmony to maintain the water temperature in your shower. Explained below is the working of main components of a cartridge:


A piston is present at the center of the cartridge. It works by maintaining the temperature and pressure of hot and cold water. It adjusts itself when water enters the cartridge. It also keeps the flow consistent even when the supply isn’t.


The spool works in coordination with the piston. It ensures that you get the desired water temperature. It moves along with the piston to control the mixture of hot and cold water.


O-rings act as protective units to prevent water leakage. A set of rubber O-rings are present at the outer body of the cartridge. It creates a leak-proof wall between the shower faucet body and the cartridge. Lubricating them often can keep them in good condition for a longer time.

Adjustment Handle

An adjustment handle is attached to the cartridge body. It controls the temperature variations of your shower. You interact with the adjustment handle to set the required temperature.

Seal and Gasket

Seals and gaskets are small rubber bodies. They ensure the smooth working harmony of all the internal components. They prevent the shower faucet from water leakage. They also help cartridges to function to work fine. Over time, due to continuous usage, they can wear out. To keep them in their best condition, regular maintenance is important.

How to Know if your Delta Cartridge Needs Repairing or Replacement?

shower Head inside Washroom.
shower Head inside Washroom.

You have to make the decision whether the cartridge needs repairing or replacement. If the issue is not very problematic then go for the repair. You can fix the issue by dissembling the cartridge and cleaning or lubricating it.

But, if the problem still exists after repair then you should opt for its replacement. You can do it yourself or get professional help. This will ensure that your Delta Monitor Cartridge is working fine.

Tools and Materials You Will Need (Delta Monitor Cartridge)

In either of the cases, you will need the following components if you are doing it on your own:

Repairing Your Delta Monitor Cartridge

Repairing your Delta Cartridge is pretty simple. You can do it on your own with a little knowledge and patience. Let’s start the repairing process.

Cut off the Water Supply

The first step to repair your cartridge is cutting off the water supply. This is important to avoid any sudden water streams from the shower. So, shut off the water supply that connects to the shower you want to fix. This step will also save you from cleaning mess after the project is done.

Remove the Shower Handle

Once you have powered off the water supply, start by removing the shower handle. The process of removing the shower handle may not be the same for everyone.

Removal of each handle is different depending on the faucet model. But, the main steps involve unscrewing the cap with an Allen wrench. After removing the shower handle you can see the cartridge. Now, you can remove it using pliers or wrench.

Examine for the Issue

Examine the detached cartridge of your shower for any build-ups, debris, or minerals. Build-ups are often common in areas with unclean water supply. This can block the shower faucet.

So, clean the cartridge using a cloth and a cleaning liquid. You can apply some lubricant on the O-ring after cleaning. It helps to prevent issues from occurring in the future.

Apply some lubricant after cleaning so there is no issue in the future.

Greasing the O-rings is also helpful in their smooth movement. It reduces the chances of water leakage.

Reassemble the shower handle

After you have cleansed it, it’s time to reassemble the shower handle. Turn on the water supply and check its operation. If there is any leakage of water re-assemble the cartridge. But, if the problem is not resolved then you should replace it.

Replacing Delta Monitor Cartridge

You can replace the cartridge yourself and it will save a lot of installment costs. Here are some easy steps to get your cartridge back to life:

Stop the Power Supply

The first step should always remain the same. Shut off the water supply to your shower before you start the replacement process. This will save you from unexpected water bursts.

Detach the Shower Handle

Once you have ceased the water supply, it’s time to remove the shower handle from the wall. Normally, the removal of each shower faucet is unique but the basic procedure is same. You need to unscrew the cap using a screwdriver or Allen wrench.

Replace the Cartridge

The old cartridge will be visible now. Remove it using needle-nose pliers or a wrench and get it ready to be replaced. But, sometimes they are difficult to remove.

In that case, you need a pipe cutter to cut copper pipes that are connecting cartridge and the shower faucet.

Once you have successfully removed the faucet, simply install a new one and connect the threads of new cartridge using plumber’s tape.

Do this step with care to ensure that it is properly installed. If you cut the copper pipes to remove the old cartridge then reattach them after installing the new one.

Re-assemble Shower Faucet

Now you can reassemble the shower setting and install it back to the original position.

Next, turn on the water supply to that shower and check if it’s working fine. In case the issue exists, try reassembling the shower faucet. You should contact a plumber if it isn’t resolved.

Maintenance (Delta Monitor Cartridge):

Regular maintenance of your delta cartridge is better than replacing it. You use it on a daily basis so it has more chances of wearing out. Given below are some useful tips that you can use to keep your Delta cartridge in great condition:

Cleaning it on a regular basis

Cleaning your cartridge on a regular basis will save you effort in the long run. It is especially important in areas with unclean water.


Lubricating the parts of your shower on a regular basis keeps the parts functional.

Replace seals

Rubber seals can wear out with time and cause leaks. You can avoid this by replacing the worn-out seals on time.

Why the Delta Monitor Cartridge is the Key Component of the Shower System?

Delta monitor cartridges are a key shower faucet due to its reliability and durability. It balances the flow of the water, ensuring a comfortable shower experience. Now, here are the features that make it a hero:

Temperature Control

The main role of the cartridge is to control water temperature. It ensures you get consistent supply of water regardless of the number of faucets in use at a time.

The balance between Hot And Cold Water

You get a sudden shock when you get showered with extreme cold or hot water and that is why a cartridge is a must. It limits the extreme hot or cold water when there is a drop in the supply of desired temperature. This saves you from getting ice or lava shocks when in the shower.

Signs that Your Delta Monitor Cartridge is Not Working Fine

Continuous maintenance keeps the cartridge in good functional condition.  Lubrication and cleaning can help in maintaining it. But, over time it starts having issues while working. The following are the main signs of a malfunctioning cartridge:

Irregular Temperature Fluctuation

Irregular temperature is the most common problem in a malfunctioning Delta monitor cartridge. If you have to adjust the cartridge more often then it is not working fine.

Water Leakage (Delta Monitor Cartridge)

Water leaks are another problem that occurs when your Delta Monitor has an issue. Your cartridge needs attention if there is a water leakage when the shower is not on.

Difficulty in Adjust The Water Temperature (Delta Monitor Cartridge)

If adjusting the temperature takes time then the internal components are stuck. This can happen due to the build-up of debris on the components, causing motion resistance.


Shower maintenance is often an overlooked task in our home care. This can often lead to its malfunctioning. You can fix your cartridge with the proper tools and knowledge. In this article, we have covered a detailed process to repair or replace the cartridge and bring it back to life. It may cause a little mess but will make your shower a comfortable experience. So, wait no more and get the water at your required temperature.

If you cannot fix your shower after reading this troubleshooting guide, we advise you to find a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!