Pottery Barn is a popular luxury furniture retailer. The brand is known for their pieces that are in a modern and classical farmhouse style.

This brand can uplift the beauty and interior decoration of your farmhouse with its aesthetically appealing furniture pieces. Among these, their Swivel chair is extremely popular and desired. .

We have seen a lot of people wanting to buy a Pottery Barn swivel chair. But, they can’t because of its high price. In this situation, buying the dupes will be a good option.

 So, we are going to discuss how to find dupes for the Pottery Barn swivel chair. We will discuss buying tips, places, and the best swivel chairs to buy.

Features to Look For

Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupes
Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupes

Swivel chairs are famous because they keep our bodies active while sitting on the chair the whole day. As you know it is a spinning chair, so our body will not feel discomfort and fatigue from sitting on it for a long time.

It allows us to change our posture while sitting. This slight transition will keep our bodies happy so we can work for a whole day.

Moreover, the Pottery Barn swivel chairs are famous for their beauty and modern look. Just like the use of pine can enhance a home’s beauty, swivel chairs can also increase the beauty of a home. People prefer buying them for their living room, study room, and offices.

So, to help you in buying it, we are going to discuss a few tips. These buying tips will help you in having the best and most reliable Pottery Barn swivel chair.

1. Check Colors and Aesthetic Look

You should check the aesthetic appeal and color combination of the dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair.

This brand has different types of swivel chairs and each has its unique color, formation, and aesthetic appeal.

For example, the original upholstered swivel armchair from Pottery Barn is famous for its unique and sleek design. It is of small size so you can fit it in the empty nook of your living room or reading room.

So, the dupe of it should be an accent piece of small size. You should consider the style and aesthetic aspects while buying dupe furniture.

2. Quality and Materials

Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupes
Pottery Barn Swivel Chair Dupes

Sometimes, the dupe furniture doesn’t have the quality material in it. They are made of cheap material that doesn’t compete with the original piece of furniture.

So, you should check the wood frames and upholstery of your dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair. They should be solid and durable ensuring the longevity of your chair.

Also, you should make sure that the swivel chair mechanism has smooth rotation. If there will be less rotation and difficulty in the mechanism, then that swivel chair is not for you.

3. Comfort Level

We suggest you sit on the Pottery Barn swivel chair dupe before buying it. This will tell you if the chair is comfortable for you or not.

You can ensure that the chair is comfortable according to your height. You should be able to reach the things from the armchair easily. Moreover, the cushions and stuff on this swivel chair should be comfortable and easy to use.

If the chair is providing you comfort, then you should buy it. If you are thinking of buying online, you should check the reviews. It will tell you what type of chair it is.

4. Budget and Price

Budget is the essential aspect while choosing the dupe furniture. It should save a reasonable amount of your money.

So, before buying your dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair, you should compare its price with the original one. There should be a major difference between them.

5. Customer Reviews

We think you already know the importance of customer reviews. You should read the reviews in detail to understand the overall satisfaction of the dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair.

These customer reviews will tell you about the quality and durability of your furniture piece.

6. Policies

You should check the different policies of the furniture before buying it. These policies can help you in case of any issue.

For example, you should check the return policy of the dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair. If the manufacturer is providing you with a return policy, then it will provide peace of mind to you.

You can return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Moreover, you should also check for the warranty. Some manufacturers do offer it.

7. Sales and Discounts

If you don’t need the furniture piece urgently, then you should wait for some time. This is because, after every few months different online marketplaces and manufacturers furniture pieces on sale.

These sales and discounts can make a furniture piece more reasonable.

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8. Brand Reputation

You should buy the dupe furniture from a reliable brand and online store. There are various online marketplaces and shops in your area that provide a dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair.

So, you should check their reputation before buying one. For it, do detailed research to know the brand reputation.

To help you, we are going to discuss some places where you can look for the dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair.

Places where you can buy the Dupe Pottery Barn Swivel Chair

We are going to discuss a few reputable brands and manufacturers.

1. Amazon

You all know about Amazon. We believe it is one of the most reliable online marketplaces to buy anything.

Here, you can look for the dupe Pottery Barn swivel chair. You will find various swivel chairs that will resemble your favorite Pottery Barn piece.

2. eBay

Just like Amazon, eBay is also a well-known online marketplace. You can find dupe furniture on it too. You just make sure to read the reviews of a furniture piece before buying it.

3. Discount Stores

There are various well-known discount stores in the US. Some popular ones are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.

These contain stylish and remarkable furniture pieces at a very reasonable price. So, you can find any swivel chair that will resemble Pottery Barn style.

4. Buy Second Hand

You can buy a second-hand Pottery Barn swivel chair or a dupe. There are various websites such as Craigslist from where you can buy second-hand things at a very reasonable price.

You can also find the ad for these swivel chairs on Facebook and Instagram Marketplaces.

Just make sure that the second-hand chair is in good condition. In this way, it will be a budget-friendly option for you.

5. DIY

You can upgrade your old swivel chairs too. Re-purposing, painting, or reupholstering can give the Pottery Barn touch and style to your old furniture.

You just need to keep the picture of the real swivel chair in front of you to re-purpose the old one.

You can’t buy the Pottery Barn swivel chair dupe until you know what the real one looks like. So, we are going to discuss the top swivel chairs of this brand.

3 Best Pottery Barn Swivel Chairs for Dupes

We will discuss the features, material, and all other essential aspects of these swivel chairs. It will tell you what to look into the dupe furniture so that it matches the real one.

1. Pottery Barn Menlo Upholstered Swivel Arm Chair

This Pottery Barn swivel chair has a hard and durable hardwood frame. This chair can rotate to 360 degrees with ease. The most attractive thing about this chair is that it is small enough to fit into any space. So, you can enjoy a small chair in a reasonably sized room even one with that requires a small air conditioner.

It has a small geometry shape, and a padded seat and armrest. These aspects make it a modern and attractive design. But, its cushions are not reversible which is a bit disappointing for people.

Moreover, it has compact upright seating. Its seat depth is more shallow than other swivel chairs.

You can customize it in any neutral color or fabric according to your living room decor. It can be in velvet, boucle, chenille, basketweave sub, and heathered tweed.

At this time, the price of the original piece is 499 dollars. Your dupe chair should be less than this price.

2. Pottery Barn Huntington Wicker Swivel Papasan Outdoor Lounge Chair

If you want a Pottery Barn swivel chair for outside use, this product is best for you. It is made from rust-proof welded aluminum and hand-woven wicker. It is also sealed with clear lacquer. It helps in moisture resistance.

It can also rotate at 360 degrees. Moreover, it has a black seat cushion and pillows. These are fast-drying and water-repellent. So, you can use this chair immediately after coming out of the pool. Due to this aspect, it is also easy to clean.

At this time, its price is $1499. But, you can find reasonable and similar dupe chairs in any online or physical marketplace.

3. Pottery Barn Ayden Square Arm Upholstered Swivel Armchair

This Pottery Barn swivel chair can provide 360-degree rotation and can also recline. So, it is a two-in-one package.

It has a solid hardwood frame and poly-wrapped cushions. So, you will feel a firmer touch. You can use it for rocking babies or having a nap.

Moreover, it has a slim silhouette and minimalist design. So, it can fit in any living room or place.

Just like the upholstered armchair, you can also customize its fabric. You can have it in vintage velvet, tweed, chenille, and basket weave.

But, this swivel chair can get damaged due to the direct sunlight. So, you should keep it away from the sun room.

You can buy it for $899 dollars at this time. Moreover, the brand provides delivery services too. In it, the delivery boys will assemble your armchair at a low fee.


Overall, the Pottery Barn Swivel Chair is a desired series of chairs. Many people desire the look, however, their pockets don’t permit the high price tag. Luckily, you can get the same look without breaking the bank. You can find dupes! In this guide, we taught you how to choose a dupe according to materials, aesthetics, functionality, comfort, and price. We also showed you where you can find the best dupes from. We hope this informative guide was helpful in teaching you how to find a pottery barn swivel chair dupe.

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