You all know that the cost of heating homes is increasing every day. In this case, having an indoor wood furnace can give relief to your pockets.

Though burning wood for heating homes is an old idea, it has reduced energy bills drastically. We have seen people happy with their decision to buy an indoor wood furnace.

But, with a lot of wood furnaces in the market, it is difficult to decide which one is best for you. Just as there are multiple window companies, there are a lot of furnace companies too.

To make your life easy, our expert team has decided to choose the five best indoor wood furnaces for you. But before that, we will tell you how to choose the best indoor wood furnace for your home.

Criteria to Choose the Best Indoor Wood Furnace

Women sitting in front of an indoor wood furnace
Women sitting in front of a wood furnace

There are a few factors that you should have in mind while selecting any indoor wood furnace. What are these factors? Let’s discuss this now.

1. Purpose of Indoor Wood Furnace

You need to think for which purpose you want to buy an indoor wood furnace. It includes how many parts of the house you need to warm using the furnace. Is there only one room or more?

Every furnace has a different capacity. Some can warm more rooms and some can only work in small spaces.

The furnaces which are less than 1000 square feet can be used to warm small spaces and individual rooms. And, the furnace for more than 1000 square feet can toast a large part of your home, or maybe the full home.

So, you should consider the heating capacity before selecting an indoor wood furnace.

2. BTUs

BTUs are actually the heat generation capacity of indoor wood furnaces. A lot of people mix it with heating capacity. But, they both are different things.

Heating capacity, as we have discussed recently, is how much space a furnace can heat. BTU is how much heat a furnace can generate.

Higher BTUs mean that your furnace can generate more heat and can warm your room to a great extent. So, if you are living in an extremely cold climate, you should go with a furnace of higher BTUs.

3. Timing

Timing also matters when selecting the indoor wood furnace for your home. This is because the timing of every burner differs from each other. The average time of each furnace varies from 2 hours to 10 hours.

You should consider your personal preference for timings before making any decision.

If you want the furnace for a part in the morning and evening, then having a prolonged heating capacity of the furnace will not benefit you. So, it is useless to buy one.

Additionally, if you need a furnace overnight, then having prolonged heating capacity will benefit you.

In any case, ou need to remember one thing here. If your indoor wood furnace has long burning hours, it will produce less heat. On the other hand, furnaces with short hours can produce more heat.

By the way, we recommend you have a furnace with a heating capacity of almost 5 hours. This will save your cost on wood too.

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4. EPA Certificate

Women sitting in front of a wood furnace
Women sitting in front of a wood furnace

EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. This means that indoor wood furnaces with EPA certificates are not a health hazard. They are meeting the health standards for efficiency and emission. So, you should have a certified furnace.

5. Efficiency Rating

Efficiency rating means how much fuel a furnace requires to produce heat. If this rating is higher, you need less wood for your stove. So, we suggest you look for a furnace with at least a 70 percent efficiency rating.

6. Appearance

Different wood furnaces have unique appearances which make them pretty. There are modern and classical styles. So, you can choose the one which is related to your home decor.

7. Weight

The weight of each indoor wood furnace varies from 300 to 700 pounds. It depends on its weight and size, and the components you need to combine with it.

So, you should consider if your house’s floor can bear this weight. If you have a mobile home or an old home, you should think of this aspect.

8. Cost

The budget is an important factor in considering the indoor wood furnace for your home. Each furnace’s price varies from each other due to different factors.

These factors are the burning capacity, timing, weight, and other components you need to install with it. You also need to maintain it as you maintain your water heater. Otherwise, you have to spend money on repairing it too.

There are various components such as a convection blower etc which you need to add to your furnace. The needs of these components depend on your personal needs and the furnace. They also increase the cost of your furnace. For better pricing information, contact a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!

So, you should have all these aspects in your mind before selecting any indoor wood furnace. Now, we are going to review some of the best furnaces in 2023.

5 Popular Indoor Wood Furnaces of 2023

1. US Stove US1269E

If you are looking for an affordable, classical, and vintage look indoor wood furnace, US Stove is ideal for you. It is made of rustic cast iron so it is durable.

It has an integrated cooking surface on the top. Moreover, you can put logs of 19 inches in it.

Its heating capacity is 1900 sq ft and heat generation is 54,000 BTUs. So, they are ideal for shops, large garages, and cabins.

The best thing about it is it’s safe to use. It has a two-piece protective lid that remains cool even if the furnace is burning for a long time.

2. Pleasant Hearth LWS 127201

Pleasant Hearth is a popular company that has been in the world for almost 100 years. So, their products have the vote of confidence.

LWS 127201 is famous for its energy efficiency capability. It has a rating of 82 percent which is a good thing.

Moreover, it can keep 1800 square feet warm in the winter. Also, its BTU is 65000.

You can burn 20 inches of logs in it as it has a 22-inch wide firebox. The good thing is that it only weighs 335 pounds. So, you can use them in mobile homes too.

Another bright side of this indoor wood furnace is it has an ash drawer with a convenient control draft slider. And, you are getting this amazing furnace for around 1000 dollars.

By the way, the blower assembly is also included in this cost. So, you don’t need to spend extra money on the components. This aspect makes it the favorite one among people.

The only downside of it is that it has high emissions. It is 4.3 g/h.

3. Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P

If you want to give a modern look to your fireplace or room, AW1120E-P is ideal for you. The best thing is that it is EPA-certified.

It has a sleek black Nickel finish and air air-washed ceramic glass door. So, you can see the burning of wood through the door.

The door not only provides aesthetic beauty to this indoor wood furnace but also keeps all of you safe. Because flames can’t come out of it.

It can toast your room up to 1200 sq ft. Moreover, it has a 68,000 BTU level. It means that it can heat your room as much as a 10-foot diameter fireplace can do.

This furnace has a removable air-tight steel plate. So, you can remove the ash easily through this feature.

If you want your furnace to work efficiently, you need to buy a blower. You can get amazing results from your furnace with the help of this component.

4. Drolet DBO3016

This indoor wood furnace has a lot of amazing elements which make it the best in every aspect. It is EPA-certified, has an energy efficiency rating of 78 percent, and is versatile.

It has a 19-inch firebox. But, you shouldn’t feel disappointed with its small width. This is because it has a BTU of 65000 and can cover 1800 square feet.

It means that your large living room can get toasty with the help of this furnace. Also, it can burn for six straight hours which is an ideal time. You just remember to put logs of no more than 16 inches in its firebox.

You can get this amazing indoor wood furnace for $1149. Isn’t it amazing? Only a small price for such an efficient furnace.

Its weight is only 312 Ibs. It means you can easily install it in your mobile homes or cabins.

But, you may need some optional components with it. These are blower assembly and fresh air intake. These components will increase the price of it. But still, it is one of the best furnaces in the market.

5. Drolet DBO3111

It is a large furnace that you can use to warm large parts of your home or place. It can heat 2100 square feet and has 75,000 BTUs.

It has a 2.4 cubic foot firebox so you can use 20-inch long logs in it. It can keep burning for 10 hours. So, if you need a furnace burning overnight, this is ideal for you.

It also has an aesthetic look. This is because it is made of brushed Nickel door and has a large ash drawer. This drawer is present in an attractive pedestal.

It has 77 percent energy efficiency and it is EPA certified. Moreover, it has a low emission rate. It only emits 1.41 g/h of pollutants.

But, there are a few drawbacks to it too. These drawbacks are its large size and high price.

Final Words

Overall, indoor wood furnaces are still needed in 2023. With that being said, there is a great demand for them. However, there are a lot of options to choose from. This can be confusing. In this article, you had the chance to see the pros and cons of 5 of the most popular furnaces in 2023. We hope this comparison helps you to choose the best indoor wood furnace for you needs.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!