Planning to upgrade your comfort space? Just a few changes and you will be on your way to upgrade your bedroom space. An exquisite addition to a metal frame can be a great way to add a dazzling hint to the bedroom. A head frame not only adds a decorative hint but is also quite functional in terms of providing comfort.

Usually, the headboards are attached to the bed along the wall and are fixed to add comfort and support. However, it’s on you whether you buy a bed with a headboard or a plain one without a headboard. In most cases, headboards are bought with the bed but if you don’t have one you can add one to improve the overall functionality. It’s a tried and tested method to elevate the overall look of your bedroom space. With that being said, you will need to learn how to attach headboard to metal frame.

Here, we have carefully curated a guide to teach you properly how to attach headboard to metal frame. Just follow these simple steps and learn to do it yourself without any outside help. While you are scrolling on the bed topic, you might want to go through the pros and cons of platform waterbeds.

Factors, To Consider Before You Attach Headboard To Metal Frame

Worker repairing bed.
Worker repairing bed.

If a headboard is bought separately, it requires great effort and care to put together within the metal frame. You might feel overwhelmed to do it yourself as there is always a fear of the headboard leaning forward.

Luckily, no need to exhaust yourself toattach headboard to metal frame as these frames come with pre-drilled holes that allow easy and less effort attachment with the bed. You just need a drill to screw things in place. You can buy Our Electric Drill here. However, you must consider a few factors before you buy any sort of headboard. To make you well aware, We have put together all of those factors below:

1. Make sure your headboard aligns with the selected frame size:

Since beds come in a variety of sizes such as king, twin, full, queen, and California king size, headboards are also available in different sizes to choose from. That is why you need to properly ensure the size of the new or a secondhand headboard with the compatibility of your bed.

It’s not a tedious task, you just need to have a measuring tape to carefully measure both of the headboard widths. After that, compare those measurements with the size of your bed. Due to variations in design, there is a probability that the headboard might be wider than the bed. 

2. Identify the method you will use to mount the headboard to your bed:

Mostly headboards are quite easy to deal with. You can DIY mount them to your bed just with the help of a few screws, bolts, and nuts. However, if the bed you own doesn’t come with a frame mounting option then it is best to mount it with the wall. Plus, the wall-mounted headboard looks chic and trendy. 

If you don’t want to put holes in your walls, then you should consider a free standing headboard. This method doesn’t require any work or tools. You just up the headboard behind the bed. We can’t advise one method over another. What you want to do is a matter of preference.  

3. Check bed frame for compatible attachment types:

There are three attachment types that are compatible with attaching bed frames with headboards, these are:

● Hook-on: This is when there are hooks on the bed rails that can allow you to fix the headboard on it.

● Bolt-on: These bed frames require bolt screws to secure the headboard with the frame of the bed.

● Bolt-on and Hook-on: These bed frames allow you to attach headboards with bed frames using both the above-mentioned options.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need To Attach Headboard To Metal Frame

Man repairing bed. Attach Headboard to Metal Frame
Man repairing bed.

In order to attach your headboard to your bed frame, you need to gather some specific tools first. These tools are listed below.

  1. Measuring Tape: This is needed to measure the size of the headboard and ensure it will fit the bed frame. Along with that, it also helps accurate positioning.
  2. Bolts and Nuts: These are needed to secure the headboard firmly with the bed frame.
  3. Pencil: Used for taking measurements for marking holes on the walls.
  4. Wrench or Screwdriver: These will be used to tighten the nuts and bolts together.
  5. Mounting Bracket: Use this to attach the frame and headboard.
  6. Level: It ensures that the headboard is installed evenly.

Follow These Steps To Attach Headboard To Metal Frame:

The steps that need to be taken in order to attach headboard to metal frame are all mentioned below:

Step 1: Prepare the Bed Frame (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Make sure your bed frame is positioned correctly before you attempt to attach the headboard. Before you finalize the positioning of the bed frame, make sure that it is properly leveled and stable enough.

Step 2: Determine the correct Height of your Headboard (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

After finalizing positioning, measure the height and put a mark where you desire to attach your headboard frame to the bed. Well, marking is entirely a personal preference, mark wherever you feel it would be comfy. After Marking the chosen height,  make a rough sketch of what the after result would be like in order to execute well-planned positioning of the headboard.

Step 3: Install the Mounting Brackets (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

It is essential to attach the mounting brackets to the bed frame however, this may vary depending on the design of the brackets. You need to align the brackets along the height marked in step 2. Ensure that the brackets are perfectly aligned using a measuring tape and mark the positions of screws or bolt holes.

Step 4: Drill Holes If Necessary (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Sometimes the brackets do not align with the existing holes in the bed frames. Therefore, you need to drill more holes to match the brackets by using a drilling machine. You can purchase Our Drill Here. Don’t forget to put on safety goggles while you carry out your DIY project.

Step 5: Add the Bracket (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Once you are done with step 4, now it’s essential to attach the mounting brackets to the bed frame using nuts, screws, or bolts. To ensure a well-supported and stable headboard, tighten the screws and nuts securely.

Step 6: Position the Headboard (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Once the brackets are secured in place, you should position the headboard on it and secure it tightly in place. Ensure a leveled headboard at the required height.

Step 7: Secure the Headboard (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Make sure that the headboard is secured to the mounting brackets using screws, nuts and bolts. Ensure that they are tightened adequately to prevent it from becoming loose.

Step 8: Test for Stability (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Shake the headboard to check if it’s stable and not wobbly. If it’s not stable then check the bracket installation once again and tighten the fasteners that need it.

Step 9: Enjoy Your New Headboard (Attach Headboard to Metal Frame)

Once your headboard gets attached firmly to the bed in a secure position, it’s time to enjoy the after results of your hard work. Sit comfortably in your bed setup and savor the new look of your room.

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Additional Tips To Consider When You Attach Headboard To Metal Frame

● Make Sure to follow all the guidelines that are provided by the manufacturers in the instruction booklets.

● If your headboard is particularly heavy then it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You may need additional support such as wall-mounted or leg support.

● Some headboards are required to be free-standing, and others require to be attached to the frame of the bed, hence, it’s important to consider that while attaching your headboard.

● It’s important to ensure that all the fasteners are tightly secured together to prevent accidents.


Headboards do tend to offer many advantages other than adding to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. However, it’s not essential but it increases the comfort level of the bed.

You can customize your space by adding a headboard of your choice. Choose the one that’s compatible with any bed frame and can be easily installed. Once you have made a final choice then follow the steps mentioned in this article to make sure that you attach headboard to metal frame of your bed without any errors.

If you still aren’t confident with installing a headboard after reading this guide, you can call a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Are headboards important for every bed?

Getting a headboard for your bed is completely a personal preference. They are not essential for every bed however, they add style and comfort to it according to your choice.

Can headboards be attached to any metal bed frames?

Yes, metal headboards can be attached to many different kinds of bed frames. However, it entirely depends on their type as they are available in a few options including the ones that require to be attached and freestanding ones.

Do I have to follow specific instructions while I attach the headboard to the metal frame?

Yes, it’s important to follow the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer with your headboard and metal bed frame. These instructions tend to differ with different designs and models.