Garage door openers have taken away the hassle of manually opening garage doors. This technology comes with so many positive points and proves its importance in today’s society. With many of these garage door openers comes the wall mount. These not only save you time and effort by preventing the need to manually open heavy doors, but they also improve safety and increase security. Two companies, Genie and Chamberlain lead the pack in demand. This is why we have decided to make this comprehensive review on Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts. The convenience they provide include their compatibility with smartphones. With both of the brands being so similar, many consumers become confused about which one to buy. 

Both brands have a variety of wall mount garage door openers with different features, innovations, and benefits. Because these garage openers are responsible for the safety and security of our homes, homeowners take a lot of consideration when choosing the perfect one for their garage. But, it’s still hard to decide between Genie and Chamberlain’s extraordinary products. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Let’s start this Genie Vs Chamberlain Wall Mount Garage Door Openers so that you can make the best buying decision.  

Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Openers 

Genie is an American company that sells garage door openers and accessories. The brand is well-known for making high quality and reliable products that are full of advanced features and efficient in providing ease, safety, and security to users. 

Genie vs Chamberlain Wall Mount

Its wall mount openers have gained more popularity due to their performance level. These wall mount products are known for their quiet operation; they create no or minimal noise disturbance. They are recommended to add in a garage which is near living spaces. 

Genie wall mount openers’ best thing is their space-saving design which not only free up space for garage stuff but also looks promising for compact garages. To make them built to last, the company uses high quality materials which can easily withstand and perform for many years. They are not only easy to use and manage but also convenient to install even many people even install them themselves without seeking any professional help. 

Genie wall mount openers offer safety features like sensors. They can reverse the process of closing the door when they sense something in the path, like a pet, child or any appliance. The company also adds a number of smart features like remotely opening and closing doors, checking the door’s status, getting alerts, and scheduling it with the Aladdin Connect smartphone app. For added security, the feature of virtual keys is most beneficial. Genie also adds a battery backup system so nothing can cause hindrance in the efficient working of its wall mount garage door openers.  

Chamberlain Wall Mount Garage Door Openers 

Founded in 1954, the Chamberlain Company is known for its manufacturing of gate entry systems, residential and commercial door openers, wall mount openers, security cameras, thermostats, and door locks. The company’s wall mount openers provide convenience and safety and prevent manual efforts to close and open heavy doors. The openers are space saving and perfect to add to a garage with limited space. The operation is so quiet the motor doesn’t create any kind of disturbance while opening and closing doors. Moreover, these easy to install openers come with vibration-free operation thus, protecting your garage doors. 

Genie vs Chamberlain Wall Mount

Chamberlain also offers security features that prevent theft and unauthorized entry with the help of an automatic garage door lock. The company launched myQ® smartphone app and made wall mount openers compatible with the app that allows remote operations, scheduling, and receiving alerts. The great feature by Chamberlain is the Amazon key which allows the Amazon delivery drivers to access the door easily. 

Genie Vs Chamberlain Wall Mount Garage Door Openers: Detailed Comparison 

When it comes to Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts, Both brands are great. They work efficiently at opening doors in less time and provide convenience with security. Here is a detailed comparison of Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts so that you know more about these best brands. 

Safety features 

When it comes to Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts, they both have their own security features that are great in providing safety and security. Genie wall mount openers come with Intellicode® Access security system which provides code combinations in billion amounts. When you activate the opener via remote, it updates the system automatically. 

With its RollerLite® safety sensors the door travel direction becomes reversed when the sensors sense any obstructions in the door path. With the help of ForceSafe® Technology, the opener stops the door from closing if it senses any resistance like a child or pet. 

Chamberlain offers rolling code technology, which doesn’t allow any unauthorized access. With its MyQ Smart Garage Hub you can easily receive alerts about door closing, opening, or accessing from someone. 


When it comes to Genie vs Chamberlain wall mount openers, both are efficient in performance. However, Genie wall mounts come with motors that can open the garage doors at less speed as compared to the Chamberlain. Though the difference is only 1 to 2 seconds, it doesn’t affect majorly. 

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Price matters a lot when deciding the wall mount and Genie is a safe option here. When it comes to comparing Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts, Genie openers are relatively less pricey than Chamberlain. Though Chamberlain wall mount prices are high, they come with more technology and durability. Choose Genie products as a budget friendly option. 

Smart Technology

When it comes to comparing Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts, smart technology is paramount. Both brands try to bring ease and smart features to their wall mount openers. Both brand products come with a battery backup system which allows the door to work even in power outages. 

Both wall mount opener brands added smart technology, you need MyQ Smart Garage Hub to remotely control your garage door opener through a smartphone. This hub connects the device with your home’s Wi-Fi network and you can give voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can receive alerts about garage opening and closing due to the added helpful feature of MyQ Smart Garage Sensor.

While on the other hand, Genie needs Aladdin Connect for remote functioning. With the help of these apps you can open and close the garage, receive alerts, check status, and even set up virtual keys that your family and guests can use for access.


Durability is also an important factor when comparing Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts. Whether it’s material or construction, Genie and Chamberlain never compromise on these two points; both brands use high quality material in the construction of wall mount garage door openers. The brands are reputable and have been serving for many years with their durable and long-lasting wall mount openers. 

They can handle heavy weight garage doors of both residential and commercial levels, ensuring reliability over the years. Moreover, not only are they durable, but they also keep the garages from wear and tear by providing ease. Genie products are affordable and reliable but they are not as durable as Chamberlain, so if you are on a budget, you can choose Genie garage openers, and for durability, pick Chamberlain. 


Warranty is another deal maker point most of the time. Both brands use high quality products and offer long warranties. One-year warranty on wall mount accessories, and 5 years warranty on its parts. 

Both brands even provide wall mount warranty, but here comes the difference: Chamberlain provides lifetime warranty on wall mount motors while Genie offers a Limited lifetime warranty. Both brands’ products are exceptional in quality and efficiency so you can choose according to your budgets and needs.  

Ease of installation

Consumers are also looking for an easy installation. So, who comes out on top when comparing the Genie vs Chamberlain wall mount? The wall mount openers of both brands are actually easy to install and don’t require much effort. Complete detailed instructions by the manufacturers with all the required necessary hardware parts make the installation even more straightforward for common people. 

However, if you have Chamberlain wall mount openers you might feel a little bit challenged while installing because of the built-in cable tension monitor which prevents the cables from coming loose. 

This built-in feature isn’t available in the Genie wall mount openers. For installing some models of Genie, you require cable keepers which are small plastic clips and prevent the cables from coming loose. However, you have to check each model specification to understand the installation process.  


Another thing to consider when choosing between Genie vs Chamberlain wall mounts is door compatibility. Genie and Chamberlain both make wall mount openers that are compatible for most garage doors. From residential to commercial doors, both brands offer service at all levels. Their wall mount openers are compatible with most of the available doors, like the sectional doors, carriage house doors, and overhead doors. 

When it comes to the weight of the door, both brands can easily handle heavy weight garage doors like up to 350 to 850 pounds. Regarding door heights, both brands can easily fit taller doors, from 8 feet to 14 feet high. However, Genie has a little more advantage at this point because its few wall mount models are compatible with Bi-fold, Roll-up, wood and metal doors, while Chamberlain doesn’t provide such products. 

Which One Should You Choose From Genie Vs Chamberlain Wall Mount

Wall mount openers of Genie and Chamberlain are high quality, full of safety and security features, and have advanced technology. As we discussed in our comparison, both brands are competing at every point and give their best to enhance users’ ease. 

Even some people consider Chamberlain wall mount garage openers to be more expensive than Genie but it totally depends upon the features they are offering. Chamberlain provides more smart features that’s why a little bit of high price is okay.

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