GE stands for General Electric. This is an amazing company that manufactures efficient kitchen appliances like cookware and dishwashers. If you are an owner of one of their dishwashers, you may have encountered your GE dishwasher not starting. This is an issue that can sometimes frustrate you. However, our guide will be sure to provide all the necessary details to help you in such a situation. 

Kitchen appliances must be efficient and durable enough to cater the need of users. For years, GE has had a very good reputation for manufacturing reliable and efficient products. The same exceptional quality and innovation can be seen in GE dishwashers. The dishwashers created by GE can efficiently reduce the effort you put into dishwashing by automating the process. The interior part is made up of plastic or stainless steel and has the capacity to hold a multitude of different cookware types. The best part of these dishwashers is their advanced cleaning system, which is outstanding when it comes to removing the food particles and grease from the dishes. The GE dishwasher combines efficient detergent, hot water, and amazing spraying patterns to ensure quality outcomes. Another amazing feature of many new GE dishwashers is their energy efficiency. It can save both water and electricity by detecting the dirt on the dishes and then adjusting the washing cycle accordingly. When you have such a handy appliance at home then suddenly your encounter the issue of your GE dishwasher not starting, then you find yourself in a situation that is difficult to handle. To help you through this mini crisis, we have formulated this article so that you can have a better idea as to why your GE dishwasher is not not starting. This article will go on to discuss the solutions to those issues as well.

Reasons for GE dishwasher not starting

Worker Fixing Dishwasher
Worker Fixing Dishwasher

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The following is a list of reasons behind your GE dishwasher not starting:

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Power supply issue

A power supply issue is the most common and most overlooked reason for yout GE dishwasher not starting. However, it can be solved very easily. You just have to check if the dishwasher is plugged in properly. If so, also check if there is enough power is coming into the switch. Sometimes, the power is coming out just fine, and the dishwasher is also plugged in, but the power cord has some faults. So, please make sure to check those faults as well. 

Tripped circuit

Circuits trip to save energy or protect your electrical system. However, when a circuit trips in between an operation, it is considered a fault. If you encounter the problem of your GE dishwasher not starting, make sure to check the circuit breaker for trips. Also, over current can  also causes this issue so make sure to reset it.

Door locking issue

Like every other home appliance, dishwashers also require proper door locks to function in the best ways. Sometimes there are some obstacles that are not very visible but there can be an obstruction blocking the door from locking. It is mandatory to remove those obstacles and make sure that the door is properly locked before starting the dishwasher. 

Start button issue

There are times when the starting button has issues. The button can be damaged to some extent or it can be a total failure that needs replacement. It is advisable to call a professional if the start button is not working. They will tell you if the button needs repairing or if you have to change it with a new one. 

Control lock issue

All GE dishwashers have a control lock feature as well. This feature is amazing when it comes to preventing operations. You can enable this lock for children to prevent unnecessary incidents. However, if the control lock is somehow enabled automatically then your dishwasher will not start. Therefore, if you encounter the problem of your GE dishwasher not starting then you must check the control lock.

Delay start function

The delay start function is also amazing when you are not in the mood to start the dishwasher immediately and only want to load it. However, if this feature is enabled without your knowledge then you will not be able to start the dishwasher. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the delay start function if your dishwasher is not starting. The delay start function is worst when in summers you are not getting ice from your freezers. Read our guide on troubleshooting your ice maker for further details.

Incomplete cycle issue

Sometimes, without our knowledge, a previous cycle is not finished, and we are urged to start a new one. It can create a mess, and the dishwasher refuses to start. If any previous cycle is not finished then it is always better to reset the dishwasher before starting a new cycle to avoid the starting issue.

Fault in timer

There are timers fixed within GE dishwashers. These timers are an amazing innovation because they will let users know when a cycle is complete, and how long will it take. However, any fault in these timers can cause delayed starting issues. If you are going through the delayed starting issue with your dishwasher, make sure to check the timer. Check to see if it’s working correctly. A faulty timer needs a replacement to work efficiently. 

Water supply issue

Sometimes, water in our homes is not in adequate supply. Before blaming your dishwasher for any issue, please check if the water pressure in your home taps is in good supply. If the water is not supplied to the dishwasher tap then it is mandatory to call a plumber and fix the issue before starting the dishwasher. 

Water valve issue

The water valve is present inside the dishwasher. This water valve is responsible for the water flow inside the dishwasher. Any blockage in those valves can hinder the water supply, and as a result, you will face the issue of the GE dishwasher not starting. It is mandatory to replace that water valve immediately if it’s not working correctly. 

Blocked water spray arms

The water spray arms ensure proper distribution of water in the dishwasher. Therefore, if the water spray arms are blocked then the dishwasher will not start. You have to make sure to clean them thoroughly before starting the dishwasher to avoid any such issues. 

Drainage issue

The dishwasher’s drainage system makes sure that the dishwasher is working fine. Any issue with the drainage system means that there will not be any differentiation between the clean and dirty water in the dishwasher, and the result will be the GE dishwasher not starting. Therefore, if you are facing this issue, it is crucial to make sure that the drainage of the dishwasher is working perfectly fine.

Filters clogging issue

Filters in the dishwasher are responsible for good water circulation across the gadget. Good and easy water circulation ensures clean utensils in the dishwasher. Also, if the filters are clogged, there are chances that the dishwasher may not start at all. Therefore, make sure to remove the filters via the method mentioned in the user manual, clean them thoroughly, and then insert them back for proper functioning. 

High drain loop issue

There is a high drain loop in the GE dishwasher that has an amazing function. This drain loop is responsible for preventing the back flow of water. This means that the dirty water going to drain will not be mixed with the clean water that is used for the final wash of the dishes. Incorrect installation of this high drain loop may result in delayed starting of GE dishwasher or not starting at all. 

Door switch issue

Worker taking dishes out of GE dishwasher
Worker Taking Dishes out of GE Dishwasher

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There is a door switch associated with the door of every dishwasher. This switch is responsible for transferring the signal to the control board that the door is open or closed properly. Any issue with the door switch will end up in the wrong signal transferred to the dishwasher. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the door switch when the GE dishwasher is not starting. 

Thermal fuse issue

The thermal fuse, like in any other electrical device, makes sure that the power flow is just perfect to the dishwasher. Any issue with the thermal fuse will end up with no power supply to the dishwasher, and as a result, the dishwasher will not start. A worn-out thermal fuse requires instant replacement to avoid further damage. 

Pump motor issue

The pump motor is an amazing addition to the dishwasher. It is responsible for circulating water properly across the dishwasher. Any fault in the pump motor will hinder the dishwasher from starting. Therefore, if GE dishwasher not starting at all then make sure to check the pump motor. 

Detergent dispenser issue

The detergent dispenser is the area in the dishwasher that you fill with the dish detergent. Any hindrance or blocking in the detergent dispenser will not allow detergent to be released. Therefore, it is crucial to clean it properly after every use to avoid obstructions. 

Damaged wiring 

The damaged wiring of the dishwasher can cause it to not start at all. The only solution to get through this issue is to replace the wiring with the help of a professional. 

Control board issue

Any malfunction in the control board will result in the wrong signals transferring to the dishwasher, and as a result, the dishwasher will not start. To read more about control board issues, click here.

The issue of your GE dishwashers not starting is very common. However, it is a hassle to deal with. Luckily, we have you covered with this guide. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned simple steps, and your dishwasher will be back working in no time.

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