Ant invasion is one issue that many homeowners are fed up with. Elders are in favor of using Cinnamon and claim that it kills ants. The real question is, does Cinnamon kill ants? This article will tackle that question.

Studies show that Cinnamon has an effect on ants and works as a repellent. But it doesn’t act as a poison for ants. Read this full article to better understand the question of does Cinnamon kill ants. First, we will talk about ant behavior to better understand why this subject is debated. Let’s get started on the debate of does cinnamon kill ants!

Understanding Ant Behavior

Does cinnamon kill ants. Ants Crawling up a Jar
Ants Crawling up a Jar

Ant Behavior And Characteristics:

Ant lives in colonies because they are social insects. They are present worldwide and are one of the most successful insect groups. Ants are insects known for their complex social structure and ability to work and adapt to different environments.

Ants have two main groups, including workers and queens. Worker ants are responsible for all tasks that are necessary to keep the colony running. This includes foraging for food, caring for the young, and building nests. Queens lay eggs and ensure colony continuation.

Ants use their pheromones to send signals and communicate with one another. Ants use these pheromones to share food sources, sense danger, and relay additional important information. Because of this trait, many people wonder does cinnamon kill ants.

Why Ants Enter Homes And Become A Nuisance

There are many reasons for ants entering the home, including:

  1. Ants are attracted to food sources such as honey, sugar and grease. They love to eat pet food and other organic materials.
  2. Ants also enter homes in search of water, especially during dry weather. They need water for survival, so they enter the home to find water.
  3. Ant enters home to escape weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain or cold.

Ants are harmful if they enter the home. They can contaminate food, bite people, and damage property.

The Need For Non-Toxic Solutions To Ant Problems

Most big box stores offer products that kill ants and keep them away. Unfortunately, many of these products are harmful to people and pets. So, the use of non-toxic solutions to ant problems are becoming more popular. These methods are safe for use around kids and animals.

What Attracts Ants?

Ants Eating Sugar from a Jar
Ants Eating Sugar

Ants love food and water. They have special attraction towards sweets proteins, and oily food. It is important to keep your kitchen clean and store food items. These safety measures can keep these pests away.

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The Science Behind Ant Behavior and Attraction to Cinnamon

You can better understand the ants’ behavior and their attraction towards cinnamon through the science of chemical communication and sensory perception. Ants rely on sensory signals that are known as pheromones. It helps to communicate with each other and navigate the surrounding area. Ants release pheromones to relay information about specific behavior, such as danger signals, identifying nest mates, and marking food trails.

Cinnamon has cinnamaldehyde which is responsible for its different and strong smell. It acts as barrier and repellent to ants depending on species.

Does Cinnamon Kill Ants?

Does cinnamon kill ants? The answer is no, Cinnamon does not kill ants! It can be a very effective repellent because ants rely on their smell for navigation. Cinnamon has a strong aroma that interferes with ant’s olfactory navigation. This makes it difficult for ants to follow their scent path.

It doesn’t cause any physical harm to the ants. The only thing that Cinnamon does to ants is disrupt their activities. It prevents them from entering certain areas. Because it is a natural and non toxic method, you can use it safely in and around your home. This process is good in homes with pets and children.

Does Cinnamon kill ants outside?

So, does cinnamon kill ants outside? No, it does not kill ants outside but repels them. It has such a strong smell that it makes ants change their path. 

Does Cinnamon kill ants in the kitchen?

Another question is, does cinnamon kill ants in the kitchen? It does not kill ants in your kitchen. The kitchen is a source of food for ants and Cinnamon can be found also there. You can use it as a barrier to ban ants entry in your kitchen. After smelling its strong odor, the ants will surely change their path and leave your kitchen.

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How to Repel Ants Using Cinnamon

Cinnamon is commonly a natural ant repellent. Scientific studies have mixed results related to this theory. This is why so many people ask the question: does cinnamon kill ants? But if you believe cinnamon is a natural ant repellent then follow the following steps.

Identify the Ant’s Trails

Observe the ants location and their entry point in the house. This is helpful in targeting the ants and getting rid of them. It is an effective and effortless way.

Clean the Affected Area

Clean the area where you feel ant activity. Make sure that there is no food or water source that attracts them. Avoid throwing sweet, sugary and greasy substances on the floor. If you accidentally throw it on the floor, wipe it off and remove the crumbs.

Use Cinnamon to Create a Barrier

Create a barrier by sprinkling the ground cinnamon in areas where ants enter your home. Have your focus on windowsills, doorways and any cracks or gaps.

You can create a barrier with cinnamon powder but be generous with cinnamon. Create a visible line that the ant must cross.

Observe and Repeat

Monitor the ant activity and check whether cinnamon works to repel the ants. Notice if ants are still entering the house. To deal with this situation, increase the amount of cinnamon or apply it more frequently. To increase its effectiveness, combine cinnamon with other natural ant repellents like peppermint or vinegar.

Address the Ant Colony

Cinnamon is effective in repelling ants from entering the home but it doesn’t kill them. If this situation continues, locate and eliminate the ant colony. You can also choose professional exterminator, or employ other ant control methods.

How Long Does It Take to find out does Cinnamon To Kill Ants?

Again, does cinnamon kill ants? No! Cinnamon does not kill ants because it only deters them. After some days, it works to start repelling ants from your home. The strong smell will stop them from coming into your house. This can take a longer time because you may be dealing with more than one colony.

Types of Cinnamon For Ants

Powdered Cinnamon For Ants

The least effective way to use cinnamon to repel ants is to use its powdered form. Take powdered cinnamon and sprinkle it on the places where ant enters the house. It has a mixed result. As cinnamon has a very strong smell it disturbs the way ants are trying to make it.

Through powdered cinnamon, ants stop coming into your house. They forget the way through which they enter the house. Use cinnamon as a barrier line for the ants.

This line is a barrier against the ants and they will not be able to cross the line. Cinnamon powder is especially effective if you know the exact location of ants.

Cinnamon Essential Oil For Ants

Cinnamon essential oils are a better option to repel ants. It is more capable of repelling ants than powder but it is messy.

How it’s used

Dip a cotton ball in cinnamon essential oil and rub it along areas where you have seen the ants recently. Another way is to mix a quarter cup of vodka and water with 15 to 30 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Sprinkle the mixture. It will be helpful to repel ants. Another common combination is to mix essential oil with other essential oils. These include lemon, orange, lime, peppermint oil and tea tree oil with strong smell. Tea tree oil is effective because it kills ants as well as repels them. But, it is unsafe in food preparation areas. The more safe option is to replace the tea tree oil with peppermint oil.

Vinegar And Cinnamon For Ants

Vinegar is also an effective remedy to get rid of ants. It is more effective when it is combined with cinnamon essential oil. Mix it, pour it into spray bottle, and apply it around kitchen areas. The solution is strong enough that it not only repels ants but also kills them.

Baking Soda And Cinnamon For Ants

Baking soda and cinnamon is a good combination to repel ants. It is effective if you combine powdered sugar and baking soda to deter ants. Baking soda is toxic for the ants’ stomach so the result is eventually death. People add powdered sugar to trick ants into eating baking soda. If we use cinnamon oil it is even more effective to get rid of ants.

Common Myths and Facts: Does Cinnamon Kill Ants?

Does cinnamon kill ants? Let us see the myths related to this query. 

Myth 1: It Fully Repels Ants.

It has repellent ability for some ants but varies from species to species.

Myth 2: Cinnamon Powder Is Enough To Repel Ants.

Cinnamon powder is not a long lasting solution. It is not a reliable ant control so you should find other ways also.

Myth 3: Does Cinnamon Kill Ants?

It doesn’t have strong insecticidal properties. It doesn’t kill ants at all.

Myth 4: Any Type Of Cinnamon Repel Ants.

All types have different effects on ant species.

Myth 5: It Disrupts Ant Pheromone Trails.

It can interfere with ant paths but not for too long. Once they know about it, the ants change their way and create new paths.

Myth 6: Cinnamon Eliminate Ant Colony

It doesn’t eliminate full ant colony. It can only repel ants from one path but not overall.

Myth 7: It Is Enough To Control Ants.

No, you have to do other measures than using cinnamon.

Myth 8: It Works On All Ants Types.

Ant species have different sensitivity levels in response to cinnamon. What works for one species does not work for another.

Myth 9: Repelled Ants Never Return.

Ants are persistent and if you repel them from one route.

Cinnamon Alternatives for Ant Control: Home and Garden Solutions

There are many DIY ant control methods. The most prominent are as follows:


Vinegar is the best DIY solution for repelling ants. Its strong vinegar smell masks their scent and acidity repels ants from crossing their way.

How it’s used

You have to mix white vinegar and water equally in a spray bottle. Now, spray this solution on the areas where you see ants.

Baking Soda and Powdered Sugar

Ants love sweets and this combo is the best to take advantage of ants love for sweets. This is effective because they can’t tell the difference between baking soda and powdered sugar.

How it’s used

First, mix equal amounts of baking powder and sugar. Then, you can sprinkle it in areas of heavy ant activity. The powdered sugar attracts ants and they carry it back to their colony. The baking soda reacts with their acidic digestive system and removes them.

Borax, Sugar, and Water

This is a popular ingredient as a DIY ant killer. You can mix Borax with sugar which attracts ants and kills them immediately.

How it’s used

First, mix 1 part borax with 3 parts sugar. You have to make a syrup by adding water. Put the mixture on a flat surface like a piece of cardboard or easily accessible ant areas. You have to wait to see results. Keep in mind that Borax is harmful to pets and children. You have to keep it away as It can cause problems after ingestion.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have a strong smell that has the ability to repel ants. It is specifically useful in the garden.

How it’s used

You can sprinkle coffee grounds around the home foundation and around plants to keep ants away. It’s better to make use of already used coffee grounds.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder and good ant repellent. It is made from tiny fossilized aquatic organisms that are non toxic to humans and pets. It is another great and highly suggested solution for gardens.

How it’s used

Take diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your garden. You can also use it around the base of plants where you see ants.


Does cinnamon kill ants? The simple answer is no. But yes, it can repel ants from entering your home. We have solved the query about whether this is a myth or a fact.

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Does cinnamon keep all ants away?

No. This is a myth. Every ant type has their own sensitive nature toward it.

Does cinnamon kill ants in the house?

No, cinnamon can’t kill ants in any form or in any place. You can only repel ants from entering your house by using it. If you want to kill ants, you can choose other options.

Do Ants like Cinnamon?

No, ants don’t like it. Instead, they hate cinnamon and change their path after smelling its strong smell.