Burled wood is featured in many different things. A lot of us have encountered burled wood at least once in our lives. Often times, it is featured in different wood furniture. The issue is that we have seen it, but we didn’t know that it was burled wood.

People who know about Burled wood know about its value. Many rave about how it is used in the most durable furniture pieces. Maybe these conversations have made you quite curious.

To satisfy your curiosity, we are going to discuss all the basic details of burled wood with you. We will discuss what it is and reveal its true value. If you want to know all about burled wood, come on this journey with us. Lets get started!

What is Burled Wood?

Burled Wood tree cut in half
Burled Wood

Burled wood is a sub-species of wood. This means that it originates from normal trees, and gets its name from the trees. For example, Redwood burled wood will come out from the Redwood tree.

One thing that makes this wood unique is its formation. This wood is created when a tree undergoes stress. Yes, guys! A tree can also undergo stress.

You may be wondering the following: What type of stress can a tree undergo? Well, it can be of various types. Some common stress that occurs in tress includes:

  • Any type of injury to the wood.
  • When any storm hits the tree, it can cause erosion and deposit too much soil around the tree trunk. It can cause stress too.
  • Bush fires and floods can also be the reason.
  • Any type of virus or disease.
  • Insect infestation.
  • Animals disturbing the tree.
  • Mold infestation.

When any of these situations occur, the tree creates a defense mechanism. In this mechanism, the callous tissues create a new wood which is known as burled wood.

In it, the damaged tree doesn’t fall off so its callus tissues start undergoing unnatural growth. These will create different buds in different places of the tree which results in the production of a new type of wood.

You can find this new wood, or burled wood, all over the trunk. Moreover, you can find it in the root system of the tree. Some people have noticed that this wood can also be found in the tree’s most vital roots.

This wood’s growth is like a tumor on the tree. It can grow in any season and at any time of the year. It will keep growing at its pace throughout the year. Also, they grow faster than other wood types.

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Trees on which Burled Wood can Grow

Burled Wood Growing a Tree
Burled Wood Growing a Tree

This wood can grow in nearly any type of tree because it grows due to stress. But, it is most common in the coastal Redwoods of California.

The most popular and commonly available burled wood is redwood wood. You can find it in different places all around the US.

After that, Walnut burled wood is also common. This is because it has an aesthetic appeal and is very strong. In addition to these, there are some other common burls too:

  • Cherry burls
  • Ash burls
  • Red oak
  • Ash burls
  • Maple burls
  • Black Ash burled wood
  • Poplar burled wood

Types of Burled Wood

You can find various types of burled wood but there are three common types.

  1. Layered Burled Wood: This burled wood forms from trees that undergo any type of injury. The grain structure and uniqueness of this type of wood are not much different from others. So, it is not as picturesque as other types. Moreover, it has more rot and mold elements. So, it is not as expensive as other types.
  2. Eyed Burled Wood: This wood type forms because of compromised growth hormones. So, their growth is natural and it has some unique patterns and designs. Also, it is free from all types of fungi, bacteria, and molds. So, they are expensive and unique.
  3. Lace Burled Wood: This wood type is an advanced type of eyed burled wood. They are the rarest and most valuable burled wood type. Its texture and designs resemble the human veins design. So, it is unique from all other types.

Now that you have been introduced to this wood type, lets find out why it is so expensive.

What is The Value of Burled Wood?

There is no definite answer to this question. The value of burled wood can vary greatly because of different factors. Their prices change from time to time, and you can find them in various price ranges. There is a small guide of burled wood pricing which will give you an idea:

  • Burled Wood Price per pound: The average price per pound is around two dollars.
  • Burled Wood Prices per board foot: Straight grain burled wood costs around $10, a curly piece can cost around $15, a birds eye burled piece price is $25, and lace burled wood can cost around $35.
  • Oak Burl Price: A standard oak burled wood price ranges from $6 per board-foot to $15 per board-foot.
  • Walnut Burl Price: It can cost around five dollars per pound. But, the full burl piece can be priced up to $3000.

The most expensive burled wood will cost you around $25,000. You are probably wondering why there are so many different price ranges. The answer is below.

Factors Affecting the Price of Burled Wood

Numerous factors impact the value of burled wood.

1. Bark’s Presence

The presence of bark highly impacts the price of burled wood. The bark means that the wood is protected so there are no insects and it is not rotted.

So, the value of burls will increase with the presence of bark.

2. Types of Burls

We have discussed three types of burled wood at the beginning of this article. So, different types have different price ranges.

For example, eyed burled wood is a bit more expensive than the layered burl. The eyed burled wood has an eye at the center of the wood grain so you can use it in bedside tables or coffee tables.

3. The Size of the Burl

Different sizes and thickness of burled wood also impacts the price range of it. This is because large wood pieces can be used to make more furniture items than small pieces. So, the large pieces will cost you a lot more in comparison to the small ones.

The thickness of the board also impacts the price. The thicker the board, the stronger it will be, and can be used in various places.

For example, the full size of walnut burl wood is $3000 in comparison to the pound of wood which is only $5.

So, this factor hugely impacts the price of burled wood.

4. Species of Burl Wood

Burled wood comes from different species of trees and will have various price ranges. They all differ from each other and have different purposes.

For example, walnut burl wood is way more pricey than the redwood burl. This is because walnut burl is difficult to find. So, it enhances its price range.

5. Wetness

If the burled wood is wet, then it will be available at a cheaper price. This is because the owner has to wait for it to dry so that they can use it.

6. Wood Grain

The price of burled wood is highly impacted by the wood grain. So, if the design of wood grain is unique and intricate, the value of burled wood is higher.

For example, lace burled wood is way more expensive than layered burl. This is because laced wood has a unique and more intricate design than layered wood.

Now that you have learned about the six factors that impact the worth of the burled wood, lets find out where you can use it.

Uses of Burled Wood

Burl Jewelry

You can use burled wood in designing and creating some unique wooden jewelry pieces. You can create rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even wooden tiaras from it.

This wood has a unique design so you can create royal-type jewelry with the help of burled wood.

Burled Kitchenware

You can use burled wood in creating different types of kitchenware. You can create spoons, bowls, plates, and forks with this wood.

After crafting the kitchenware, you can coat them with epoxy resin. This coating will make this kitchenware food-safe.

Unique Art Pieces

You can craft something intricate and unique with a burled wood type. Artists use this wood to create different types of decorations and art pieces.

They create animal sculptures and vases from it. So, it can enhance the look of your home.

Picture Frames

Burled wood is unique and more shiny than other woods. So, it is used to design different picture frames. These frames are highly expensive and unique.


Burled wood is used to produce high-quality furniture items that are the most valuable in the market. This furniture is in high demand despite its high prices.

You can make almost every type of furniture item from this wood. For example, bedsides, beds, coffee tables, cabinets, and counter tops. You can make any type of table and counter with this wood type.

Though this wood is waterproof and durable, you should still know different types of wood treatment solutions to keep fungi away from your wooden structures.

Automobile Interiors

This wood is used in lining the interiors of different luxurious automobiles. The interior detailing of burled wood is durable, waterproof, and gorgeous.

They are used in different automobiles such as cars, private jets, and yachts.


Burled wood veneers are common in luxury homes. Especially, redwood and walnut burl veneers are highly common and luxurious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Burled Wood Given More Importance than Other Wood Types?

This wood is different because it is rare and has unique designs. You rarely find this wood in those areas where the weather remains pleasant most of the year. Moreover, this wood is produced because of a tree’s stress. So, its design is different from other wood types.

What is the Most Expensive Burled Wood in the World?

Amboyna burled wood is the most expensive one in the world.

To conclude this whole conversation, we just want to say that burled wood is the rarest and most unique wood type. That’s why, it is so popular and special in the market. We hope that you learned what it is and its value.