Cedar fencing is highly famous for its added privacy and aesthetics. They add a curb appeal to the home and safeguard the area.

So, many homeowners desire cedar fence posts because of the benefits they provide to fencing. They are best at securing the fence and keeping it intact. Another plus point is the vast number of options regarding the material of fence posts.

Additionally, they also block the sound and are lightweight. You can easily handle cedar. It is better than many other materials available on the market today. I love this material because cedar wood is popular everywhere. This is because of its high utility and benefits.

If you are still wondering whether cedar fence posts are worth the purchase, let me tell you how they can benefit you. You can invest in them as they make a long term purchase. This means that you can enjoy its services for a long period of time. Likewise, the properties of cedar wood make them more durable and stable.

Hence, there is no doubt that cedar fence posts take the lead. They are better than metal or other wooden posts. The unique qualities of cedar wood make it perfect for outdoor decoration and security.

Cedar Fence Posts (Merits and Disadvantages)



Cedar wood makes an ideal choice for your home fencing. You can add them anytime to add value to your home. So, it is obvious why you would add cedar fence posts to your fence. It is because of their numerous benefits for sure;

  • If you like the reddish color of it that has a gleaming shine, then cedar fence posts are for you.
  • Do you want a different design option? Go for cedar fence posts.
  • The wood is rich in color and does not fade with time.
  • Cedar does not need any staining or painting. It makes a great deal as you have a durable material for life.
  • You can enhance the entire look of your home.
  • It is also a great thing to add value to your home.
  • Cedar fence posts and fencing are luxurious items that attract many people.
  • You are going to find it resistant to rust and decay.
  • Using them automatically means you are promoting sustainability. Cedar is an ecologically friendly product.
  • The wood does not shrink and is highly stable.
  • It can withstand rain and moisture.
  • You can enjoy a life of up to 25 years of cedar.
  • Cedar makes a great option as it is also suitable for areas with termites or other pests. Cedar is resistant to them.


  • Cedar is an expensive item, but if you prefer longevity of the posts, it is not a bad deal for you.
  • The color might fade due to UV exposure.
  • You may need professional help with installation.

Before making the final decision, you should do a cost-benefit analysis. As an estimate, you should pay no heed to the color fading if you live in an area that is not very sunny.

Additionally, it is a bit more expensive. But, the size and area you wish to cover will determine the final cost. Generally, cedar fence posts translate into long-term benefits. Overall, it could be a fifty-fifty choice based on the location of your house.

How can you maintain your Cedar Fence Posts?

Adding cedar fence posts beautifies and adds incomparable value to your home. For a prolonged life, your fence posts should receive proper care. You can also add to its longevity by doing so.

There are several ways of maintaining the cedar fence posts. I am sure that following tips and tricks will be beneficial to every homeowner.

For starters, they are light on the pocket as have a longer life. You should expect your cedar fence poststo last 25 to 30 years. Since fence posts are prone to weather conditions and wear and tear, they require care somehow.

Luckily, cedar fence posts don’t need as much care as other fence posts, but we still recommend you keep its maintenance as your primary consideration. Every homeowner should know about the fencing material and maintenance tips.

Cedar wood is famous for its red luster and shiny look. Therefore, it may lose its shine over time because of the harsh weather conditions. You can think of treating the cedar fence post with a protective stain. It is a good idea if you manually apply a semi-transparent stain. The semi-transparent stain will help the cedar posts restore their actual color.

Secondly, you must clean them regularly. It will help you in keeping your fence new and impressive looking. To clean, use warm water and soap. Use a sponge to apply the soap mildly. Moreover, if you notice any signs of wear and tear, ensure you repair it quickly.

Hence, you can maintain it if you clean it properly. It is necessary because it adds a curb appeal to your home. It could benefit you while selling your house.

More about Fence Posts:

As a homeowner, you may ask questions about fencing and fence posts.

Because when you invest in fence posts, you know the role they play. They are vertical supports that provide support to the fence. You usually install them in the ground. So, you must know what to use for their installation. Some of the available options are cement or other adhesives.

But first, let me tell you how you can install fence posts. You have various options and choose one that is easy for you. 

  1. You can use cement, but it is a costly method.
  2. You may not use cement but sacrifice its safety and stability.

So, if you are thinking of investing in fence posts without cement, you may follow the steps below;

  1. Dig a hole with enough depth and width. Keep the hole between 1/3 to 1/2 the height of the post above ground. 
  2. Pour gravel or sand inside the hole and fill it. 

However, you may have your reasons for installing fence posts without cement. You might be tight on the budget or cannot afford cement. Secondly, you want a temporary solution only. 

Fence Posts Caps:

I was pretty excited to know about this incredible thing. The fence posts caps are a great thing to protect your fence posts. It lets you apply a cap on the tip of the fence post. That is how you can secure the protection of your fence posts. 

However, I don’t insist on adding them, but adding them benefits you. You can keep your fence posts safe and avoid all potential damage this way. The caps are resistant to sun and weathering. 

Who would not want to protect their fence posts and increase their longevity? I am sure we all want to do this. So, let us not confuse ourselves over whether or not we should add them.

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Sizes of Wooden Posts

Wooden posts come in various sizes; we will present the different post sizes below; 

They differ in diameter (inches) and length (feet). 

For Electric Fence Line Posts; 

The size is 2 to 3 inches x 6 to 8 feet 

For Standard livestock fence line Posts;

 The size is 3 to 4 inches x 6 to 10 feet 

For Standard braces or game fence line Posts; 

The size is 4 to 5 inches x 8 to 10 feet 

For Game Fence Braces; 

The size is 5 to 6 inches x 8 to 11 feet 


When you treat Wood Fence Posts, ensure the following cautions;

  • Please read the label well before using the wood preservatives, as they are chemically toxic. 
  • Follow the proper directions.
  • Make sure you prevent direct contact with the chemicals or preservatives
  • Keep them away from the reach of pets or children. Storing them in labeled containers would be great
  • When done, ensure you dispose of the containers well

Number of Fence Posts you will need for Fence Installation

You need to calculate how many fence posts you will require to install fence posts. It is quick and simple to calculate

Suppose you have a rectangular land shape that is 200 feet in length and 400 in breadth. 

Calculate the land perimeter now;

Rectangular land Perimeter = 2 (L+B)

Rectangular land Perimeter = 2(200+400)

Rectangular land Perimeter = 2x 600

Rectangular land Perimeter = 1200 feet

Now, divide the entire perimeter by the spacing of the fence posts. Suppose you are placing the fence posts at fourteen foot intervals.

Thus, you can now determine the number of posts you need for your fence;

The formula is;

Land Perimeter/Fence Posts Spacing

The answer is=1200/ 14=85

So, now you know that you will require a total of 85 fence posts for your fence if you keep them at a distance of fourteen feet. Follow the standard spacing, and choose any number between eight and twelve. 

Materials to Set Your Fence Posts:

You can use the below material to set your fence posts;

  • Make sure you fill the hole with dirt and enjoy.
  • You can use fill-in with gravel to add stability to your fencing.
  • There is another option to use to fill the hole. Wait, I am just revealing it. Yes, you can use sand as well.
  • Another alternate option is Crush Rock. It provides you with slightly better stability.

However, the best material you can use is cement. You may dig a hole in every post with the help of a post-hole digger. Then, please allow the concrete to cure overnight before you attach a fence to the post. You will then allow the fence posts to beome secure. Their stability is necessary for supporting the fence.

Final Remarks:

If you have experienced installing fence posts or some of your friends installing them, DIYing the cedar fence posts installation could be the best option.

For any repairs, installations, builds, or questions; We recommend you to hire a professional. Find A Pro Near You Here!