Water heaters are lifesavers in your home. Taking a warm and relaxing shower daily prepares you to face the hurdles of daily life.  But, we know it is quite frustrating when you hop into the shower and the water is not warm enough for your liking.

Also, the waiting moments before taking a warm shower when the cold water is coming out of the shower head can be daunting. Do you know why this happens? It means you need to change your water heater!

You need a good quality heater that can provide you with enough warm water that heats up in no time. But, which water heater is best for you? A State Water Heater is a great contender. However, we can’t recommend this water heater without giving you more information about it.

To make your life easy, we are going to discuss this famous company that manufactures water heaters. We are also going to review the features of their water heaters to educate you about them.

This famous company is State Water Heaters. Let’s have a detailed review of it.

Features of State Water Heater

There are some well-known features of the State Water heater that you should know before buying one.

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1. Lightning-Fast Heating

A State water heater has advanced technology that warms and delivers water to your faucets within seconds. So, you don’t need to wait a long time for warm water.

2. Green Choice Burner

State water heaters have a unique feature which is known as green choice burners. 

These burners emit less NO2 gas into the atmosphere, making them an eco-friendly choice.

This is the reason you can use this water heater for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes.

3. Energy Efficient

These water heaters have specialized technology which makes them energy efficient. So, they will not take much of your electric or gas energy to operate.

4. Self Cleaning Technology

Sediments and built-up scale are the enemies of the water heaters, impacting their life.

But, you will not face these issues with this company’s water heaters because their products have a self-cleaning dip tube that stirs up water in your heater.

This activity ensures that no sediment builds up in your heater.

Moreover, this tube’s material is a PEX cross-linked polymer. It is best for thermal resistance. With it, this tube also helps in cutting down maintenance costs. Because there is less need for it.

5. Appearance 

The thing that we love about the State water heater is its modern and streamlined appearance. They don’t have the typical rough looks of a water heater which makes them unique.

6. Flame Arrestor Technology

These water heaters have flame arrestor technology. This aspect ensures that there is no ignition of flammable vapors around or outside the heater.

So, there is no risk of fire accidents in your house.

7. Leakage Prevention

The State water heater is made of advanced and high-quality components. It has a glass-lined tank which ensures that there is no leakage in your heater.

8. Overheating Protection

Your State water heater has an overheating protection technology, ensuring the longevity of your water heater.

It has a switch that turns off on its own when the temperature exceeds a specific level.

So, there is no fear of scalding and overheating of your heater.

9. Intelli-Vent System

Your State water heater has a unique system known as a controlled combined mechanism. It means that this system has ventilation, regulation of heat, and ignition in one place.

It does things in auto-mode so you don’t need to worry about any of these elements.

10. Stainless Steel Anode Rods

Anode rods are crucial for maintaining the durability of a water heater. They save the heater from corroding and enhance its life.

If this rod is of low quality in a water heater, it can cause a lot of issues. So, it is important that you have high-quality anode rods.

Luckily, the State Water Heater’s rod is made of high-quality stainless steel. They are solid steel so will perform better than other rods.

11. Less Heat Loss

State water heaters also contain some advanced technology which is ideal for trapping heat and ensuring less heat loss.

Its selected models have different features. Some of them have two-inch thick foam that will reduce heat loss.

Some have built-in heat traps and glass-lined tanks for this purpose.

These are some features of the State Water Heater. But, a lot of you may still have doubts about it due to the company. So, let’s discuss the features of this company to know if it is trustworthy.

Features of State Water Heater Company

1. Large Amount of Products

This company has over 500 products, each having its unique features and options. This company has products that vary from gas to electric. Moreover, it also has products from solar to hybrid.

It has different series and each series has diverse features. These features will make your life easy in different ways.

2. Diversity of Products

Another good thing about this company is its diversity of products. You can find water heaters for different places in this industry.

It includes residential, commercial, mobile, and industrial use. Moreover, you can also have water heaters for hand washing stations or small kitchens.

It also has different sizes. So, you can have water heaters for small families and large ones too.

3. Years of Providing Services

It has been almost 77 years since this company has been providing their services. It started in 1946 and created their first electric water heater in 1948.

Since then, they have a tremendous reputation among people. Their water heaters are becoming popular with each passing year.

And, the prominent evidence of it is that in the 2000s, A.O Smith bought this company. 

A lot of you may know, but this man is famous for his excellent taste. So, his buying this company shows the worth of it.

4. High-Standard

The State Water Heater company always tries to give quality products that meet the high standards of people.

The evidence of it is that this company’s ProLine Products meet the 2010 Energy Star Requirements.

So, it is a certified company.

5. Durability

State water heater manufacturers claim that it has a 12-year lifespan. So, durability also makes this company’s heaters popular.

Its tankless water heaters can last you 12 years or more if you properly maintain them.

But, tankless water heaters will only last for 15 years or more than this time frame. 

The warranties of these heaters vary from 6 years to 15 years. The ProLine water heaters have fifteen years of warranty for heat exchanges.

6. Cost

As this company has various ranges of products, the cost of them varies from $400 to $3000.

For products less than 500 dollars, there is no Energy Star rating. An example of these heaters is the EN6-50-DORT electric heater model.

The extra-large heaters, which are suitable for big families can cost you $3000 or more.

These prices are only for heaters. Tax and installation costs don’t count in this price so you have to spend extra on these aspects.

So, these are the positive points of the State Water Heater. Now, you may want to know about their different types. So, we are going to discuss it now.

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Types of State Water Heaters

There are five popular types of State Water Heater:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Boiler
  • Tankless
  • Solar

Gas State Water Heater

These water heaters are popular among those who have large families and houses. It can easily fulfill the demands of them.

Moreover, it can store more heat than the electric one. So, you will get warmer water than from the electric one.

They are also cheaper than other types of water heaters. But, you need to make sure that your location has a steady gas supply for this water heater to work properly.

Electric State Water Heater

This is the popular category of this company. Because they are reliable and have the highest degree of safety.

They don’t warm water as much as gas heaters but still, they are pretty good for different situations. Moreover, they also don’t impact the flow rate.

Also, you don’t have to invest much money and time in installing them.

Tankless State Water Heater

These water heaters are efficient and can reduce your water and electric costs a lot. Because they only warm water when you need it.

So, they are the most efficient ones in the company. But, they are mostly suitable for small households. You can’t use them on a large scale.

But, things can go a bit different if you use high-capacity models. These are suitable for a lot of households. 

Solar State Water Heater

This company has a commercial solar thermal water heating system. It means that you will get personalized solar water heaters according to your requirements.

These water heaters use solar energy so there will be less energy usage and low carbon emissions. However, they will have low operating costs.

Boiler State Water Heater

These water heaters have a variety of heat source options so you can install them easily.

They are manufactured with heavy-gauge steel and have an advanced glass lining process which will protect them from corrosion.

This has strict European energy-efficiency regulations that ensure your energy sources are saved.

The famous state water heater in this line is the ProLine XE Combi Boiler. Because it has superior space heating performance. Manufacturers claim that it has 74 percent more heating capacity than its competitors.

It is also easy to install so a lot of people prefer it for a wide variety of residential applications.

Final Word

In short, you no longer need to worry about chilly water on frosty mornings or evenings. The State water heater can cover every faucet of your home, providing you with unlimited warm water.

So, buying it will be the best option for you.

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